Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
October 14, 1997 (8 Caban, 0 Tzec, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We appear before you on this date with some very interesting news. This data will concern information about the coming Earth changes, the mass landing scenarios, and your ongoing Ascension procedures. As we prepare to finally interact with you, we choose that you fully understand what is going on around you and what we are doing to prepare for what is about to occur. The Galactic Federation is now in the midst of establishing a special liaison team that will interact with your planetís "star seeds" during the entire evacuation procedure. At the time of the insertion of our special evacuation teams, we shall contact all "star seeds" on your planet. The reason for this action is that we feel that a large group of your planetís population will be in denial over what has just happened. The evacuation of a significant segment of your population by our special command S & E (Science and Exploration) "action teams" will need a unique group that can be mobilized for a very specific purpose. In other words, we will need to get the word out about our existence and the sacred mission that we are conducting on your world.

Most of your population now believes that we exist. The major problem is that they do not fully understand what is going on here, and the exact nature of the mission that we have undertaken. Most of your feature films and other forms of mass entertainment have primarily painted a very negative picture of who we truly are, and of our true intentions while we are in contact with all of you. In one way or another, we have to rapidly dispel this very negative set of images. One of the first items that was brought to our attention was the fact that the Galactic Federation of Light is largely unknown to most of you. We have to demonstrate to your populace that we exist. Moreover, we are a physical adjunct to the Spiritual Hierarchy in this galaxy. All of the "experts" on Earth humans and their society have told us that this aspect is important to the success of our mission. Hence, the Spiritual Hierarchy has decided to bring their unique abilities to bear on this problem. When we first land on your shores, we will have the full cooperation of the Angelic Realms.

The Angelic Realms have decided to bring in extra Angels. They will go around your planet and will announce what is now happening. This operation will occur when the first mass evacuations are underway. In addition, the Angelic Realms have asked us to announce our mission with the use of their special music on a world-wide basis. Likewise, they want us to use this time to make a detailed announcement of approximately when the entire mass landing scenario will commence. The Angelic Realms will then perform a special series of "surprises" that will be in accordance with prophecy that the end time has arrived, and that we are their special emissaries. In addition, we intent to make full use of Earthís "star seeds". The Angelic Realms sincerely want us to make more "star seeds" than are needed for the evacuations fully conscious. They have told us that it is a time for many miracles to occur upon the Earth. Consequently, we have decided to activate special groups of "star seeds" throughout your planetís population.

This restructured program will entail that we begin a more massive training of "star seeds" that we had at first envisioned. These new requirements will mean that we must now greatly increase the number of Earthís Ďstar seeds" that we teleport to our ships. At this time, their training will be divided into two distinct aspects. The first part is the training that will prepare them to easily interact with our "action teams". The second segment involves preparing them to deal with the unusual concept of being fully conscious beings who are living in a limited consciousness society. This particular part has been the hardest for us to set the correct parameters. You have largely brutalized anyone who has come to you with any form of "good news" about who you really are. Now, we must sent forth a rather large group of such beings to educate you about your future. This task is a very difficult chore. However, it can be done, and be done effectively. The key is the aid of the Angelic Realms and the degree of divine intervention that we shall be allowed during and after the first evacuations. In short, these procedures will also be greatly increased in the weeks following the first resettlements of your population. Additionally, we are using our priestesses and priests to completely set the stage for our coming actions.

For the past few weeks, the various sacred star tetrahedron ships of our mass landing fleet have been conducting a series of special ceremonies over specific portions of your globe. These rites have activated important nodes in the Earthís grids. These nodes are designed to enforce a very strong energy that leads to a lessening of fear and an increase in love and harmony. The focus point of these various energy rituals are, of course, the Hawaiian Islands. Specifically, the Na Pali coast of Kauai and Mount Haleakala on Maui. The purpose of these rituals is to bring this strong energy to bear on your planetís populace when the first strong Earth changes begin to happen. Hawaii is the site of the new Earthís Heart Chakra. It was not meant to be fully activated until the first phase of the Earth changes were totally completed. Nonetheless, the data that we now have about your planetís population has completely necessitated this change in your beloved Mother Earthís agenda. She very dearly wants all of you to realize what is happening and to feel the love, as well as the calmness, that is a major aspect of our joint operations.

The mass landing scenario, as you can well imagine, has been changed by what is now happening. The joint command board of the Federationís mass landing fleet issued a series of new operational orders to all fleet commanders on 7 Cib, 19 Tzotz, 6 Caban (October 13, 1997). These orders gave them a new number of operational procedures. We will now pick up some 30% of all "star seeds" during the first phase of our evacuation operations. Some 12 per cent of them will be given the very special mission just described to you above. Their mission will be assisted by special holy emissaries from the Angelic Realms. It is important that your general population understand that what is happening is due to Godís WILL. Your population has to be made aware of the fact that these emissaries of God and the Galactic Federation are to be here to present humanity with its glorious future. Earthís humanity must be moved from unenlightened brutality to enlightened wisdom. You can no longer be permitted to dwell in the dark. We are here with the Spiritual Hierarchy to present you with a most righteous and divine gift from the Creatorófull consciousness.

Your continuing procedures for your Ascension are increasing their pace. In the past week, the frequencies of many humans on your world have been dramatically increased. This operation has caused many persons on your world to undergo many deep inner and personality issue crises. The purpose for this timing is to prepare as many people as possible for the coming Earth changes. Humanity is now being moved on a faster timetable that requires that they be ready for what is to come before them. Humans on your planet have to be prepared for crisis and for a great change in their reality. As we begin to activate many important nodes of Earthís grids, it means that many more of you have to be ready to aid your fellows. Many of your dearest beliefs have to be tested, so that you can better understand the vital precepts of love, cooperation and harmony. Your planetary society can no longer function as a divided and forbidding reality.

Meanwhile, your beloved planet is readying its entire scenario for change. This scenario will begin on three major world-wide fronts. These fronts are meteorological, volcanic and seismic. That is, the planet and its Spiritual Hierarchy have planned a simultaneous three-pronged attack. The first key will be a number of seismic events that are tied to several major volcanic eruptions. These events will rapidly increase in number and intensity once they begin. Tied in to these serious geologic events will be some rather severe hurricanes, typhoons and tornadoes. The enormity of these combined events will deeply impinge on human civilization. The clock for these events has also been started. In the beginning, they will seem terrible, but well within the present scope of human perception. Quickly, over a very short period of time, they will increase to the province of an unthinkable calamity. Just know that we are fully prepared for what is to happen and that you are not alone.

The moment has at last arrived for our message to be concluded. You should understand and know that we are deeply committed to aiding you in this important matter. Your beloved planet must now begin a vast series of changes to its surface. These changes will permit her to return to a pristine state. It will also herald the beginning of your graduation into full consciousness. The coming events are also the return of Godís WILL and the divine Light to your planet. It is time for joy. It is a time for a great celebration. We come not only to assist you in your transformations, but also to share your great joy. This particular time is a time for revelations. It is also a time for great truths to come forth. Finally, it is a time for reuniting your peoples and learning the truth of your existence. In short, it is a most marvelous and very miraculous time! We now leave you with infinite blessings of unconditional Love, boundless Joy, and endless Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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