Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
August 26, 1997 (11 Lamat, 11 Uo, 6 Caban)

Greetings! Dear precious sisters and brothers, we come before you on this special date to discuss the mass landings of your fellow physical Angels and your special Ascension process. In all ways, please know that you are deeply loved by the Spiritual Hierarchy. You have been brought here, either in this lifetime or many lifetimes ago, for a specific series of purposes. Among the most important was to understand that, even in a limited three-dimensional environment, Love and Light service can prevail. Now this Love and service to the Light have been severely tested by those who presently believe that they control your world. The time has come for the Local Councils of the Spiritual Hierarchy to reclaim their true authority. This coming time will be marked by what you have called "Earth changes". These changes in your beloved Mother Earth may seem drastic. However, they are necessary to move your great world into a new and most divine position. Let us now devote this message to how these changes will come about, the changed scenario for the mass landings and the importance of service and its role in your Ascension.

Your planet is now ready to shift into its new reality. In many ways, this change has already been accomplished. In order for any planetaryobject to be shifted, the many inter-dimensional bodies must be prepared for its new position in the divine time line. This activity has already been completed in all dimensions above the fourth. The final task is to weave these two last dimensions together and in so doing, to complete the movement of your planet into its new fully conscious self. The Elohim have done their usual perfect job and set your world in its new "base". The rest of the work is to simply complete the physical adjustments that are required. This last operation must be matched to your own graduation procedures. The local Spiritual Hierarchy has moved the vast majority of you to a position that is in synchrony with your planet's transformations. Now, the time has come for you to make a firm commitment to Love and to service of the Light. You must formally state to us where you stand, because this decision will be used to evaluate your present existence.

We in the Spiritual Hierarchy have used the planet on which you now reside as a place to examine one's commitment to eternal Light service. Hence, Mother Earth has several times in the past been moved either up or down in frequency. This movement was done to preserve the existence of our beloved and precious humans and to allow various selected incarnates to experience needed tests and lessons during their lifetime. This lifetime was then used to move a specific soul or group soul into a lower or higher degree of celestial responsibility. This capability of your world has given it a most special and respected place in your galaxy and in all of Creation. You might even say that your planet has acquired a very special karma that it is now using to uplift both itself and all its living residents. This special gift to you from Mother Earth has sincerely touched all of us in the Spiritual Hierarchy. This action led us to declare a very special period of divine grace for your Ascension.

Your Ascension is divinely tied into the graduation of your beloved planet. As you, precious ones, have developed in awareness, so has your world been gradually reborn. You must remember this holy symbiosis daily and realize how important both of you are to us. Yet the key remains the commitment that you have to service and, most importantly, to the Light. This commitment is an easy one to make. You are physical Angels in service to a most sacred cause—the divine plan of the Creator. This Light service has now brought you to this most exquisite and truly holy place. Please hold the Light and do your most magnificent ritual. At this time, we would like to ask that you use the next three days—12 Muluc to 14 Batz (August 27 to August 29, 1997)—for a global meditation. We want this meditation to start at 7 PM Local Time and to continue for 21 minutes. Its purpose is to aid the Earth and, very importantly, to ask for Light to be given to those who have not given us their commitment to the Light. It is time to save Earth's humanity through a divine service. Look upon your action as a means to further prove your commitment to Light service. We are sincerely grateful for your great and wonderful service to us all.

This call for global service leads us to start to describe what is in store for you in the coming time. The first part of our actions will be to demonstrate that the great Earth moves are underway. Look for a rather dramatic series of these moves in the very near future. The time has not yet come for any specific announcement. However, the Galactic Federation will make these important announcements when we in the Spiritual Hierarchy so advise. The first phase of these proclamations will put many of you at great risk. Do not be afraid or even be in fear. Those of you who have committed to Love and to service in the Light are under divine protection. The rest of you have severe lessons to comprehend. Your coming divine knowledge will allow you to quickly rejoin your worldly sisters and brothers. In all cases, remember that this beloved Earth has a great destiny and that all actions are being done in the name of the Creator's Divine Love. The plan that is now to be disclosed is put together in both Love and in service to the Divine Plan.

As we have firmly stated, the Ascension, or rather, the restoration of Earth's precious ones, coincides with the graduation of your blessed world. Consequently, the planet will start to rumble as you complete your final stages of sacred renewal. The Galactic Federation has put sufficient ships in your solar system to safely evacuate and relocate you. Up till now, it was their firm belief that they would show themselves under only two conditions. First, they deeply hoped for the original scenario for the mass landings to be played out. Second, the Galactic Federation was fully prepared to do partial emergency evacuations, if necessary. These reasons were altered by the intransigence of many of your population, including, strangely enough, over 15 per cent of Earth's "star seeds". Dear blessed and precious ones, what we must now relate to you deeply saddens our hearts. Know that what you receive is often the result of a mass consciousness, for you are all one in service to the Supreme Creator. As such, you are always judged both separately and as a people by your Celestial Councils.

The plan has been greatly modified because the planet desires you to acknowledge her as your beloved Mother Earth and to acknowledge the presence of your galactic family. The first phase of this plan will use a series of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and severe wind storms. Those persons caught in the targeted areas must be evacuated immediately upon receipt of our blessed warnings. In a few selected cases, the special evacuation "action teams" of the Federation's mass landing fleet will be utilized. Their appearance will be accompanied by the use of Angels from the local Spiritual Hierarchy and by the use of special messages and of calming music. During this phase, we have asked the Galactic Federation to broadcast a special world-wide message that will tell your planet's most beloved population what is now happening to them. Dear Blessed Children of the Light, you shall be taught many astounding lessons and also learn of your spiritual power. Use it to help one another and to help your dearly beloved planet.

After the first phase is completed, you will all know three things. First, your planet is swiftly changing and your governments will be largely powerless to help. Second, you are not alone in your galaxy. You have a most motley crew of beings who are dedicated to helping you. Three, your commitment to Love and to service (being God's divine tools) are your saving grace. They are a blessing that is both acknowledged and applauded by all of the Spiritual Hierarchy. The second phase requires that a modified version of the original mass landing scenario be applied. In both phases, the Earth's "star seeds" will be used to aid their fellows in distress. Be prepared to be used in regions where you reside. Also realize, beloved ones, that you are a part of many evacuation "action teams". You will be teleported up and trained as needed. Above all, please understand that we have canvassed each and every one of you. From this action, we have divided each of you into those ones in grace and those ones who still have some vital lessons to learn.

The second phase of the mass landings will now be done in complete foreknowledge of your world. Those "star seeds" that have not yet been transmuted will be so transformed. By then, your surface governments will have been forced to formally acknowledge allegiance to the Spiritual Hierarchy and to disband. Their acts and scenes in the cosmic drama will have come to an end. Your planet will simultaneously become a member in the great galactic union of Light called the Galactic Federation. Your many, many millennia of quarantine will be over. Those cities and other settlements on the surface of planet Earth will be gone in less than two weeks from the start of phase two. As you can see, the Angelic Realms have planned this action well. You have given us the fork in the road that must now be taken. All of you are our precious children. We have permitted you to react to our initial plans and to determine how they would be played out. Now you have made your choice. We will respond with a divine action. This divine action is now underway and you will feel its loving sting shortly.

The Ascension is the main reason for all that is now happening to you. Be aware that you have a most important lesson to learn. This lesson concerns compassion and grace. As you return to full consciousness in whatever manner you opt for, please be aware of the use of divine grace. Your restoration is allowed to happen in the way so chosen by your actions. Normally, your soul contract would have been executed more severely, since important soul lessons had to be learned by those who were largely unprepared for them. However, divine grace permitted the Spiritual Hierarchy to execute these lessons in a more loving atmosphere. Yet many of you have abused these wonderful gifts of the Creator. You have used the grace given to you either to turn upon each other or else to ignore your brethren.

Please be more compassionate and be in service to humanity. Remember, you are all one and when you abuse another, you are really just abusing yourself. Dear precious children, please use this little remaining time to practice compassion for each other and to give the Creator blessings for the extension of this divine grace, for it now governs all aspects of your Ascension process. Realize that we in the Spiritual Hierarchy sincerely love and serve you. We look forward to completing this most divine intervention of your world. When we are reunited in your new reality, you will have a new role to play in your ever-continuing evolution of consciousness. Use every divine second to honor your Creator and to be in service to the Light. Realize the importance of what you are now doing here. The grace extended to you will forever enlighten your heart and bring everlasting comfort to your soul.

Now dear children, we must close this missive. Use the knowledge given to you to grow and to be in even greater service to your Creator. We in the Spiritual Hierarchy have had a strong dedication to the unfolding of this Creation. You are now in the midst of activities that will permit this Creation to be evolved just as the divine plan so directs. As the time swiftly approaches for the Galactic Federation to arrive upon your shores, use this moment to acknowledge their great Love, as well as their divine service to you. Understand that your reality has to change and that what is happening will occur due to those actions that you have pre-selected. Your fate and your development as a being and as a people, have now been spiritually chosen. As it reveals itself to you, remember that your world and you, yourselves, are destined for great events. We leave you now with much blessings of our love, our highest Joy, and our sincere desire for your most abundant Prosperity! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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