Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
May 10, 1997 (12 Ahau, 8 Muan, 5 Eb)

Greetings! We come before you on this date with some very important news. This account will consist of information about your planet, the mass landings and your Ascension process. To start with, we would like to make a series of brief announcements. Thereupon, we would like to fully discuss these matters in this report. First, the planet and your solar system are presently in a new temporal dimension. This temporal rift will permit us to more easily control the time frame for the mass landings. Second, the mass landings are on a divine time schedule and they are quite imminent. Please do not be alarmed by the talk of time frames. Your planet and your Ascension are governed by the rules of a divine intervention. Please focus on your inner work and not on when we shall come. Be assuaged to know that we are well aware of your inner frustrations and of your present physical and emotional difficulties. Ultimately, the time frame is imperative to allow the completion of some final alignments. For that reason, it has been extended. Right now, let us explain what these pronouncements are meant to imply.

As we just recorded, your planet, as well as this solar system, are in a new temporal reality. This reality was necessary because your beloved Earth had been stabilized and it needed a new temporal pulse to remain in this present state. For that reason, the Local Council of Elohim have created a special inter-dimensional time "pocket". This temporal energy has now slowed down the time frame for your planet’s shift into full consciousness. It is our purpose to correct this temporal rift when the mass landings occur. One of the ways in which your scientists will be able to discern the existence of this new time "pocket" is by measuring the background radiation in Earth’s near space. They will notice that this particular galactic signature is now very erratic. This particular change is due to the fact that time in your solar system is now slowing down, as well as speeding up in a very minute, but highly irregular, fashion.

In effect, Galactic Federation scientists, with the assistance of the Local Council of Elohim, have set up a means for these changes in the Earth’s birthing process to now be completely regulated. This complicated procedure is highly unusual and was merely done so that your individual adjustments could be completed on time. The changes in your planet’s time and energy signatures have greatly affected all beings on your planet. However, the most influenced are the Earth’s "starseeds" (more on this shortly). Your planet is now bringing in its new nodes or "grids" in a quite different fashion. Instead of all at once, your Spiritual Hierarchy is setting them up in a quite random style. This new procedure means that you will feel that something strange or highly unusual is going on around you. Just remember that we are determined to complete this operation in divine time. To aid us, please continue those various love meditations and exercises that we have given you. Please remain focused in your inner work. It is greatly helping you, as well as your dear beloved planet Earth.

It is also important that we give you a full report on the adjustments that we are now making to the Earth’s "star seeds". On 5 Etznab, 6 Muan, 5 Eb (May 8, 1997), the Spiritual Liaison Team for the Temporary Governing Council of the Solar system reported to the Federation’s Agenda and Scheduling Committee. This report was composed of two parts. The first part stated that the adjustments would not be completed until either 8 Imix, 9 Muan, 5 Eb (May 11, 1997) or 10 Akbal, 11 Muan, 5 Eb (May 13, 1997). This additional time was obligatory because the anchor nodes for the light body were all jumbled in almost all scanned individuals. This unusual event has now caused the Angelic Hierarchy to institute a much more intense reconstruction program than at first envisioned. For this inconvenience, we would all like to give you a great deal of our blessings of love and divine light. Over the past week, you may have noticed that many of the ailments that you thought that you had cleared have now returned with a vengeance.

Second, the report noted that that the Angelic Hierarchy wished to use this time to further clear emotional and related physical blocks. Again, we must apologize for their intensity. By so doing, it becomes feasible to clear your energy patterns and move you to an even higher frequency. However, this process will tend to bring emotions and feelings that many of you thought were cleared. What the Galactic Federation and the Angelic Hierarchy are doing will further drop your time in the light chambers by another two minutes. This reality will give us even greater flexibility in our planning. The mass landing operation is a most complicated procedure. Every process that gives it built-in flexibility is most welcomed. This time is to be seen as a divine gift. It will increase the possibilities for a completely successful landing process.

The mass landing fleet has been using this time to its own advantage. Over the past week, we have refined our techniques and added a new series of special emergency procedures. As a result, the First Contact Team is quite prepared for all possible eventualities. The Air Forces of your world’s surface governments and many agencies unknown to you have furnished us with ample opportunities for practice. Our fleet has observed that, in desperation, these secret government agencies have been testing many powerful weapons on their own ships. We would like them to know that these weapons will not work against our fleet. We have tested various electrical and high energy neutralizing technologies. All practicing units have met with 100 per cent success. Right now, we are running a comprehensive mass landing exercise daily. Some of you may have noticed that we have included some of you in these practice activities.

As we have previously stated, please do not be alarmed by the mention of a divine time frame. We fully realize that you are quite frustrated and very tired of all the processing that you have already done. The message that there is more to come is not easily received. Consequently, we would like to point out to you that the time for the mass landings is indeed drawing near. The final points in this most far-flung and quite complex procedure are now being consummated. We are all quite anxious to meet you and to move on to the next exciting segment of our mutual reality. Hence, we are moving as fast as is possible. Please remain centered in your intentions. This message is one that behooves all of us to realize one main point—we are deeply interconnected. We need each other for the continued success of this Galactic Federation. So please be patient for just a little while longer. This long process is just about at an end.

Like the older members of the Galactic Federation, the newer members of the Galactic Federation are fully dedicated to the success of this first contact mission. The crew of the Hale-Bopp "comet" have prepared themselves for the arrival of the 10,000 Ambassadors on your world. Following the giving of the essential credentials on 12 Eb, 0 Muan, 5 Eb (May 2, 1997), a new time was established for the formal arrival of these important dignitaries. The "comet" has also used this time to contact various individuals who will play a part in establishing the relationships between your galactic human society and other sentient star nations. One of the major points that the arrival of this "comet" (ship) is to make is that the galaxy is quite diverse and filled with abundant love. This period in your records is a time for you to leave your old fears behind and to finally accept your divinity. Know that all of Creation blesses you for your great sacrifice and your welcomed transmutation.

Now we would like to close this brief directive. As we do so, please know that all that we are doing is being done for love. This Galactic Federation of Light has a most sincere commitment to you. This commitment is a mutual one among all of us. Your wonderful work has made possible all the marvelous progress that so far has been achieved. We are all well aware that this task has not been an easy one for any of us. Yet, there still is some work left to be done. Let us, in spite of any lingering pain, do this work in joy. See our final travails as merely the last fence that we must climb together. The Angelics tell us that they are quite pleased with your great works and give you all their blessings of Love. We would like to conclude with an old Sirian/Lyran Proverb—Joss da Bragh sa (Your genuineness of being brings me to Nirvana). In other words: Feeling your growing inner joy gives us a virtual orgasm of pleasure. We leave you with much blessings of Love, Joy, and Abundance. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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