Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
August 2, 1997 (13 Kan, 7 Pop, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come to you at this time with a vital message of love and of light. Right now, your beloved planet Earth is in the final throes of its birthing process. The Spiritual Hierarchies of all Creation have come to lovingly assist Mother Earth successfully through this most divine transformation. You, dear beloved ones, are also in the midst of a great transition into full consciousness. This prophesied moment is one that is about to permit both your planet and its solar system to assume their proper place of honor in the Milky Way Galaxy. You sit on the very edge of a vast new reality that is now swiftly forming around you. As a final prelude to these incredible alterations, we have come to advise Earth's humanity on these most profound Earth changes. What you will shortly be privy to can be seen as a miracle of God and also as the fulfillment of a very sacred celestial prophecy. All in all, you are about to be cast into a reality of which most of you have no knowledge and for which most of you are not yet fully prepared. This extraordinary paradox has caused us to now come to you on this day and to give you a greater knowledge of what is truly about to occur.

At present, the Earth sits in the midst of huge inter-dimensional fields of light and time. This envelope can be roughly compared to the womb of a human female. These vast energy fields are now in the midst of great contractions and of immense vibrations. What they are doing is transforming the subtle energy fields of your beloved planet. As these processes increase in scope, your planet will be slowly moved into a new space/time envelope. This movement is at first slow and gentle and then suddenly becomes rapid and very irregular. The first sign that you are at the limit of the slow and gentle stage is the asymmetric movement of the planet's magnetic field. This change can be looked upon as the ending of the first contraction cycle of the human birth process. Your planet has now passed through this initial stage and is beginning the second and more traumatic one. It is at this stage that your planet must be carefully monitored and its population prepared for all possible eventualities.

In accordance with our deep compassion for you, the local Councils of the Spiritual Hierarchy asked the Galactic Federation to come and to assist us in this most sacred procedure. Presently, we have moved about sixteen per cent of Earth's blessed human population into a position of being barely awakened to this situation. While we are proud of our actions, the celestial prophecies demand that a much swifter form of action now be employed. Your planet and its solar system have reached a point where a special wave of "Spiritual Light" must pass through it. This great Light will complete your transformation, as well as that of your planet. The Light will not be detected by your present scientific instruments. All that you will see are the results. These results will be the portents of the coming of a new Earth. It will also signal that your present realities are about to draw to a most timely close.

Your planet is now preparing itself for this procedure in a number of ways. First, it is cleansing its atmosphere and its surface for the great transformation. This action can be seen in the unusual weather that now blankets your globe, as well as the warm "el nino" effect that now envelopes your oceans. Second, Mother Earth is increasing the number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions upon its surface. These activities are preparing the planet's tectonic plates for their movement into new positions, as well as establishing a new cycle for their movement. The beloved Spiritual Hierarchies of your planet are preparing their sacred charge for a new "look". When the moment arises, all the continents, in the twinkling of an eye, will have changed both in shape and in size. The planet's oceans will be filled with vast "new" land masses. Your polar ice caps will be gone. All will be done according to celestial prophecy. Yet we, dear beloved ones, have a great destiny in store for you.

You are about to be surrounded by miracles that will set the stage for your rebirth as a people. You have come to this world that you call Earth to be great masters of the physical dimensions. This mastery will begin with your own transformation. This transformation will act as a watershed for your civilization. It will bring you into contact with your family. This family covers many planets and star systems. Their arrival is a sign to you of two things—you are not alone and you are now living on a transforming planet. The first miracles will involve the rapid alteration of small regions of your planet. There will also be more physical visitations by the Angels. You will sense that your world is changing. You will also sense great changes in you, yourselves. Use this time to reflect on what is about to happen. Use this time to also prepare yourself and others for what is occurring around you. The planet is about to shift into a new reality, while you are about to end your belief in your exclusiveness.

So let us now look at the overall picture of what is presently happening. Your beloved planet is now starting its second stage of transformation. This fact means that you are about to see irregular movements. Thesemovements will initially take the shape of unusual weather mixed with regional Earth changes. These changes will be minute, but nevertheless, they will be amazing. You will see the incidents of earthquakes and volcanism rapidly increase. These changes are not dramatic enough to be easily noticed. However, they are a sign that something very dramatic is just around the corner. The more dramatic incident will come suddenly and will be foreordained by yet another even more dramatic event—contact by your space family. The Galactic Federation is committed to making contact with the people of planet Earth before a great cataclysm descends upon her people.

The mass landing scenario has been modified by the joint command, in association with the Spiritual Hierarchies of this galaxy. It will be accomplished by a reliance upon the Spiritual Hierarchy to signal when the mass landing process shall begin and by a deep desire to end the prolonged quarantine of your world. First, we need to poll all members of your planet's population. This procedure is necessary to confirm the scenario put forth by the divine plan. The Time Lords have insisted that the divine plan be set and be set by such activities. This polling will happen on higher consciousness levels, as occurs in meditation and dream states, so you may not be fully aware of this activity. Next, the planetary divas have to set the biosphere for its transition. The natural denizens of your renewed planet will behave very differently from those plants and animals that you now know. Finally, we have to synchronize the changes of your planet to the first contact scenario of the Galactic Federation. These phenomena and many others too complex to mention have given us the exact divine date. This divine time has now been set by us and the movements necessary to prepare for this event are now underway.

Your planet sits ready to drastically change. This change comes because we are now ready to usher in a new galactic age. Your planet and its most blessed people are the fulcrum of this change. The position that you have been given requires that a great deal of responsibility be thrust upon you. Please remember that you are physical Angels. Please remember the extent of the mastery that you each have within you. You are a most motley crew that we have set upon your beloved Mother Earth. She deeply loves all of you. Yet you must never forget that you are here to perform a most extraordinary task. This mission needs your full attention once it formally begins. There will be no turning back, nor any excuses permitted. Any of you who do so will immediately be eliminated from the Earth's population by the Celestial Hierarchy. You will be sent to a special place in the Pleiades star systems for another chance to re-acquaint yourself in a most gentle and loving way with your mission. Those beings who do return will be welcomed with open arms. Remember, you are here under a very demanding soul contract. We will expect you to completely fulfill your contract.

The time has now come for us to end this special message to you. Remember, you are here in love and joy to bring a new reality to your planet. The time that you presently live in is now one of great transformations. You are now on the verge of a most exhilarating ride. This "ride" will end your reality and plunge you into unexpected circumstances. So please be prepared for all possible outcomes. It is a time for unusual happenings to occur. It is also a time for celestial prophecy to unfold and hence, it is a time for magic. Be aware of these series of circumstances. Also be aware that all things will happen in irregular spurts. The time frame that governs these events is not linear in nature, nor is it within the boundaries of your limited logic. Rather, it is an element that is governed by the divine and set in a pattern that your limited mind cannot easily define. We now take our leave with much blessings to you of Love, Joy and boundless Prosperity! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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