Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
July 8, 1997 (1 Cauac, 7 Cumhu, 5 Eb)

Greetings! We come before you today with some very delightful data. This data will include information on the mass landings, your Ascension process and Earth Changes. However, before we talk about these matters, we would like to convey some rather interesting news. Right now, we are in the midst of a final procedure with the US Government. This procedure will allow us some additional leeway on how the mass landings are perceived by your planet's mass public. This procedure will be completed by 4 Ik, 10 Cumhu, 5 Eb (July 11, 1997). When the divine time arrives after this exchange is completed, a mass landing by the Galactic Federation will commence. Because of this very delicate and unusual situation, we cannot comment on what is now happening until after 7 Chicchan, 13 Cumhu, 5 Eb (July 14, 1997). Besides this operation, the local Angelic Hierarchy is engaged in a very important procedure.

On this present date, the Angelic Hierarchy is bringing in the final energies for your planet's Ascension. These magnificent energies will initially cause some unusual cloud formations, as well as other special atmospheric effects. In addition, the barrier or "veil" that exists between the third and fourth dimensions has now virtually disappeared. The local Council of Elohim has, in essence, established a dime-thin flux wall between these two dimensions. Their primary purpose is to more easily allow these great spiritual energies to spread fully into your solar system. This final process will be in effect until 10 Lamat, 16 Cumhu, 5 Eb (July 17, 1997). It will in no way induce a change in the divine timing of the mass landings. The purpose of this process is just simply to stabilize the Earth and prepare it for its transition into a fully conscious planet. These procedures are being done as part of a much larger transaction.

One of the things that has been done by the Time Lords and the Elohim is to close off all time lines except the one that we are presently following. This time line ensures both the success of the mass landings and the creation of a long golden era of peace for your planet. This coming golden era will see your solar system as a significant member of the Galactic Federation. Moreover, you will become a major conference center for the new Intergalactic Union. This bright future is now locked into your present reality. No amount of tampering with it will be permitted by those in charge of your time line. In the past two weeks, various nefarious secret government groups have attempted such interference. Their projects have been shut down due to certain incidents fashioned by the Elohim and the Galactic Federation. These outcomes have momentarily convinced certain parties that their opposition to these divine landings is totally frivolous. Moreover, some type of cooperation has now become very desirable for them as an option in their planning.

This scenario leads us to the fact that the Galactic Federation and its various Liaison Teams have been able to establish the essential elements for a swift governmental transition once the mass landings have begun. Our primary purpose has always been to accomplish this most divine intervention in as easy a vein as is possible. Moreover, it has been our deepest desire that our operation be conducted with a minimum of panic from the general public. Therefore, we have now created the instrument for just such an outcome. The Local Angelic Hierarchy has linked the various Guardian Angel Councils on your planet into a very special network. This network includes the local Spiritual Hierarchy, as well as the Galactic Spiritual Hierarchy. These Spiritual Hierarchies are linked into a special spiritual temporal energy arch. This divine time arch will allow Galactic Federation Counselors to defuse potential panic situations as they develop. A special training program for Earth's "star seeds" will be presented on this subject during their training period just before the mass landings.

So, as you can see, we are near the magical moment for a most miraculous event. The Galactic Federation has been instructed by the most DIVINE WILL to visit you at the right divine time. This massive operation can be accomplished more easily if you continue to hold the energy for this most sacred mass landing process. It is now time for you to exercise your ability to conduct successful ritual. This ritual will act as a preliminary transition into your new and true occupations. All that it takes is the will to do it, a daily time frame and a daily effort on your part. It does not require elaborate or painstaking ceremony. Just simply use candles, crystals, prayers, meditation and/or dance. What is required is simply some form of daily commitment. This activity can be conducted alone, or in large or small groups. We just ask that you make this simple commitment to do it. Then please establish your ceremony or ritual and stick to this procedure until we arrive. As we have just said, this time is not in the distant future, but it is now very close to becoming a reality.

The mass landing fleet is still in its final stand-by alert. The fleet is presently conducting a number of special operations. These operations can be divided into four major segments. The first part concerns the continued observation and suppression of all so-called exotic weaponry. As stated in previous reports, these daily sorties have been tripled in the past few weeks. Moreover, they have begun to have an effect on those Earth military personnel daily involved in these procedures. Many pilots and base support personnel have expressed a deep desire to be teleported to our Mother ships. In many cases, we have complied with their wishes.

The second part is the use of our counseling personnel to aid the Angelic program for the Ascension. This complex operation has likewise been expanded in the past few weeks. It has helped our key personnel to maintain their "hands on" responsibilities before the actual mass landing commences. It has also helped us to re-evaluate how special "action teams" will in fact operate. Further, this process has been able to speed up the "enlightening" of a great deal of your general population.

A third segment has been the actual interface of key administrative counseling personnel with typical Earth humans. This procedure was first instituted some ten days ago. Its principal purpose is to allow key counseling personnel to get actual reactions to their sudden appearance on Earth. This unique process has been yielding some valuable input to our detailed plans for interacting with Earth's human population. It has also caused us to revise some of our training scenarios for Earth's "star seeds". The final segment has been the use of a major liaison team to initiate an interfacing liaison procedure with Earth's governments. This very sensitive process has, from its beginnings, been a mixed bag at best. More on this key aspect later, if possible, before the mass landings.

Finally, let us discuss Your Ascension and the various coming Earth Changes. The Angelic program is now a two-pronged operation. First, there is the matter of "enlightening" and awakening as many Earth humans as is possible. This procedure is now beginning to gain an incredible momentum. Your human population is becoming more awakened every day. Right now, we are at our desired critical mass of about 5% of Earth humans so "enlightened". We are greatly encouraged by the massive success of this project. The second part is the Earth's own Ascension process. Your sacred planet is on course for its rise to full consciousness. Our plan is to insert various monitoring instruments inside the Earth's crust by the early morning deadline in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) of 4 Ik, 10 Cumhu, 5 Eb (July 11, 1997). These intensive procedures will permit us to have planet Earth immediately ready for our many ships and their personnel. These special instruments can also halt various severe tectonic activities such as earthquakes, severe volcanic activity, and oceanic wind and water storms. Further, they will permit us to gently "flip" the Earth into full consciousness when so desired.

Once again, the time approaches for our departure. We would like to use these last moments to render some final words of wisdom. Remember that you are not alone in this great event. We are all part of a most exquisite team. You have volunteered for the hard partóliving in a very limiting three-dimensional society. Know that help is now on the way and that the present reality is about to very quickly disappear. There are some pleasant surprises that you will receive before this present reality has run its fated course. Regardless, please remain focused on your responsibilities. We know that they are, at times, very difficult to perform. Yet your great sacrifices will not go unrewarded. The Angelic Hierarchies and all of Heaven daily bless you for your great fortitude and strong demeanor. Just know that we will be among you on the divine date and this holy time draws near. We leave you with our blessings of Love, Joy, and Great Prosperity. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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