Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
July 29, 1997 (9 Ahau, 3 Pop, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come before you now with a very interesting report. This message will include new information on the mass landings, on Earth changes and on your continuing Ascension process. Before we commence our report, we would like to briefly talk to you about spiritual energy and its relationship to ritual. Ritual, as we previously stated, is a vital aspect of our life-style. It is also a means to aid this physical reality in its daily changes. You are here to learn about this present reality, but also to pave the way for a new reality. The bridge between these two worlds is some form of ritual. What we shall ask you to do is to review the past messages on ritual. Look at what it now means to you. Start a journal that describes your feelings on the matter and what you are now learning. Next, be consistent in keeping a regular schedule once you begin your ritual practice. Ask your guides to inform you of your progress either in your sleep through your dreams, or during your daily meditations. At all times, please be open to what may occur. Importantly, know and understand that many of the results of these initial rituals will be quite subtle in nature.

Spiritual energy is manifested and then transformed in the physical world by ritual. Ritual can be the work of one sentient being or of many. However, it has one major purpose: to enhance the physical reality in which we exist. It is effected by the nature of time, space and motion. When we previously explained the nature of reality, we noted how time and light interact to produce all things. In this particular reality, a determined motion vector will induce how this outcome is to be obtained. In our particular case, this determined motion vector is created by ritual. Ritual is a series of specially well-placed "thoughts". These special "thoughts" set up the unique inter-dimensional motion vectors along which any inter-dimensional energy can either be manifested (brought into this reality) or transformed (become a desired or more useful form). This procedure allows ritual to be capable of setting up an environment in which a certain desired outcome can be realized.

Ritual can become the means to achieve a certain desired objective. It is very powerful and often does its assigned task in most unusual ways. Most importantly in your present reality, ritual acts in ways that are quite subtle and almost profound in their consummation. You have to realize that the energy thresholds between the higher dimensions are very minute. Hence, it is necessary to learn how to use ritual like a precision instrument. Each ritual has a specific purpose and is only used to achieve a desired outcome. As you start on your new work in ritual, please realize that you are now being kept in a very limited reality. Ritual has a much more profound manifestation capability in higher dimensions than it now does in your own. Consequently, ritual will appear to be virtually ineffective. However, it is very profoundly affecting your entire universe. So please be prepared for this very subtle outcome. Do not be initially discouraged by what you may learn. Rather, please understand that the overall results will eventually filter down to you. So please remain patient and please understand the temperament of your present ritual.

Ritual is also the means to order the transformation of a reality. This aspect is accomplished by the use of properly placed group ceremonies. These ceremonies are what we have been asking you to perform over the last several galactic months. By doing these ceremonies with us, you have been able to set the stage for your new inter-dimensional reality. At present, the third and fourth dimensions in your sector are virtually non- distinguishable from each other. The energy patterns are now beginning to freely interact with each other. The result has been a vast series of highly unusual phenomena around your planet. Your scientists have been avidly observing them for the past few months. These actions include anomalies in your planet's magnetosphere, strange movements of stars, and many unusual gravitational conditions. These actions are due to the rising interaction of the two dimensions.

Remember, it is very highly unusual for such phenomena to naturally occur. As a residual benefit, our Galactic Federation scientists have been most interested in what has been occurring here. Your regular time and light processes have recently become highly skewed. Furthermore, you have built up a most elastic series of inter-dimensional flux zones. These regions that demarcate one dimension from another are usually governed by a very limited series of interaction procedures. Now this zone between the third and fourth dimensions has become a nearly invisible interloper. Accordingly, it has caused the inter-dimensional energy flow to become much more erratic. This fact has caused time to flow in very random patterns. Light has also been subjected to weird behavior. In short, you have become a very interesting laboratory for our scientists. It is one in which many of the universal laws that we have not yet seen in operation can now be very easily observed.

The mass landings on your planet are being readied for deployment at the right divine time. Right now, we have completed the integration of the mass evacuation fleets with the Federation fleets already in position. These vital tasks have filled our recent days with much activity. In addition, your surface governments have recently permitted us to test some of our suppression technology by constantly firing on our defense forces. These childish acts have confirmed that when we are finally ready to act, the operation will go smoothly and without any bona fide opposition. The major governments of your world have been trying once again to alter the new space/time grids around your world. This heinous action proved that they are determined to oppose our visit at all costs. As usual, it did not succeed. Just know, dear ones, that we are coming, but only when the most divine ones so order. That time is indeed drawing close. However, please do not concern yourself with a specific date. Just do your work, dear brothers and sisters, and all will happen as the divine plan so desires.

Your Ascension process continues along at a most remarkable pace. We have been informed by your local Spiritual Hierarchy that the number of your entire population that has been awakened now stands at fourteen and one-half per cent. While this is still a very small number, it gives us great joy. It means that your population is now becoming more amenable to searching for and to exploring spiritual avenues. This fact also means that the level of fear of our coming has been somewhat ameliorated. However, we still fully understand the immensity of feelings that our coming represents to your psyche. This one fact alone has greatly tempered our overall planning at the beginning of this most complex operation. Even though you are a group of very remarkable beings, you, as a group, are still filled with both a great deal of fear and an enormous dread over any new and/or unknown situation. So please know that we just come to aid you, filled with love and light in your amazing transformations and in the creating of your new realities.

Your planet is also near the time for its many changes. In this regard, we would like to clarify a few critical points. First, Mother Earth is very worried about you. Please do not be foolish in your choices when important environmental decisions confront you. Mother Earth must start the cleansing process as soon as is possible. In fact, she has already started this most complicated set of procedures. She wants you to know that you must not resist her actions too forcefully because all such action will eventually be futile. Second, please know that the Galactic Federation and its many forces will interact with you on these matters when and if it is appropriate. We have completed the setting up of our mass disaster teams and will turn them loose when the divine ones so permit. Third, the Galactic Federation has set aside sufficient housing and other needed facilities to be used to assist your planet's population. We stand ready to assist you as divinely needed.

The time has once again come for us to take our leave of you. As we do so, please remember that all of Creation functions on divine time. Concentrate on your most important task—the preparation for your ascension into full consciousness. Your planet and your civilization are about to be transformed into new beings. You are now in the final stage of this transformation. The key word here is patience. This task is not easy in a world that is as illogical and chaotic as yours. Moreover, you have the daily distractions added by both your governments and your economic and social systems. Such an immense amount of dysfunction is a most formidable barrier to overcome. Yet you have within you the fortitude and the courage to overwhelm these tests of your most incredible will. With these thoughts in mind, we now take our leave with much blessings of Love, Joy, and abundant Prosperity. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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