Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
September 9, 1997 (12 Ik, 5 Zip, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come before you on this day to give you some vital information concerning the mass landings, Earth changes and your Ascension process. We in the Galactic Federation have been waiting for the time when your planet would be on the verge of beginning its many and complicated Earth changes. This coming time means that we have to ask much of each and every one of you. This request especially applies most heavily to Earth's 'star seeds". You will be involved in a "call up" that will now be very different than at first envisioned. Remember that you are the holders of a great deal of stabilizing and healing spiritual energies for Earth's vast human population. Use this special ability to extend divine grace to all of Mother Earth's living beings. Be eminently careful in how your make use of your gift of ritual. Please do not forget that you are here to help a global society transit from one reality to another. Your primary consideration should be the use of your compassion to equally aid your families as well as this beloved planet upon which you presently reside.

In this regard, we must again emphasize personal and group ritual as well as the use of your marvelous spiritual energies to make our task that much easier. In the coming times, we must finally, with the help of God's WILL, make a very immense and open appearance to the people of your world. Our first task will be to evacuate a large number of your population. This chore can only be done with the cooperation of your populace. Our sincerest hope and deepest desire is that you can communicate this fact to all involved. Your planet now stands on a great threshold. It is rapidly approaching its graduation into full consciousness. As it does so, your world must quickly alter the present appearance of its surface. Mother Earth sincerely desires to put back on her original raiment. The question that you may now ask us is—what exactly can you do to help? This question can be divided into a number of different activities. So let us now delineate these important activities.

First, we will request that you continue to come together in your spiritual groups and commence to send healing energies to all the peoples of your planet. This energy will be able to enlighten them and also to allow them to accept their fate openly and freely. This fate is to accept the assistance of the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy, as well as permitting us to easily and very safely evacuate them. We will ask that you set the global energies to ease any potential panic and to allow them to effortlessly accept the fact that they are not alone in their time of greatest need. These group rituals will establish marvelous new energy grids that can be used to greatly lessen the enormity of our task. Please now ask all spiritual groups to now come together at a set time daily to do this vital work. Shortly, we shall also ask that you concentrate on specific regions of your globe. This action will be done to prepare the populace for its temporary removal from the Earth's surface. We intend to coordinate with you as much as is now divinely possible.

Second, we shall ask that you be prepared to communicate this vital information to your fellows. Before these actual events occur, we shall inform those same spiritual groups of what is about to happen on your world. Just before our operations commence, we shall broadcast to those locations that are to be evacuated a special message. This special message will tell them that we are now prepared to swiftly move them from their residences. The Galactic Federation's spokepersons will give a detailed directive that explains what is now occurring, as well as a schedule for the coming evacuation. Your messages and predictions will help us to set the stage for our actions. It will also give us an Earth-bound organization that your general public can more easily address. You should presently look upon your task as a fabulous opportunity to serve your fellows. Do this activity as an act of your compassion. Please realize that you are a very important link to both us and to the Spiritual Hierarchy. We sincerely salute you for your continuing cooperation in these matters, as well as for your coming gracious actions.

Third, we would want you to network with as many different types of groups as is possible. It is important that your planet's population know what is happening to it. To this end, we shall, in the coming period of time, do a series of various special warning activities. Unfortunately, you are not a group of people that easily accepts the truth. You tend to fight it and to accept only your contrived and twisted logic as a path to truth. So we shall only partially accommodate this pernicious childishness that now exists among you. Be prepared for our activities and use them to prepare your fellow Earth dwellers. These special activities will allow you to obtain the necessary trustworthiness required to convince others of what is about to happen to them. We in the Galactic Federation are here to serve both your beloved planet and its precious biosphere equally. Our primary purpose is to save lives and not to take them. We are in perfect divine service to the great Light of the Most High. We come to teach you about the ways of galactic culture. We come to show you that we are your spiritual family. The time for your physical union with us has arrived and we deeply welcome this present period of mutual cooperation and galactic transformation.

The Galactic Federation's mass landing fleet is now assessing the evacuation prerequisites for your planet. To this end, the command of the mass evacuation "action teams" are now busily completing the final schedules that will be required. The evacuation operation will be divided into two main aspects. The first part is the use of massive suppression raids. To work efficiently, we must have no degree of outside interference from the various minions of your useless and highly ineffective "governments". They simply serve only their own interests and not that of their people. Consequently, we shall disable and prevent their possible interference through the proper and efficacious use of our defense forces. Second, we shall then bring in the actual evacuation teams, as well as those Angelic members that will help to supervise our actions. Included in this second group will be those Earth "star seeds" specially selected and trained to join these particular "action teams".

The Earth is quickly approaching its time to graduate. Graduation will be marked by a massive series of prolonged Earth "changes". These changes will forever alter the face of your world. At present, Galactic Federation geologists, seismologists and volcanologists are closely monitoring these changes. The enormous currents of up-welling magma have just about reached your planet's surface. This phenomenon will become very apparent when your different so-called "rings of fire" begin to get more active in the coming weeks. In addition, many global fault systems are now preparing to gravely move. In short, your planet's crust is starting to come under an abnormal amount of stress and pressure. We are deeply concerned about this matter, since no one can survive if not evacuated. Yet your beloved planet Earth is very worried for your safety. Please listen carefully to your hearts, not to your minds, when the time comes for you to evacuate. It is the least that you can do to support our "action teams" and your beloved Mother Earth.

Your Ascension procedures are continuing to come along very nicely. The Local Spiritual Hierarchy has told us that they have now awakened over 23 per cent of your population. This "awakening" operation has permitted the Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy to increase the various stages of the necessary genetic cellular mutations now present among your general population. In addition, the local Angelic Realms have been increasing the appearance of various visionary apparitions, as well as the world-wide sighting of Angels. Many important researchers into these particular matters on your world have recently begun to inform the public that you are indeed living in the so-called "end times". We view these developments with pleasure and feel that your planet's populace has now shifted into a subtle realization that a critical shift in your reality is now rapidly underway.

We are now ready to complete this message to you. As we prepare to depart, we would like to leave you with some important things to remember. First, understand that your world is preparing to change drastically. This alteration of its reality will forever change your perception as well. Second, please realize that you are not alone. We in the Galactic Federation are here to assist you and to ease your short period of transition and amalgamation into a new and truly unique human galactic society. Finally, you must comprehend that what is happening to you is because of divine will, tempered with divine grace. The Spiritual Hierarchy is sincerely committed to fulfilling this aspect of the divine plan. You are truly a great people that has been chosen to attain a most sacred destiny. We now salute you and leave you with all our blessings for infinite Love, countless Joy and endless Prosperity. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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