Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
October 25, 1997 (6 Lamat, 11 Tzec, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We are the Council of Nine from the Great Blue Light of the Great Blue Lodge of Sirius. We come before you on this date to give important knowledge about what is occurring, both on your world and in the Celestial Realms. My dear children of the Light, you are most blessed for all the wonderful things that you are doing. What we desire from you now is the continuation of your world-wide rituals. Your planet is now glowing like a well-lit bluish crystal and we are most pleased. Every day, it glows just a little bit brighter. Every day, the glorified hand of the Heavenly Lord of Hosts brings itself closer to its return to your shores. Your planet and its Spiritual Hierarchy are in utmost joy over the divine return of God's Divine Law. The time of your self-imposed darkness and your galactic quarantine are nearly at an end. We ask that you look inside your hearts and feel the great love that is forming there. Dearest blessed children, you are now ready to express yourselves as the great beings of Love that you truly are. Do not be afraid of your deep Love. It is the just instrument of a loving and compassionate being.

Remember, the holy Creator has given you this great blessing of Love. It has been given to allow you to express it to yourself and especially to others. Each one of you is a manifestation of the Creation. This Creation has been done to teach you the power of love and the joys of unalterable compassion. Each one of you is a great twinkling light of self. This great self has many individual forms of expression. When you love yourself, you are articulating this great self to your inner light. The same, blessed ones, holds for when you declare it to others. Do not feel compelled to express Love, but just do it because it is a part of your being. Love is Life and Life is best acknowledged through Love. Love leads to harmony and to liberty. Freedom in its highest sense is formulated by Love and its free expression. The highest form of the expression of Love is ritual. View ritual as a means of connecting the eternal moments of Love into a cogent whole. Ritual, dearest children, is a very powerful utterance of the Creator's divine WILL. It is this expansion of divine will that gives you, as a physical Angel, the means to carry out the divine plan. This ability makes ritual a most powerful instrument.

Ritual ensures that your connection with true self will get stronger. It also makes it possible for the divine to be manifested through you. Sacred ritual, in effect, assists the divine plan to unfold in right relationship to both you, yourself, and the rest of Creation. This process permits an exchange of sacred inter-dimensional energies. These energies are now critical to what is occurring on your world. What you should realize, dear ones, is that the radical changes on your planet are being moved through you. You are the template for the new Earth. You should also understand that most aspects of your reality are illusionary. They are there to act as tests for you, so that you can grow spiritually. In turn, each aspect of your reality is there to experience and to learn from your reactions to these tests. This mutual action and reaction is how Creation is played out in your present three-dimensional reality. The dividing line in this sacred process is ritual. So, dear children, you should not take offense at all the reactions. The key is just to be, to emote, to love and finally, to grow. Each episode brings you closer to Creation and its most sacred procedures.

Most points of the sacred are immensely profound. Yet each point of the holy vessel is filled with the joy of knowledge. Knowledge comes from the simple application of ritual to accept the profound movement of Light and its offspring—Love. All the ways of the Creator are based upon a sacred flow of Light. This Light of Lights is constantly moving in a specific way from one point or aspect of Creation to another. Learn to be in the flow. This action comes from letting Love guide you. Love is the essence of your being. Your soul is just Light formed by Love. It lacks the limit of a dimension and yet encompasses all dimensions. It is everywhere instantly, and yet is one of the most complicated aspects of Creation. It cannot be spoken, but only felt. It is not filled with the logic of thought. It is only known by the logic of the soul. For Love makes the soul grow in wisdom. Wisdom is but the proper application of knowledge. Knowledge is the action and reaction of a dimension upon itself. Therefore, you have to learn knowledge and to apply it by the right use of wisdom. These acts are again a subset of ritual. Ritual is in itself, blessed ones, a very immense topic.

Ritual allows the sacred to intermix with what you call the profane. Each moment of a ritual is a demonstration of how reality will unfold around you. Most everything that you do is some form of a ritual. Your daily habits are rituals that define your reality. Sacred ritual takes this process to the next or higher step. It permits you not only to define reality, but to create it. What this simple statement means is that you can exchange or modify the actual energies of Creation, instead of just reacting to it. You, dear children, become a co-creator of your unfolding aspect of Creation. However, this procedure is not omnipotent. It has been given some limitations by the Creator. These limits were expressed and agreed to by you, before your present reincarnation in your limited 3D world. The unfolding of your present reality, as it affects the planet, was also agreed to by your local Spiritual Hierarchy. Hence, your ritual is a way to become knowing about changing reality and eventually, when it is proper, about how all of these contractual inhibitions operate. Ritual is a most remarkable means to end your amnesia about Creation.

Creation amnesia is rampant upon your world. You simply do not understand what is happening to your reality. You are like horses with perfect eyesight who have had their eyes covered with blinders. There is a cure for this self-imposed condition. It is called Love and the right use of sacred ritual. You might ask yourself: what is the right use of sacred ritual? The key is Love. First, look inside your heart and grow your love. Then let go of it. Let it circulate. Feel what this action does to you. It most certainly allows you to grow. Growth comes from expressing your Love freely. This activity is a fundamentally sacred ritual. Now expand this action. Look and see how your heart gains wisdom from the knowledge of love that is let go. This procedure is your base. Use it to discover about right use of sacred ritual. Learn to use such sacred ritual to flow, blessed children, with Creation. This flowing has an added benefit—it begins the divine process to end your Creation amnesia. It also increases your connection to the sacred and holy divine plan.

Creation is no more than a sacred energy flow and its right relationship to the divine plan. In past messages, we have talked about this connection and how it operates. Now, we have added sacred ritual as a means to eventually "tap in" to this holy flow. Wisdom comes from understanding the knowledge of how Love and Light create all things. Ritual is the basis of this profound knowledge and one of the major means to acquire wisdom. Dear blessed children of the Light, use what we tell you as a way to gain some important insights. Feel the energies against your body, your mind and your soul. Flow and glow in the Light of the Great Blue Light of our sacred Blue Lodge. We are now enveloping you in our energies. Yet we must leave your reaction to your own notions of reality. All around you is a flood of Love. Encasing your planet is a great glow of this most magnificent energy. It is our gift to you. The rest of sacred Creation has also gifted you with their Love. The blessings are unconditionally given and without any cessation. Surround yourself with your sacred rituals and let your Love be freely added to the mix. The only result will be the ending of your Creation amnesia and the eventual discovery of your true self.

We in the sacred Blue Lodge of Sirius have come to your shores to give you knowledge of yourselves. We do this act, dear children, to give you wisdom. This wisdom will lead you to a new reality—a golden age for your planet. Our own ritual upon your shores is to assist you in making these sacred things possible. We are all servants of the holy Supreme Creator. We are responsible for each other. We are all one. Each one of us is a divine sparkle in the Creator's unfailing divine vision. Our task is to bring the sacred knowledge and spiritual wisdom of Sirius to your shores. We are here to combine our holy Hierarchies into one great voice that can produce one great sound. This holy din will transform the Milky Way Galaxy into the prophesied Galaxy of Light. This divine galaxy will act as a profound torch of Light, Liberty and Love to the rest of Physical Creation. Indeed, You and We have a magnificent duty to perform together. The right divine time has now come for us to shortly commence this most sacred activity.

As we close this important message, we would like to say a few final words. First, you should, blessed ones, understand by now the importance of sacred ritual. All sacred ritual is best done under the proper conditions. These proper conditions are to have the body well-rested, your spirit protected and the mind alert to the task ahead. Then and only then, open your heart, dear children, let your love lead you on a sacred quest. Acknowledge this holy vision and bless it with your Love. Learn knowledge from this sacred quest and apply it to the wisdom of the divine flow of Creation. That is all there is to it. It is not a great mystery hidden behind a complex set of unreadable texts. Finally, be Loving to all sentient divine beings. We come to give you lessons and to learn from you. Let us exchange our Love and be in the highest states of wisdom from our experiences with each other. We now end this brief note with infinite blessings to you all of unconditional Love, boundless Joy and unlimited Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (BE in JOY!) We are the Nine!

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