Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
September 16, 1997 (1 Muluc, 12 Zip, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come to you today with some very interesting data. This intelligence will be occupied with news of the Earth changes, the mass landing scenario and your Ascension process. Involved in all of these subjects is the right divine use of ritual. We must continue to commend you on your ritual. Whether it is done in a group or individually, it has been most effective. Various regions of your planet now need a concentrated ritual directed toward them. These regions include: the Pacific Southwest coast and accompanying mountain ranges of the USA, the northern Cascade range of the USA's Pacific Northwest, the Sierra Madre range that surrounds Mexico's capital and the islands of the Central South Pacific Ocean. These regions are now the most at risk. However, we feel deeply that proper ritual can mitigate the worst-case scenario that now looms for these regions of your beloved Earth. Remember, this particular meditation ritual is world-wide. It can be done when the time is most favorable for your particular group.

It is especially important to concentrate on the first two that are mentioned. What we want you to do is the following. First, give loving and healing energy to the above-named region. Do this healing meditation ritual for at least 15 minutes daily. Second, we desire that you give calming energies to the population of the affected areas. Please do this particular ritual for another 10 to 15 minutes. Our primary purpose is to minimize any potential increase in mass fears and especially panic. We in the Galactic Federation are committed to a mass evacuation of these affected areas, either just before or during any potential cataclysmic disasters. Our scientists are constantly and very closely monitoring your entire planet. This operation also includes the many aspects needed to perform a successful mass landing procedure. What we request of each of you is to now prepare for a potential evacuation scenario. This request does not mean that your evacuation is in any way imminent. All that it means is that you are now informed of what is about to happen in the very near future.

All of you who dwell on planet Earth are greatly loved by the Spiritual Hierarchy and are under divine grace. At the present time, you are a key link to what is to occur on your world. Your best method to help this process along is to use ritual and to inform others of what is now happening on your beloved Earth. This planet is truly one of the major jewels of this divine Creation. Our joint purpose is to be a part of its transformation back to a pristine state. This period is a time to rejoice that the civilization cycle of the past 11-plus millennia is now coming to a close. We in the Galactic Federation salute you for your courage and also for the wonderful assistance that you have provided us. We are now approaching the final aspects of the quiet period, before the great storm of Earthly alterations commences. This period is one for inner growth and reflection on your many concerns. It is a period in which to prepare yourself for your new reality. This interval will mark the time when we both stand poised, to serve planet Earth and to become fully aware of each other's existence. We shall both mark it down as the dawn of a whole new age in our histories.

What we intend to do during your individual and group meditation rituals is to multiply and transmute your energies. This process will allow us to add your energies to our own. These powerful spiritual energies can greatly alleviate some of the more severe effects, but they cannot prevent these necessary surface changes. Let us pledge ourselves to helping your beloved planet. This joint endeavor will considerably allay the time frame for the cataclysms. However, it will not lessen their overall severity. The extent of these changes has been agreed to by the Spiritual Hierarchy and your beloved Mother Earth. Our hope is to allow for additional "awakening" of your population. This particular procedure will also help to make our enormous task that much easier. Your population is now involved in a great and very unprecedented spiritual revolution. This spiritual revolution has opened up new possibilities for our actions. It has also permitted the Spiritual Hierarchy to engage us in a new way. This new way has allowed us to add new procedures to our daily observations of Earth.

Basically, your planet now consists of about four different kinds of humans. The first type is the one that is in charge of your world. The upper echelons of this group have largely realized what is happening. They are now in the midst of a slow operation of letting go of their tight governing reign. However, they still insist upon a secret cover-up to hide the reasons for their actions. The second type are those persons who serve as the intermediaries for the first group. This distinct group is very upset over what is now happening and has demonstrated some very obstreperous forms of behavior. The third group is the so-called general public. They have shown a great interest in what is occurring, but they have deferred their power to the second group. The final division is the "light workers". This group is very heavily fractionated. However, enough of them have sincerely supported us. Their supportive actions have begun to make a difference in the viewpoints of the other three groups. For these magnificent activities, we remain eternally grateful. All four of these groups have largely shifted toward the spiritual during the last six months. It has allowed a most wonderful shift in the entire Ascension process.

Up till now, the Ascension process was primarily a clandestine one that involved spiritual and physical changes in Earth's human population. Recently, we have been able to add a new dimension to this mix—diverse group transformation. This transformation allowed us to effect a mechanism for a minor transition in the elite power structure. This dynamic will permit some important new ideas, to obtain a slightly wider audience before we formally appear on the scene. This concept excites us. It means that many of the things that our galactic societies cherish have been made known to you. Moreover, your population has a slightly better understanding of our moral perceptions. This fact does not mean that the training and education programs will be any less intensive. It only means that a subtle knowledge of some of our precepts has been made known to you. This simple fact means that your civilization has indeed crossed into a region where our sacred intervention has become divinely necessary.

The Galactic Federation's mass landing fleet has been maintaining its full stand-by alert. This fleet has been intensively monitoring your world. Our scientists have been involved in both an aerial and land monitoring. Special instruments have been placed inside the centers of various volcanoes and fault zones. The defense forces have been increasing their suppression raids and have left behind certain undetected devices. These instruments have been placed to insure that no military forces are launched against any Federation evacuation forces. The special "action teams" have performed small trial runs in unpopulated desert plate areas of the USA's Southwest. These exercises have shown us that our mass landing activities can go undetected by anyone who is not in the exact area. In addition, we have put into operation a series of new atmospheric protocols for the mass landing of commercial aircraft. These new procedures will now include the option of the teleportation of these aircraft to specified mother ships where possible.

The planet has been in the midst of some very severe changes. Right now, the planet has completed the last stages before the great cataclysms begin. The major global fault zones are under a series of maximum stresses and strains. The major volcanic chains of the planet are in the preliminary stages of being activated. The oceans are warming and the major atmospheric jet streams are beginning to shift. Additionally, the planet's electromagnetics are about to reach dangerous levels. The world-wide Schuman Resonance is now at 12.99998. These factors greatly demonstrate that your planet is now ready to go on full alert. What will truly mollify this formal engagement of the planet's massive transformation is your world-wide rituals. We cannot emphasize enough how important these daily spiritual exercises really are. In many ways, they will give all of us the necessary time to become much more prepared for what lies ahead of us.

The time has once again quickly come upon us to end this message to you. As we prepare to depart, please understand how important your role truly is. You are our ground crew. Upon your strong shoulders, there has been given the great weight to explain this entire scenario to the people of your beloved planet. Please do not see this function as a too great, or even an impossible, burden. We are here to help as best we can. We have not taken this responsibility lightly. This entire project is a joint endeavor. As the time draws closer for our required intervention in your affairs, we shall make every effort to make your task much easier. At this moment, the Galactic Federation is drafting plans to communicate to your planet on the very eve of any catastrophic event actually happening. We are fully committed to doing what is necessary to reduce needless fears and intense moments of mass panic. We now leave you with much blessings of infinite, unconditional Love, endless Joy and interminable Abundance and Supply. Selamat Ja! (Be in joy!)

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