Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
October 7, 1997 (1 Oc, 13 Tzotz, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come to you today with exciting information about your planet's surface changes, the mass landing scenarios and your continuing Ascension procedures. Over the past few weeks, we have been very closely monitoring your Earth's human population. We have noticed two important things that should be talked about. The first item concerns the vast changes that have been occurring to most of you. The Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy's Ascension program has begun to affect the nervous and memory systems of Earth's dwellers. This process has greatly affected the short-term memory system, as well as causing increased sensitivity to all forms of stress. The second item involves the fact that the magnetic field of the Earth is now undergoing a great many wide fluctuations. These fluctuations have put an additional amount of stress upon the human nervous system, as well as affecting the sensitive instrumentation of some military and civilian aircraft. As you can see, this problem is one that will only increase as time goes along.

First, let us now take a longer look at the opening discussion item. The Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy has been concentrating on your Ascension for a very long time. This procedure has involved the moving of all Earth inhabitants into a higher frequency. At present, there are three categories of Earth humans. The first category is those who have been worked on the longest and are now at the highest levels possible. They make up about 20 per cent of those so far awakened and are over 85 per cent "star seeds". The second category is the group that has been awakened in the past 48 months. This group is now being vastly accelerated and will be even with the initial group of "star seeds" in about two weeks. This group makes up about 33 per cent of those people in your population who have been "awakened". The final group has been "awakened" in the past 14 months. They comprise the 47 per cent that is now becoming affected by the Ascension process. All of you have, or are now having, numerous results that we must now discuss.

The Ascension procedures have mainly influenced your complex nervous systems. This outcome is due to the increased sensitivity that you are now developing to your largely non-functional artificial environment. One of the first results is the fact that the mind refuses any longer to remember short-term facts in the usual manner. Another issue is increased hypersensitivity to stress. This reaction causes you to accentuate your tendency either to anger or to a great feeling of frustration. This particular factor has led to many automobile, boating and aircraft accidents in the past year, due to the inability of certain key persons to function properly. Another side-effect comes from the vast cellular changes created by your heightened aura frequencies. This side-effect creates a great deal of nausea, dizziness and cold-like discomfiture. In addition, those of you who are more used to the above-mentioned consequences are now starting to see that many of your old and seemingly long-dormant ailments are now suddenly reappearing in a most virulent form. Furthermore, many of your most dysfunctional behaviors are also now being thrown back at you for close re-examination.

These things are part and parcel of a great internal change that is being accentuated in all living beings on your beloved planet. The living being that you truly are is being prepared for the coming new realities implicit in full consciousness. This coming reality demands that your physical vehicle (your body) be rapidly and drastically altered. It also means that it must now be reconnected or reintegrated with your highest spiritual elements. Hence, you are now quickly shifting and mutating to a new species of Earth human. Please do not be fearful of these drastic changes. It is simply a procedure that instantly validates the fact that your present environment is about to come to an end. Remember that you are here to participate in a grand and divine experiment. Use this time to explain this fact to all your friends, family and fellow humans. Please tell them what is happening. Now is the time to show your compassion and to communicate these facts to them.

A second major factor is the increasingly anomalous nature of Earth's magnetic field. This quick shifting of the Earth's magnetic field strength had a greatly deleterious effect on all types of sensitive electrical equipment. Essentially, the shifting fields highly stress the system's inner workings. In the case of your nervous system, it can, at times, put your nervous system into overload. This fact can lead to severe attacks of sleepiness, fatigue or emotional over-reaction. In all cases, please see this period as a time to ease off. Most of all, you should see it as a time to R-E-L-A-X. In the next period of time, the Earth's field's will not only fluctuate, they will also be very close to a polarity shift. This distinct time will also lead to periods when aircraft, and especially highly sensitive military aircraft, will be increasingly prone either to accidents or crashes. Be aware of this potential difficulty and please use your magnificent energies to aid the aircraft's instruments from dangerously malfunctioning if you are aboard.

The Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy is now finishing its three-step procedure to vastly alter your planet's surface. The amount of deep up-welling of magma from the Earth's core is drastically increasing each week. Further, the many transfers of warmer ocean water at many different depths of the world's oceans is also greatly increasing. In effect, the Earth's crust, along with its water and air, is now under a very enormous amount of pressure. This pressure has but one purpose—to crack the Earth's crust and create a new pristine planet. The first step of this operation was to apply the strain that would cause the Earth to begin to crack open. The next stage is to use the energies of the local Council of the Elohim and the entire devic kingdom to begin to reform your beloved planet. The last stages will allow the Earth to completely transform itself into its new permanent and stable shape. In all of these stages, we in the Galactic Federation are committed to fully ensure that your planet's human populace is kept as safe as is in right relationship to the divine plan.

The Galactic Federation's mass landing fleet is also preparing to achieve their objectives. Right now, we are very close to the start of our many evacuation operations. In this regard, we are closely watching the final preparations of Earth's "star seeds". The present scenarios call for us to utilize both the "star seeds" that are living in the affected areas and those that are an important part of the entire communication link to your vast population. We sincerely feel that the first true notice of our commitment to you will lead to a great shock among your people. Moreover, this personal and cultural shock will immediately lead to either disbelief or a vast denial of our existence. It is important that you realize that our appearance signals both the end of your limited realities and the beginning of a new golden reality of full consciousness. In all this coming contact, there is the essential theme of many endings, as well as many more beginnings. It is this most profound message that we sincerely want to get across to your entire population.

As we survey your world, we find that it contains a great many paradoxes. It is these numerous paradoxes that have made our first contact mission so lengthy and yet so enlightening to us all. You have definitely taught us much about limited consciousness. You have demonstrated how thoroughly darkness and fear can warp an entire civilization's view of its reality. However, the time has divinely come to shine the great Light of Creation upon all of you who dwell on Earth. This specific venture is a divine one. Yet Earth has been a place where many lessons about first contact have been taught, both to you and to us. We can now use these very excellent lessons in future first contact missions. These lessons have now given us a plan that should limit the harmful reactions to our arrival. We intend to make full use of those communication nodes and organizations that are presently available to us, as well as those "star seeds" that will be transfigured by the coming evacuation procedures. It is time to swiftly begin to end your old realities. It is also a time to easily take on new ones.

The end of our message has now arrived. We hope that you have gained both some new knowledge and some new confidences because of it. These times are ones in which the great galactic prophecies rule. This period is a transition from something that you know, to one that is characterized by most things that you do not. It is a most difficult time for you. We fully realize this fact. Yet we must ask you to continue your patience and to go forth with your divinely directed tasks. These times are most trying to all concerned. It is not easy to birth a new reality. It is not easy to vastly alter the course of a human civilization. However, it is God's WILL that such a drastic alteration now be instituted on your shores. View all that is about to happen with a deep joy and show a sincere compassion to your fellows. It is time for great change, but it is also a time for the employment of love, caring and compassion. We are all ONE. We now leave you with infinite blessings of unconditional Love, orgasmic Joy, and overflowing Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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