Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
May 24, 1997 (8 Ix, 2 Pax, 5 Eb)

Greetings! We come before you today with some exhilarating news. This information will concern the mass landings, the Earth changes, and your Ascension. Before we open our deliberations, we would like to explain a few things about this most incredible event. As we have constantly reiterated, the mass landings are slated to happen at the right divine time. This time is predicated on a right divine relationship with the Creator's divine plan. You may ask what this really means. It means that the planet and all its major elements are in a special divine relationship to one another. What it does not mean is that a massive number of people are needed to be divinely ready for the mass landings to occur. Rather, it is a series of extremely complicated factors that are holistically connected to each other. We would like to now give you some brief examples.

To start, let us look at the relationship between the Angelic Realms, your Planetary Hierarchy, the Time Lords and the Galactic Federation. When the divine plan was set for this sixth creation, a divine time frame was established for your planet. This time frame was a general one that was to be administered in this present reality by the local Time Lords. These celestial beings have given a specific number of time "windows" for a mass landing event to occur. Many of these special "time windows" have now been closed. However, many more still remain open. When the special time "windows" are opened by the Time Lords, it takes the special energies of the Angelic Realms and the Planetary Hierarchy to traverse them. This process also requires that a unique set of procedures be accomplished by the Galactic Federation. Here, the Galactic Federation acts as the surrogate for Earth's human population. This arrangement is possible because we have been appointed to this position (temporarily) by your Planetary Hierarchy.

The purpose of the mass landings is to get your planet fully conscious. But, it is also a way to prove the validity of this aspect of the divine plan. The ways of the divine ones are not the same as those of limited consciousness beings. Therefore, this "dance of Heaven" probably seems to be both endless and confusing in its methods. Our task is to assist you by acting as a mediator for this entire very complex process. It requires a great deal of calculation, diplomacy and forthrightness. It is a task that we have undertaken before in previous first contact missions. The only major difference is the amount of commitment and involvement by a multitude of Heavenly Councils, Beings, and Administrators. The complications created by these infinite layers of celestial commissions would boggle your mind. Yet we have been able to successfully act as your mediator for this highly complicated project.

The point that we would like to stress is that all of the celestial groups deeply wish a mass landing to happen quite soon. However, certain points of clarity still have to be made with them. At the present time, we have completed most of this vital liaison work. The rest will be completed shortly. Our prime position has always been that it is a divine intervention. Consequently, most of the liaison work has already been concluded by many celestial councils. What is now needed is for this portion of the divine plan to be fully agreed upon. This reality should not hold up the mass landings indefinitely. Reasonably, it should permit us to set a definite timetable and be able to adhere to it. This key point has been agreed upon by the Spiritual Liaison Team for your temporary Governing Council. Indeed, the local Spiritual Hierarchies have supported this contention in all heavenly Councils. This assertion is now on the verge of becoming a universal edict.

In this regard, the mass landing fleet has been waiting for the final "go" code for the last few days. Once again, we are learning that the more truly important an event, the more complicated it is prone to be. The above events have considerably prolonged our present event window. The Galactic Federation wishes to complete this most noble task as soon as possible. On 5 Batz, 19 Muan, 5 Eb (May 21, 1997), the Galactic Federation requested that a special celestial committee quickly hear this problem out and make a decision as expeditiously as is divinely possible. This divine commission gave a preliminary answer to us through a most godly bolt of energy on 6 Eb, 0 Pax, 5 Eb (May 22, 1997). This prefatory notice left us feeling that our initial task would shortly be over. It is important that all of you remain patient. Our most formidable responsibility has been to utilize our mutual enormous energies to overcome vast obstacles. Now that we are finally at the gates of our desired reality, this is not the time to be overcome with despair, but to be overjoyed with a great sense of accomplishment.

Right now, the mass landing fleet is still in a condition of final stand-by alert. We are awaiting the final okay from the Spiritual Hierarchies to complete this first phase of our important mission. On 7 Ben, 1 Pax, 5 Eb (May 23, 1997), the mass landing fleet completed a 48-hour practice exercise that combined all aspects of the landing mission. This exercise showed that the fleet has adapted well to its new procedures. The new combined command staffs have proven their effectiveness. Additionally, the main Science and Exploration Liaison Board has come up with a series of new proposals for any possible alternative. Right now, the Agenda and Scheduling Committee is looking over these proposals. In the future, if necessary, we will discuss what these proposals imply. It is our sincere belief that the mass landings will happen quite shortly and in divine time. We are now fully ready to expedite this mission once the final "go ahead" is given.

On 6 Eb, 0 Pax, 5 Eb (May 22, 1997), the Planetary Hierarchy informed us that the present series of spiritual and physical adjustments had been completed. The main difficulty remaining concerns the need to prepare the planet for the "star seeds' " teleportation. This aspect of their final procedures should be finished by 10 Cib, 4 Pax, 5 Eb (May 26, 1997). This procedure would leave the planet able to remain stable for the four-hour period now required. After this process is completed, the Galactic Federation's scientists will conduct a final world-wide scan of Earth's human population. This scan will take approximately 36 hours to complete. After this procedure is concluded, the Agenda and Scheduling Committee can give the final "go" code if all other difficulties are resolved. It is our hope that this situation will indeed be the correct operable scenario. In any event, we will be among you in the right

divine time. Meanwhile your planet has been slowly increasing its ability to adjust to our stability procedures. This dilemma has caused our scientists to formally request that the Planetary Hierarchy intervene on our behalf. On 8 Ix, 2 Pax, 5 Eb (May 24, 1997), the Planetary Hierarchy, in association with the Local Council of Elohim, agreed to use their abilities to slow down the planet's transformation. This agreement included the proviso that the planet would not shift its energy points before the entire mass landing scenario was executed. In this way, we would be assured that no drastic alternative method would have to be deployed. One of our main concerns is that the present fleet would have to be quickly expanded to accomplish any alternative mission. Fortunately, those magnificent divine beings most closely associated with the Earth's transformation will make such a scenario highly unnecessary.

At this time, we would like to conclude this brief missive. We hope that you will remain patient with this most complex operation. It has not been an easy task to prepare and to execute this mission. After a very long period fraught with many obstacles, we appear to be approaching the next period of divine timing. This window of opportunity should lead us to a very successful ending of this stage of this most divine intervention. As this period approaches, remember that you are a divine being on a divine mission. All of Creation is gathering around you to both witness and be a part of this incredible experiment in consciousness. You are the product of this process. Be proud and yet be humble. Know that shortly you will experience the beginning of a whole new reality. To quote a very popular Lyran/Sirian proverb—Tra sha na (All things are a part of the divine). We now leave you with much blessings of Love, Joy, and Prosperity. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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