Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
July 19, 1997 (5 Oc, 18 Cumhu, 5 Eb)

Greetings! We now come before you with some interesting information. This data will encompass the coming mass landing, the Earth's Ascension process and your own, as well as Earth changes. However, before we begin our brief dissertation, we would like to offer some comments on today's meditative exercise. First, we would wish to personally thank each and every one of you for your participation in today's exercise. You have helped to set the energies needed by the Angelics to prepare this planet for first contact. All now sits in divine readiness for this most blessed event. Second, we would desire at this time to propose that the same meditation be done daily until we arrive on your soil. Hence, please reassemble at the same time each day (7:00 p.m. GMT or 12:00 Noon, Pacific Daylight Time) The Angelic Hierarchy will again be present to direct the meditative energies to where they are needed. Finally, please note that you are on the verge of a great change in your reality. In the time remaining, we would like to give some useful information on what is about to happen to you.

In the last series of communiqués, we talked about the holistic nature of Creation. We also very briefly alluded to the interaction of time and light. All of this previous information was bestowed on you so that you could obtain some parameters for what is about to happen. What we would now like to do is to discuss these elements in a slightly different way—namely, how they will most effect you. To start with, you now possess a full series of the RNA/DNA base pair groupings needed for full consciousness. When these particular structures are fully repaired by "light integration", you will be able to access your full memory patterns. This process will also give you access to your full space/time aural energy field. Every sentient being on your planet has such a field. You will now be able to "tap" into it. You will also be fully connected into your light essence or "soul embodiment". These actions will permit you to act as a fully knowledgeable planetary transducer.

You will have comprehensive control of physical reality in your sector. This operation also means that you can transform yourself. In addition, you will have a complete connection to the spiritual. Essentially, it will appear that you have died, been resurrected and been physically transformed. Your ego, as well as your desires, will be vastly different. The world will take on a totally new meaning. It will no longer be a place of limits, but of miracles. You will be able to become a part of the natural "flow" of Creation. What this means is that you are now a fully connected sovereign being. You will feel how these connections to reality are made and most of all, you will sense what these connections mean to your life-stream. You will no longer be, or even feel, "alone". You will constantly "experience" the love of the Creator, the Spiritual Hierarchy, and your fellow sentient beings. It is this sense of connection that is the key to full consciousness. All fully conscious beings are completely aware of their relationship to the higher dimensions of physical and spiritual reality.

Full consciousness is a process whereby the physical is connected to the spiritual. This procedure enables you to perceive yourself in ways you presently cannot. The closest to your presently known happenings is the so-called "near-death" experience. Here, for a brief instance, you are subjected to a sense of full consciousness. The veils of your limited existence briefly drop. You are vastly "expanded" in your senses and allowed to encounter an interaction between the physical and the spiritual. Now as we stated, see this occurrence as a permanent condition. Also, see yourself being enlarged in many other areas as well. The most important one is the time/space continuum. Remember that you are a being that can alter your appearance and "warp" time. This distortion of time is performed in accordance to specific universal laws overseen by the Time Lords. This operation allows you to constantly recreate yourself. Creation is an evolutionary process that is controlled by a series of specific characteristic called "ordered randomness".

"Ordered Randomness" is the true nature of reality. All "physical Angels" understand this basic universal operation. Creation works seemingly in sudden bursts of activity followed by irregular periods of "rest". In actuality, this limited logic does not apply. The universe operates on a non-sequential ordering of time. Each seeming "rest" period is filled with enormous amounts of uniquely connected activity. When this activity reaches a "critical mass", the major evolutionary activity quickly begins. This evolutionary activity unleashes forces that change reality by transmuting both light and time. The transducers, or catalysts, in these activities are you, yourselves. Each one of us is essential to this transmuting of reality. The element that we use is unconditional love and its corollary—compassion. These elements permit you to interact with the forces of Creation. They are the means that will transform you completely. You will never be the same person that you were before this astonishing process happened to you.

The Galactic Federation mass landing fleet is now entering the final part of its pre-landing procedures. The fleet has formally noticed that the various aspects of the military forces of your world have, in the last few days, changed some of their tactics towards our ships. In most cases, they have stepped up their activities and been met with a proper response to their inappropriate actions. However, in a very few cases, they have become less belligerent. This action has been more pronounced in some parts of Europe and especially in Africa and Asia. We are happy that this reaction is slowly growing throughout your planet. Nonetheless, we are saddened by the fact that the major military forces of your planet are still bellicose and opposed to our arrival. Therefore, we have been swiftly moving most of the more important elements of our forward defense forces to these special "star gates". These "star gates" will now allow us full suppression of all of their miscreant plans at the pre-selected times in our final count-down operation.

The local Spiritual Hierarchy is continuing to move forward on two vital fronts. First, they continue to increase the number of your population that is now "awakening" to the light. At their last count on 4 Muluc, 17 Cumhu, 5 Eb (July 18, 1997), this number has increased to nearly 7.5 per cent of your population. This action has also helped to increase the number of "star seeds" that are being "awakened". Already, there are about 11 per cent of all "star seeds" that are conscious of the change that has been instituted by the most divine ones. This activity still leaves a vast majority of your population unaware of what is occurring. We have provided for this factor in our plans for the mass landing on your planet. Second, the local Spiritual Hierarchy has been aiding us in preparing your planet for its great transformation. You are now in a period of great quiet before the coming storm. We are determined to prevent any cataclysms by landing before these pre-determined surface anomalies can happen.

In regard to Earth changes, let us fill you in on what could possibly happen. Right now, your beloved planet is prepared to move into full consciousness. Its Schuman Resonance cycle now sits at 12.9978. The veil between the third and fourth dimensions is only less than a micron in thickness. Not much time is left for Earth's graduation. When your beloved Mother Earth graduates, it will arouse its many tectonic plates with one immense movement. Continents will be transformed in the twinkling of an eye. The "lost continents" of Atlantis and Lemuria will be raised from the oceans. The atmosphere will be instantly set for the return of the twin firmament levels. In short, your beloved planet will be drastically transformed. This time, as the various indicators now state, is drawing very near. Accordingly, we have drawn up complex plans for the mass evacuations of those areas that will be severely effected by these changes. As a part of the mass landings, we will help your population by preparing both permanent holographic environments beneath your planet's surface, as well as temporary ones in our many mother ships. In all cases, we will aim to preserve life on your planet and to ease your transformation into your new reality.

It is now the time to end our brief message to you. As we leave you now, know that we are preparing to arrive shortly on your shores. Please use this final time to practice your rituals and to do your meditative exercises. We greatly appreciate the immense predicament that you are now in. It has not been easy for you to live in your world. You have had to deal with the completely obstreperous governments and ungrateful society that daily surround you. We in the Galactic Federation acknowledge your great courage and applaud your phenomenal resolve. We are very grateful for your most wondrous activities that you have accomplished on our behalf. These marvelous activities have made the great party that we have planned for you into an even more joyous occurrence than ever before imagined. We salute you and bring you knowledge that the time of our arrival is not very far away. You are a most incredible group of sentient beings. We now take our leave of you with much blessings of Love, Joy and Prosperity. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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