Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
September 23, 1997 (13 Cib, 19 Zip, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come here today with some valuable information. This data will include news of the coming Earth changes, your various Ascension processes, and, especially the mass landing scenarios. We feel that it is very important that you fully understand the mass landings and how they thoroughly relate to the coming Earth changes. We in the Galactic Federation are completely committed to supporting the establishment of your galactic human society. We are also working in full harmony with the Spiritual Hierarchies and their sacred procedures to graduate your beloved Mother Earth to full consciousness. These two programs are mutually inclusive. Each one's timetable is based upon the divine plan and the prognostications of the Time Lords. They are also dependent upon you in one small yet still important way. Now is the time to choose your fate and also to continually practice your series of highly beneficial rituals.

The WILL of the Most High has decreed that this planet and its human population must now return to the Light. Up till now, the time has been one that has been filled with a great deal of activity that most of you do not consciously know about. These activities have involved many contacts with your governing elites, as well as a number of sacred interactions between the many holy high councils of the Most Divine Ones. These procedures were necessary in order to prepare all of Creation and your world for what now lies ahead. Under Divine Universal Law, the time is fast approaching for action. The key underpinning for this action is the combined landing fleets of the Galactic Federation of Light. For the past few galactic months, we have been at the ready to quickly accomplish our prescribed operational plan. The prime element missing was the formal go-ahead from the Council of Archangels to commence our procedures. This "green light" signal is still awaited by our fleets. However, the moment for this divine "carry on" is nearly at hand.

This singular moment leads us to explain what is about to happen, both to your planet and ultimately, to you, yourselves. To begin this particular discussion, we shall start with an overview of our fleet's schedules. As you know, our fleet has been divided into two segments. The first part is concerned with the partial evacuation of your planet. They will concentrate on areas where the initial cataclysmic activity will occur. They are also going to carry out the first large-scale direct interaction with your Earthly populations. This fact has made it essential that these initial forays into your world go smoothly and correctly. There is a great deal of desire in these "action teams". They sincerely want to impress all involved with their actions. You must understand and realize that your world and its present reality are now in their death throes. Please choose to fully cooperate with our emergency evacuation personnel. They have been trained to anticipate all possible Earth human reaction modes. In addition, they will be accompanied by specially-trained fully conscious Earth humans and also by a large contingent from the Angelic Realms. Do not take this situation lightly, for it is truly a most serious business involving Life and Death!

The second part of our mass landing fleet is deeply dedicated to the world-wide landing scenario. This particular operation will happen after a number of cataclysmic evacuations have been concluded by the first part of our fleet. As mentioned previously, this final procedural event will occur some three weeks after the overall scenario is underway. Our hope is that, by this time, a number of important factors will now be in play. First, the Galactic Federation will be known as a real entity by the vast majority of Earth's populace. Second, your world-wide population will be knowledgeable of the vastness of the Earth's changes. Third, each nation's citizens will understand that the coming cataclysms cannot be handled by the numerous emergency agencies of any of Earth's governments. Fourth, each aspect of our actions are part of a divine intervention based upon GOD's WILL and divine grace. Fifth, you are about to be the co-creator of a most incredible human galactic society. These just-delineated factors should make our overall operations much more palatable to your citizenry. However, the Galactic Federation's personnel will still be fully prepared for dealing with both fear, hysteria and mass panic.

This compartmentalizing of our fleet has brought about some new wrinkles in our scenarios. To begin with, we have been forced to introduce a new command structure. This new structure is similar to one that is normally employed in a highly adverse first contact operation. Moreover, it has been one that is being jointly administered with the Angelic Realms. We have consequently employed a special spiritual liaison committee. This liaison committee has proven how dedicated both the Angelic Realms and the Galactic Federation are to the success of this very unique mission. Furthermore, the use of the Earth's "star seeds" as liaisons with your population has never been tried before. However, the success of our preliminary training programs gives us great hope that this concept will prove both highly useful and extremely essential for the mission to achieve its overall goals. Finally, we have integrated members of the former Alliance into our mass landing fleet. In their first try at joint operations, they have proven to be a most welcome addition to our procedures.

This new scenario has some general characteristics. First, the evacuation fleet and its "action teams" will be deployed when necessary. They will aid your planet's inhabitants and also announce our presence. Those members of the "action teams" from your planet will undergo an accelerated training program that will encompass a total of less than two hours of Earth time. Second, we will employ a very aggressive suppression program of all Earth-based defense forces. Our defense wings have been very successful in interrupting and stopping the signals of all military communication systems. Third, we will put force fields around all evacuation sites that will stop any military forces from entering our evacuation zones. Fourth, all Earth residents will be taken either to the previously prepared deep underground relocation sites or to our Mother ships as is appropriate. Finally, those Earth dwellers who have to be put into full consciousness after the mass landings are completed will be trained as noted in previous scenarios.

Mother Earth is presently changing at a swifter pace. Many of the military crashes that you have recently heard about on your news programs were due to the effects of the highly unstable geomagnetic field upon their very sensitive navigation and flight operational systems. Your planet's lower subtle body fields are now in the midst of some very enormous fluctuation. These energy anomalies are also causing you to feel very "strange" and "out of sorts". These energy fields, when augmented by your own changes in frequency, have been causing some very unusual stress to be put upon your body. The up-swelling of magma fromnear the Earth's core has also increased these effects. Therefore, please be very aware that you are now in the extremely brief period before Earth's vast changes begin to occur. We in the Galactic Federation will keep you informed of what is happening. However, it is solely up to you to decide your fate.

The Ascension program has now reached a point where it is necessary to describe how it will be carried out. This procedure will be done in roughly three waves. The first wave will consist of those "star seeds" that must be prepared for the evacuation programs. The order in which they are transformed will depend upon the timetable for these evacuations. Mother Earth has decided upon a series of diverse changes which require our attention. You will be notified when you must expect our appearance. In addition, we will teleport those "star seeds" who will be needed to greet and to train these wonderful souls. This first wave will take about two and one-half weeks to be completed.

The second wave will consist of those "star seeds" that are a part of the mass landing scenario. Their training program should be even more compressed into a period of just over one hour in duration. Our main concern has been the adjustment of limited consciousness beings to a device as highly complex as our Light chambers. These devices were not initially designed for what they must now accomplish. Hence, we have used every opportunity to test these devices in their vastly modified mode of operation. These "tests" have demonstrated to us that you needed some additional forms of adjustment. In all cases, we have now had the Spiritual Hierarchy calibrate you for this more accelerated transformation and training program. Remember that you are just the beginning of a procedure that will transform Earth's population into full conscious beings of the Light.

The last wave will include the vast majority of your populace. Earth's population will have been modified into full consciousness some three hours after the Galactic Federation's mass landing operations are completed. Their special training program will take about two Earth days to consummate. When this event is finally accomplished, your planet, as well as you, yourselves, will have graduated into a whole new reality. This more massive training program has undergone a number of modifications. It will incorporate a series of new elements. These new elements will include the addition of various sentient beings. They will be inserted into the program some 18 hours after its start. Moreover, the Angelic Realms will have a highly inclusive program on galactic laws, history, and past lifetimes as part of our standard training procedures.

The time has once again come to conclude our message to you. As we begin to depart, we would like to give you some final words of encouragement. First, you have undergone a great deal of stress, as well as some disappointment. Please understand that the undertaking of such a complex and complicated task often leads to a more extended timetable. The divine plan demands that we employ a certain series of activities before we can finally arrive on your shores. Second, this entire operation is unique in the entire history of this galaxy. We have never been around a series of so-called planetary elites that have been both so recalcitrant and so self-serving. There actions have caused some degree of delay, but in the long run, they have served a divine purpose in helping us to better understand this most curious experiment in limited consciousness. Finally, we have found this most incredible group of souls that inhabits planet Earth. You have been a most interesting education project for all concerned. We now leave you with great blessing of profound Love, never- ending Joy, and boundless Abundance and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in joy!)

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