Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
October 18, 1997 (12 Imix, 4 Tzec, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come to you today with much information on the Earth's transformations, the mass landing scenario and your continuing Ascension process. This data is important, because it is now very close to the divine moment for God's WILL to again be impressed upon your beloved planet. This coming event will be witnessed by all of Creation. Right now, the entire Spiritual Hierarchy is engaged in a special series of blessings that herald the beginning of this most momentous event. On 11 Ahau, 3 Tzec, 6 Caban (October 17, 1997) at 00:01 Hours GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), the formal moment began for the great Celestial blessings to enter their final stages. When these blessings are completed, the holy sword will be passed on to the sacred Blue Lodge of Sirius. These divine beings of holy Light will then bring these blessings to you in a most profound series of ritual ceremonies. These most holy rituals will make possible the bringing forth of a magnificent new reality and a wondrous new consciousness upon your sacred and beloved planet.

We in the Galactic Federation are determined to carry out both God's WILL and the divine plan. This reason, and only this reason, is why our appearance upon your shores is part of a most divine intervention. This special intervention is to be accomplished shortly by the various elements of our fleets that are now in position around your solar system. In addition, your planet's Spiritual Hierarchy and the most sacred Angelic Realms have assigned many millions of Angels to assist us in our very divine mission. At this moment, the Holy Spirit of the most Divine is moving upon your shores and preparing all things for the sacred moment. In that moment, you will experience an extremely profound movement upon your world. These movements of the Earth will also signal our sudden and unerring appearance. We will come and aid your distressed fellows. We will also set the stage for an incredible set of miracles that shall occur in your skies and in your waters.

The Angelic Realms are determined to impress upon you that what is happening is a time of miracles and a time for the ending of one era of consciousness and the beginning of another. The period has almost come for us to walk among you. However, before this fact is permitted to occur, you must experience the joy of those whose amnesia and whose abilities have been completely unblocked. You shall be witness to a new covenant and a new holy realm led by the Angels of the Most High. The object is to allow this time of miracles to happen after the Earth has shaken itself from its slumber. The divine plan desires to correct the cracks in time that an unholy alliance of darkness has brought forth upon your world for more than ten millennia. Besides the coming of the "star nations", there shall also be the coming of the Angelics in great numbers. Their stations shall be the clouds that dot the skies of your beloved Mother Earth. This time will be noted by a number of strange occurrences, such as the stopping of the Sun's daily movement and the appearance of bright celestial objects that will swoop down from the skies. Many will be healed and shall receive great visions. The veil between the spiritual and the physical will finally be dropped.

This amazing time will act also as the harbinger for the return of the great holy ones (the great Archangels and their Avatars) that have, for many millennia, predicted their return to the world's seers and prophets. They come now to set forth the Divine Law for a new Earth and for a new golden era for your populace. You are to be prepared to accept your full identity and your true role in this lifetime. The world that you know is beginning its final period of crumbling before your eyes. Now, it may seem to be rock strong, but in reality, it is just a piece of mud that must now be washed and cleansed by the WILL of the Creator. View all things around you as temporary. The new Earth is now in the final stages of being birthed. Its sudden rise will be duly signaled by the many great earthquakes, volcanoes and weather storms that now are commencing their expression upon your globe. These apparitions are but omens of a new time and a new consciousness.

See this period as a return to spirit and not as a means to express your inner fears. This moment is one for commitment and for growth. It is not a time for the expansion of fear and of panic. Your body and your spirit are now being readied for a new consciousness. This full expression of consciousness will enable you to become a fully functional aspect of the most sacred and divine Angelic Realms. It is also a means to bring your reality back into the full track of Creation's divine timeline. For a relatively short period of divine time, you were allowed to stray from this sacred track of Creation. This dispensation was given for a most marvelous experiment. Now, this experiment has run its course. The period has at last come for the Time Lords and the Elohim to set all things back into place. Your aberrant reality must be integrated into the divine scheme. In so doing, you will discover your shortcomings, as well as your strengths. Use them to make your new society the great galactic showcase that it is truly meant to be. Remember, you are here to show witness and also to be a participant in a most remarkable set of circumstances.

The Galactic Federation's mass landing fleets have been evaluating the new commands that were issued a few short days ago. Preliminary evaluations of these new orders have led to a series of slight revisions. Among these revisions is one that has proven very popular in the fleet. This command will allow more freedom to the commanders of the first evacuation "action teams". In effect, it will make it possible for each team to be supported by a small and highly mobile group of defense, geological and evacuation ships. The key point is maximum flexibility. The Angelic contingent have decided to become more apparent to those exposed to the relocation scenarios. Our primary purpose is to make it possible for your media and the vast resources of your citizenry to witness and to provide evidence of our assistance to your planet's populace. We deeply want you to understand who we are. Also, we desire that you understand that this initial period is a watershed for establishing a new and very amazing reality upon your world.

The Earth is now preparing to make its first great moves. These first moves will be announced by some very unusual weather patterns. These specific meteorological phenomena have already begun to form in the Earth's atmosphere. They are being created by the warming of your oceans and a slight warming of your upper atmosphere. The combination of these two elements is leading to a lower atmosphere that is very capable of suddenly spawning intense storm cells. Your beloved Mother Earth intends to use these super- strong storm cells as the harbinger of some very severe Earth changes. Hence, the scenario will include storms, a series of strange movements in the Earth's magnetic field and then a series of key earthquakes and volcanoes. This onslaught of the Earth's many natural forces is to demonstrate to all that these events are the warning of a new reality. They are not being done to punish your civilization, but only to cleanse it. From this sacred cleansing, there will come a most joyous society founded by the use of a regained full consciousness.

Your Ascension process is also being accomplished under a wondrous set of circumstances. The Spiritual Hierarchy has informed us that your population has now reached just over 88 per cent in its acceptance of what is about to occur. Your beloved Mother Earth is getting more and more proud of how you are being transformed into a most fantastic set of beings. The Angelic Realms are now in the process of creating a new set of higher frequencies for all beings on this planet. This accomplishment means that you are now ready for a further group of minor adjustments. These adjustments will concern the moving of various groups of "star seeds" and enlightened Earth souls into special classifications that will lessen the more severe effects of the Earth changes upon your society. The Angelic Realms desire that you be in a better position to help each other through the coming planetary changes. It is important that your planet's civilization and its human inhabitants be changed in the gentlest way possible.

The time has now come for us to conclude this message to you. Before we go, we would like to give you some final words of wisdom. First, remember that what is happening to you is for a divine purpose. Each coming event is a part of God's WILL and the divine plan. Hence, its timing is dependent on items that are beyond your present state of comprehension. Realize this fact and understand that your patience and your acceptance of these facts are now important virtues. Second, be aware that the Earth is about to go through a most severe period of changes. Be prepared to aid your fellows. One of the most important things is that you fully understand that you are Beings of Light. As such, you are here to learn the joy of harmony, the diverse ways of compassion, and the incredible strength of mutual cooperation. Use this period to practice these attributes and to prepare yourself for living in the new reality of full consciousness. Above all, understand that you are a most extraordinary soul that is in the midst of a return to your true self. We now leave you with infinite blessings of unconditional Love, unbounded orgasmic Joy, and Limitless Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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