Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
September 2, 1997 (5 Men, 18 Uo, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come today with some detailed information about the revised mass landing scenario. We would also like to bring before you some additional information about your Ascension process, the Earth changes, and some important goings-on in the galaxy. Before we begin this necessary discussion of the coming mass landings, we would like to quickly comment on a number of what, to us, are very important subjects. First, the rituals that we gave you in our last message are an important key to unlocking the great energies that exist in each one of you. Simply select one of the four topics mentioned by us, or one of your own choosing. For the most part, those persons who are already committed to ritual have been doing these new ones. We will sincerely ask that those who do not yet have any such commitment please start with these suggestions. Second, the planet and its sacred local Hierarchy have reached a dividing point where all of you, under the Laws of Divine Grace, can still alter the present scenario. We frankly ask that you do so now. Finally, the time has just about approached for the great cleansing of your beloved planet. Here, you will make the final choice for how severe it will be.

Let us look at what the Laws of Divine Grace give the human population of your world. Under divine grace, all persons on your planet have the option to alter their present positions in a spiritual purgatory. Please use your suggested rituals to help them to avail of this holy option. Second, the planet does not have to have a most scary and very difficult series of "changes". These vital changes can be done, even now, in a more gentle and efficacious manner. Catastrophe comes not from your caring, but from a grave misappropriation of the Will of the Creator. Your civilization has almost destroyed your beloved planet. The blessings given to you have been gravely misused. However, divine grace means that the use of mass compassion can alter this particularly troublesome situation. In your rituals, ask for this divine grace to change the present possibilities of your inevitable timeline. The Supreme Creator has but ONE deep desire, to return this most vital world to its primordial spiritual and physical state. The Creator also wishes for the human population to be restored to its original state of fully conscious God-loving beings.

We in the Galactic Federation simply ask all of you who are either skeptical or non-believing to reconsider your actions, as well as your beliefs. Time is fast running out on you. Finally, understand that divine grace can mitigate all of your past karmic cycles. This period is one where the Creator has given you a second chance. So be gracious to your fellow beings and realize in your mind, heart and soul that abundance and prosperity are a right for all sentient beings that now reside on planet Earth. For too long, those individuals, as well as those groups in power, have spread fear, poverty and division. The time has now come to end these imbalances and to bring forth your innate compassion. Your present reality is an abomination to both the Creator and to the holy heavenly lineage of the most divine ones. Use this last period of divine grace to practice support for humanity and the healing and Ascension of your most beloved Mother Earth. You should also show an acknowledgement and a love of your galactic family. So we have stated our positions in plain English. Let us now begin to look at the revised mass landing scenario.

As we noted previously, the mass landing scenario has become much more skewed in recent galactic months. This reality was presented to us because of two important factors. First, the Local Spiritual Hierarchy was told by the Most High to poll all human souls on your planet by 12 Muluc, 12 Uo, 6 Caban (August 27, 1997). The results of this holy poll showed that less than 90 per cent of your human population was ready to fulfill its sacred destiny. This result appalled the Spiritual Councils and led to a need for a more catastrophic scenario. Second, the planet had reached a point where it deeply desired to graduate into its full and unblemished self. These factors altered the twin scenarios that the Galactic Federation fleet had been following up till this point. The situation now demanded that the command staff be able to construct a more conclusive scenario and that it be quickly implemented.

The Galactic Federation was told by the galactic Spiritual Councils to bring all essential evacuation teams to the Solar system. We in the governing command staff at Galactic Federation Headquarters, immediately asked our Science and Exploration Teams to move into final position near your planet. The joint command structure of the mass landing fleet then issued a completely new set of fleet operational orders to the commanders of the vast fleet on 1 Batz, 14 Uo, 6 Caban (August 29, 1997). These new operational orders were designed to accomplish a number of important goals. First, the two scenarios had to be formally combined. Second, we now had to give a stronger role to the various defense commands. Third, we had to eliminate the many levels of liaison teams and come up with a more streamlined structure. Finally, we had to establish a new command structure and give it the required degrees of authority. These points were all completely addressed in the new set of fleet orders given to its many commanders.

First, we have set up a special primary "action team" to inform your planet of potential major natural disasters of a severely catastrophic nature. This primary "action team" has been given many of the devices originally prescribed to the original scenario. That is; the heavenly music, the announcement of our existence, as well as evacuation plans, and the use of possible suppression raids by the defense forces where applicable. Our intent is to limit this procedure to only overwhelmingly catastrophic events that are a major part of the Earth changes, and not to present natural disasters. Federation teams of geologists and other related scientific fields have monitored internal Earth movements that could cause such potentially catastrophic disasters. Our major purpose is to demonstrate to you our compassion and also to help you understand the importance of opting to commit to the Light. This present time is one of transition, from a world run by darkness and living in quarantine, to a world ruled by compassion and governed by divine love.

In addition, we have skewed the schedule for the training of the Earth's "star seeds". This training program is now divided into two parts. First, there are those individuals assigned to the primary "action team". They completed preliminary training on 3 Ben, 16 Uo, 6 Caban (August 31, 1997). At the appropriate time, they will be teleported to their ships for final training and full consciousness activation. The rest, or majority of the Earth's "star seeds", will still be a part of the main landing operation. They will be under a preliminary training program until the moment comes for their final relocation to their assigned ships. The assigned final suppression raids will be flown between the occurrence of these pre-selected catastrophic events. At present, the time between the mass landing operation and the designated catastrophic events will be about three days. Therefore, we have now extended this appearance of the local Angelic Realms and the Galactic Federation from a single-day operation of about 18 hours, to about a three-week scenario. Be prepared and know that your desires will also determine whether this present delineation is now instated in concrete. Remember that this whole operation is still functioning under the auspices of divine grace.

While these events were occurring, Mother Earth has been steadily moving towards its own Ascension. You must remember that your Ascension is fundamentally tied to that of the planet. Each of you has a vital role to play in this most critical cosmic drama. Yet your restoration procedure requires the divine intervention of both the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation. In this regard, the Main Federation Council unanimously issued a formal decree on 4 Ix, 17 Uo, 6 Caban (September 1, 1997). This decree reiterated the firm conviction of all Galactic Federation members to bring your Solar system back into the Light. You are a very important part of this Milky Way Galaxy. You are also moving at a very brisk pace to the point where you will end your present concept of reality. Be assured that both the Spiritual Hierarchy and this Galactic Federation of Light are on the verge of bringing you all the elements needed to fulfill your magnificent destiny. We will meet under circumstances that, in the next very brief period of time, will be decided by your actions.

The time has now again arrived for us to conclude this message to you. As we take our leave, please master some important facts. First, you are under a divine grace. This divine grace gives you a chance to mitigate some of the catastrophes that are now possible. Second, realize what powerful beings you really are. You are an incredible group of physical Angels. As such, you are capable of some very wonderful and miraculous things. Use this God-given energy to express your compassion for your fellows and for your divine Mother Earth. Use ritual and strong intent to transform your present reality. We are only here as the catalyst of a very unique experiment. This experiment will very shortly transform both your world and you,yourselves. So, my dear fellow magnificent ones, act more like the mighty beings that you truly are and less like the powerless beings that your present existence expects you to be. Accept both your divinity and your divine destiny. We now leave you with much blessings of incredible Love, unending Joy and unlimited Prosperity. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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