Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
June 7, 1997 (9 Lamat, 16 Pax, 5 Eb)

Greetings! We appear before you today with some more interesting information about galactic society. In addition, we will discuss the Spiritual Hierarchy, the mass landings, and your Ascension process. In our last update, we alluded to a different concept of nudity and sexuality on our worlds. In today's installment, we will extensively consider these points. Before we commence, however, we must establish a few preliminary parameters. Firstly, we would like to state that the concept of privacy is quite different in full consciousness. Secondly, in full consciousness, the physical body is much more changeable and can be transposed into many different body types as desired. Finally, the cultural mores in our various societies vary widely; the conventions of each star system may be quite different from its neighbors. These essential points should be recalled during the course of our report. So with these points safely out of the way, let us now begin.

Let us commence with the concept of privacy and then move on to nudity. We see privacy only as a mental construct. We view our star ships in a more communal perspective. Each person is allowed to have his own living quarters, as well as to possess some personal property (usually of some sentimental value). However, for the most part, we see only creative mental thoughts as of any value. The only example on your planet which can serve to illustrate this is your so-called primitive tribal societies. Many of them do not possess a concept of privacy as you do in your more technically advanced societies. Our particular notion of privacy is more closely akin to these Earthly tribal societies. This fact leads us to a brief account of full consciousness etiquette. Here, one's thoughts may be somewhat guarded by the mind. The degree of this mental shielding is based on the social mores of a particular galactic society. For example, the Andromedans and the Pleiadeans are more restrictive, while the Lyrans and the Sirians tend to be less so.

This same concept also applies to our view of nudity. For the most part, all human galactic societies have a very open concept of nudity. The physical body is seen as a temple whose beauty should be openly displayed. The only differences occur in cases of so-called "star ship decorum". The more restrictive galactic societies believe that life in the fleet requires Galactic Federation uniforms The less restrictive societies believe that home planet traditional dress (diaphanous apparel), or no dress at all, are at times appropriate. This different set of values has occasionally led to some quarrels. Hence, the general rule is that if a star ship is comprised of personnel from one star system or star league, then their rules will apply. Star fleet uniforms will be the standard for mixed crews. This concept has permitted us to resolve any personnel disputes over ship nudity. In your case, we are sure that you will eventually lean one way or the other on this issue.

In the case of sexuality, there is really just one major viewpoint. This idea involves the Law of the One, the Two, the Three, and the Four. These Laws, as you should already know, are the foundation of all galactic human societies. Let us now use a part of the Law of the Two to examine our notion of human sexuality. To begin with, sexuality has two major intertwined purposes. First, it is a most sacred way to procreate the human species. Second, it is a way to explore and to grow in a most pleasurable and quite exciting way. All fully conscious human females are not subject to monthly menstruation cycles or to any restricted concepts about their sexuality. Indeed, one of the major subjects taught to all fully conscious children is sexuality. Because it is such a powerful growth tool, it is discouraged by their parents and counselors until the individual is mature enough to handle its ramifications. In our societies, this sexual maturity is not usually evident until the age of approximately 60 to 80 Earth years.

Our sexuality is usually tied into what is called one's "closeness". This person is the individual's sacred other half (more on this in another report if time permits). The "closeness" is the one who completes you and will permit you as a divine couple to use sexuality as an incredible tool for inner personal growth. Initially, there is some degree of sexual experimentation permitted before one's closeness is introduced to you. This introduction mostly occurs around the age of 90 to 120 years. The purpose of the experimentation is to allow one to see that sexuality is a sacred tool for one's growth. Yet it can be done with others as a way for sharing joy (orgasmic pleasure). This initial introduction to sexuality also permits one to understand various techniques and how it can be used as an extraordinary tool for growth and internal knowledge—for example, it gives access to the higher levels of the akashic records. This growth and knowledge is one of the keys to fully understanding yourself.

When you and your "closeness" are finally introduced, you begin a period of mutual exploration that will take you the rest of your particular lifetime to complete. Here, we must note that fully conscious humans are immortal. However, you will complete your life's mission in roughly the same time frame as your "closeness". Rarely is there an exception to this statement. The means by which this sexual exploration is achieved is by the use of a special series of traditional techniques. In your context, these techniques could be loosely described as "fully conscious tantra". What we will not do is to describe them to you at this time. Rather, it is important that you just know that they exist. See it as something that is now looming on your horizon. These techniques are a means to truly unite the two of you in a special way that will send both your souls to new heights. It will truly permit you to fully experience an important tool that will help you to discover your life's purposes.

The Galactic Federation's mass landing fleet is now going through several cycles of full stand-by, as well as periods of standing down for additional exercises. Since we are now cognizant of the various dates for the mass landings, we are currently taking a less intensive approach. The joint command staff issued new fleet-wide orders on 8 Manik, 15 Pax, 5 Eb (June 6, 1997). These orders stated that the fleet would not be put on full stand-by again until a particular mass landing date is reached. Further, these orders told the various fleet and wave commanders to continue their test exercises. Also, all fleet defense and science forces were to continue their monitoring of planet Earth and its numerous surface governments. These activities would keep them in full readiness for their appointed tasks. The mass landings now require that an immense number of preparatory actions be performed before the actual mass landings commence. Finally, the Galactic Federation fleet was informed that it is ready to accomplish its mission at the right divine time.

Planet Earth and its Spiritual Hierarchy are also being readied for their divine mission. Right now, the innumerable Angelic Realms are swiftly completing their final acknowledgments. As each acknowledgment is received, the appropriate level of the Spiritual Hierarchy is sending its most joyous energies towards planet Earth. These energies are being used to help calm your planet as it slows down and steadies its birthing process. A side effect has been an increase in a calming energy that is presently being sent by the Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy to all elements of the biosphere. In addition, because of this immense amount of spiritual energy, the planet's subtle fields are beginning to take on an additional glow. This very bright glow can be noticed by all ships of the Federation fleet, as well as any Earth-based manned space craft in near-Earth orbit. Indeed, the planet is no longer in distress, but is, in fact, in great joy over the fact that its transformation is now very near.

The Ascension process is also near completion. The Spiritual Hierarchy is now using all appropriate humans for its energy transducing. This procedure will be utilized until the time for the mass landing arrives. Since this time is fast approaching, this process will not be in operation for much longer. With the mandala now in full operation, the Earth's "star seeds" should start to feel better. Hence, please be aware that we must use you in other capacities in the fleet and elsewhere. Consequently, there will still be periods of sleepiness and of some minor discomfort. Our intention is to alleviate this condition. However, some of you who have not been in the main "action line" before may encounter some of the severe symptoms that your cohorts experienced previously. Please remain aware that the mass landings are quite near. There are just a few minor but complicated details left to complete.

The time has now come to take our leave of you. As we do so, we would like to give a few final words of wisdom. First, this procedure has indeed been a "long haul" for many of you. Please remain focused on the completion of your tasks. Second, please do not overly concentrate on any specific mass landing date. Even though it is close to happening, please remain in some ongoing state of joy. Be happy that you have done a most remarkable job. We continue to salute you for a mission that has been performed under the most adverse conditions possible. Finally, understand that this first contact mission is both highly complicated and most unique in the history of the Galactic Federation. We will leave you now with an immense amount of our blessings of Love, Joy, and Prosperity. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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