Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
September 13, 1997 (3 Cimi, 9 Zip, 6 Caban)

Greetings! Dear blessed Children of the Light, we are the Council of the Nine of the Great Blue Light of the Great Blue Lodge of Sirius. We come now to address you on some very important matters. All of Creation is watching you in these final moments before you and your beloved planet Earth graduate into full consciousness. All of you form a most marvelous guiding light. We salute and graciously acknowledge you for all that you have done! As you now approach the precipice and prepare for your most courageous leap into your maturity, we wish to help you better understand the nature of what is about to happen. First, your planet desires to change her surface contours. Your local Spiritual Hierarchy has done a most proficient task in its series of very elaborate preparations. What is about to come must be seen as the Earth's wake-up call to her precious children. Second, your space family is about to make itself fully known to you. They are also children of the Supreme Creator. Greet them, dear ones, with joy and demonstrations of your deep inner compassion. Finally, we in the Spiritual Hierarchy will also greet you with much respect and honor for your great deeds.

Your most beloved planet sits on the verge of completing its grand experiment in divine consciousness. Dear precious ones, please see what is now underway as the final step in your path to maturity as a people and as a civilization. This path has been made possible by your growth as a people through the development of each individual who comprises this unique whole. Let us look at how this process of conscious growth occurred. From the initial colonization of Lemuria, we in the Council of Nine and the Sirian Spiritual Hierarchies have closely monitored your progress. We knew that the divine plan had given us the necessary dispensations to do so. When Atlantis made its grand plan to alter your divine time line forever, we intervened and saw to it that this aberration in consciousness would only be temporary. Unfortunately, galactic circumstances allowed this aberration to last for over 11 millenia. At the proper divine time, we and our physical Angels from the star Sirius began a procedure that would quickly set you back to full consciousness and your original timeline. This action began in the galactic month of Moan during the galactic year of 6 Manik (May, 1972) and was completed in the galactic month of Pop during the galactic year of 7 Eb (August, 1972). This action put a series of holograms around your Sun, as well as holograms that would lead you toward full consciousness in a very short period of time.

This series of holograms began a most remarkable series of changes for your planet. The first step was to begin the slow process of moving your beloved planet back into the light. This procedure took about 15 years and was culminated by what you have come to call the harmonic convergence. The key was the use of the Earth's "star seeds". Each star seed has a special vibration and soul light pattern. These special spiritual energies were used as node points to anchor the now-knitting Earth grids of divine light. When completed, these new Earth grids would serve as the sacred templates for the Ascension of Mother Earth and her most precious and divine children. The first phase of this operation was completed during the galactic year of 10 Eb (1988-1989). The second phase was accomplished in the galactic year of 13 Manik (1991-1992). These two phases were preparatory ones. In the first stage, we set up the holy grid of Ascension. This grid permits all Earth souls to rise and become fully conscious when the appropriate divine time commences. The second stage permits the Earth to graduate and a new celestial reality to become the norm. Dear ones, we deeply love you and could not have done this great sacred plan without the wonderful cooperation that you have given us.

These two first stages made the divine intervention inevitable. The Supreme Creator smiled on us and set it all in a very divine grace. The Great Blue Lodge was honored by the Galactic Federation and a mass landing scenario decreed by its Main Federation Council. You are the product of these divine actions. Since the galactic year of 1 Eb (1992-1993), we have, through your local Spiritual Hierarchy, been moving you rapidly towards a full consciousness reality. Each year, the amount of darkness has dramatically lessened. Yet there were a number of important lessons that had to be imparted before the actual mass landings could be permitted. These lessons were divided by Spiritual Councils into two aspects. The first part was a series of karmic cycle resolutions and the second part was a test for your present consciousness to understand Divine WILL and its use in the proper discernment of your free will. This second part has taken a little longer for you to acknowledge.

The most important subject for any soul is right use of the Divine WILL. All things in the divine plan, blessed children, come from the Divine WILL. Your purpose and your soul's life lessons spring from this same source. Free will is a subset of this supreme will. The basis of all things in Creation come from the right use of free will. We will not lecture you here, dear children. However, you must understand that free will does not mean that you can make unconscious decisions at the physical soul level. Each decision has remarkable repercussions. For this reason, we in the Spiritual Hierarchy have made any set of decisions bounce back at you very quickly. We want you to learn responsibility for your every action. We also want you to act in a more positive and a more thoughtful manner. Dearest ones, you are very powerful beings. Please learn to act lovingly and with compassion to your fellows. This fact is the last meaningful lesson that you need to master. You will need this knowledge for the planetary actions that now lie ahead.

Your planet, under the grace of the Most High, must now begin its period of cleansing. This period is the one in which you will finally join us, as well as your space family. To all the beloved souls of the physical Earth plane, we say rejoice. Understand that you should approach this period with divine awe and supreme compassion. Mother/Father God has given you a means to achieve your objective of divine maturity. Accept the Light! Be one with the Light! In this simple act you are protected through all eternity and, especially, during your life on the new Earth. We come to now take your hand and to guide you to the truth. Accept our Love and do not fear. For there is nothing to fear. All who are one in the Light are divinely protected. The coming times are merely the vehicle for divinely guided change. Your present world is near its predicted end. In its fire and its storm, there lies the fertilizer for the germinating seeds of your new reality. Accept them, dear precious children, and grow.

Now is the time to learn of new ways. You must learn the ways of universal love and harmony. Each one of you is a necessary tone that forms the chords of this most divine celestial melody. Your old ways of disharmony and distrust of your fellows are about to be struck from you. The coming days are the last test, but they are also the first opportunity to use your newly installed abilities. So please go within and make use of your new qualities of discernment. Learn of the power of love and positive thought. Acknowledge and use your inner councils and your heart-driven logic. Express your feelings and learn the power of how to rightfully release negativity to the light. Remember that you are divine and immortal beings of soul Light. The path that the Earth follows leads only to love and to enlightenment. Be one in this eternal Now of divine grace. Accept that this new reality is only made for your benefit and for your growth.

We, the Council of the Nine, welcome you into a new period of growth. Your time has come to accept your divinity and Angelic wings. As you do so, remember that we will always be with you. This time of growth and graduation will be filled with many seemingly strange events. Know that you should just be in oneness with the divine plan. Nothing can harm you. Just flow with the Light that will surround you. This time is one for the completion of many things that you shortly will learn about. As you learn of these things, you should practice your use of forgiving others, as well as the release of many disturbing karmic cycles. This time is one that is marked by the arrival of God's rule upon your world. This divine governance will create a most profound paradise on your beloved Earth. It is the just reward for the supreme tests that you have magnificently mastered. Remember God and his holy Councils love you deeply and unconditionally. You are the great jewels of this Creation. Go forth, dear blessed ones, and fulfill your most excellent destiny!

The time has now come for us to end this message to you. As we now take our temporary leave of you, please remember that you are most unconditionally loved by all of us. You have gone through a great series of changes in a very short period of time. Now you must adapt to an even greater amount of change in a mere blink of celestial time. Your courage has been remarkable, dear sacred children. All that we ask is for you to keep up your fantastic work. This monumental task is now nearing an end. The light at the end of your tunnel is about to be noticed by you. We now come to show you the final footsteps out and to lead you to the planned mass celebration. It is a celebration that now involves all of God's Creation. The entire Spiritual Hierarchy is very proud of this small band of physical Angels. We salute you with infinite blessings of boundless Joy, Countless Love, and endless Prosperity and Supply! We are the Nine. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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