Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
April 26, 1997 (6 Cimi, 14 Kankin, 5 Eb)

Greetings! We come before you on this day to relay some vital information about the mass landings, your Ascension and changes in your solar system. However, before we start, we would like to say a few things about your planet. Presently, Gaia is completing its next set of in and out breaths. These breaths are energy exchanges between the Elohim, the Angelic Realms, and your planet's existing subtle bodies. This exchange is but a very temporary circumstance that is needed to keep her from prematurely birthing. Due to this predicament, a definite set time window has now been fixed by the Agenda and Scheduling Committee for the mass landings. In this regard, let us now initiate our brief discussion of the status of this operation.

On 4 Kan, 12 Kankin, 5 Eb (April 24, 1997), the Agenda and Scheduling Committee finally set the three landing dates for the Galactic Federation's mass landing fleet. These selected times were then given to the special Spiritual liaison team of the Solar system's temporary Governing Council. The Archangels in charge of this mass landing operation approved these dates on 5 Chicchan, 13 Kankin, 5 Eb (April 25, 1997). With these formal procedures behind us, the fleet's main commanders then issued the final orders on when to move from final standby status to a final countdown status. It is the Galactic Federation's operational policy that all fleet movements occur during a 12-hour countdown. In our particular case, this final countdown would commence exactly 12 hours before the first wave lands. With the mass landing fleet so informed, the pre-countdown maneuvers were immediately started.

These maneuvers consist of two types. The first type involves the fleet separating into its several essential elements. These elements comprise the crews and ships of the three primary waves, the military and associated components of the many suppression and flight rescue units, and those components primarily concerned with the massive resettlement project. These maneuvers take about three hours to perform properly. The order to do so was given on 6 Cimi, 14 Kankin, 5 Eb (April 26, 1997) at 0300 Hours GMT(Greenwich Mean Time). The mass landing fleet quickly complied with this order. We are now standing ready as of 0430 Hours GMT on the above date. We will begin the mass landing operation at the time now assigned for the final operational countdown. The next step was to begin those procedures that would put the Earth's star gates into their maximum ready position.

Here, we needed the final "go sign" to be given by the Local Elohim Council and the local solar system Time Lords. When the just-mentioned procedures were completed, we asked for permission for full use of the star gates and for the local solar system clock to be reset for the mass landings. The Local Elohim Council released the star gates to us at 0600 Hours GMT on 6 Cimi, 14 Kankin, 5 Eb (April 25, 1997). However, the Solar system Time Lords informed us that they still had to allow a special time wave to pass through your solar system. This special time wave would be used to calibrate the new time references needed for the mass landings, as well as the Earth's inter-dimensional reality shift. Consequently, the Time Lords stated that they could not give their permission for the mass landings for another 24 hours. Hence, it was agreed that this relinquishing of the old time references could not occur until 0800 Hours GMT on 7 Manik, 15 Kankin, 5 Eb (April 26, 1997). These new time references would be in place by 0900 Hours GMT of the above date. The mass landing fleet has been informed of these latest developments. We have now adjusted our times and dates to comply with these circumstances.

With these actions now in force, the Galactic Federation's mass landing fleet has decided to continue its extensive planetary surveying operations. These comprehensive activities will be kept in place until the second hour of the final countdown is reached. However, due to the fact that the fleet is now in its final operational formations, the immense scientific survey of your planet will be vastly curtailed. Instead, we shall accentuate the maintaining of our surveillance over those military and other related sites that must be suppressed before the mass landings can safely occur. It is our major concern that this extensive procedure come off without any unforeseen hitches. The present uncooperative mode of your surface governments acutely convinces us that we must never underestimate them. Nonetheless, their pertinacity will in no way delay the execution of this most vital task. We stand firmly committed to successfully carrying out this operation as soon as is divinely possible.

Your Ascension process is also in its final stage. Since we have had a slight delay in the mass landing procedure, we have asked the Angelic Realms to do us one final favor. At present, we have had to go through a very complicated process to prepare the "star seeds" for our transformation light chambers. To simplify our processing, we would like the sympathetic tones of each "star seed" to be slightly adjusted to the exact frequency range of our light chamber equipment. In this way, the transformation operation could be speeded up by some six minutes per person. This frequency change would give us more flexibility on when to teleport up each "star seed". The Angelic Realms have agreed to do this final "fine tuning" of Earth's "star seeds". This special adjustment will be completed by 0730 Hours GMT on 7 Manik, 15 Kankin, 5 Eb (April 27, 1997).

As we now near the dawning of your full consciousness, we would like to give you an idea of what you are about to encounter. Full consciousness is graciously lived in a multi-dimensional reality that encompasses what may be called "unconditional" or complete love. Love, or a caring and compassion for yourself and others, stands as the primary underpinning for true reality. This kind of love derives its presence from the Supreme Light of Creation. It is this Light of Creation that conceives us and also gives us a reason for life. Each new day gives you another way to discover the mysteries of existence as well as the incredible powers of love. Love and life intertwine to enhance your purpose for being. Moreover, each aspect of your reality interacts in distinct ways to sustain you in fully discerning the meaning of Love, Light, and your special reality.

As you encounter your wondrous inter-dimensional reality, you will notice that all of your senses are greatly enhanced. The many inner and outer senses that you now possess are the means by which you will ascertain any information that you require. This incoming information sets the boundaries of how your varied reality is focused. This focusing procedure can be broadened or narrowed by interaction with other levels of sentient beings. Please remember however, that in all cases you are a co-creator of this reality. Hence, the phenomena that surround you should be viewed as focal points for creating a suitable and viable reality. At all times, you must understand that Creation unfolds in two ways. First, it unfolds through right relationship of one aspect of Creation to another. Second, it unfolds by the right divine timing. This foundation of Creation must not be interpreted by you that all things are preset in Creation.

Rather, Creation needs a set foundation on which to construct reality. You must simply view it as the foundation for your house(reality). The innumerable stories of this house can be built in many possible ways. Any particular aspect of reality is co-created by you, yourself, the Angelic Realms, and the creators of space/time dimensionally (the Elohim and the Time Lords). It also has the interdiction of other sentient beings who chose on one level or another to interact with you. Here, the numerous possibilities of your reality are determined by a series of joint decisions. The basis of these joint decisions is the various Rules or Laws of Love. These energy patterns were formulated by the Supreme Light of Creation to govern the co-creating of reality. What you will be learning again is the nature of these Laws of Love. They are quite varied in both their formulation and in their execution.

Each Law is based upon a specific universal energy flow. These flows or "rivers" of Creation are bent back and forth by the way they are precisely applied by the various ambient factors that compose reality. This inter-active creative process is constantly in operation. It is now very hard for a limited consciousness being like yourself to fully comprehend this procedure. However, you must now perceive that this process occurs in a very loving and in a most profound way. During your full consciousness training, you will encounter the multitudinous ways in which this transaction occurs and how you even now affect its outcome on a daily basis. Because of that truth, you will come to realize that this procedure is strictly governed by some very specific parameters. The application of these various Laws are co-determined by you and all in reality that comprises you. Irrevocably, you are both the reason for the creation of reality, as well as the means by which it is actualized.

As we prepare for first contact with your planet, we are also preparing your solar system for the changes that it must go through. This operation has been put in the past few days under the direction of this solar system's Spiritual Hierarchy. On 4 Kan, 12 Kankin, 5 Eb (April 25, 1997), the Galactic Federation formally turned the process of altering the solar system into its prewar configuration over to this star system's Spiritual Hierarchy. This change has already moved the schedule ahead for this alteration by some two years. This accelerated time table was also dictated by the new time energy waves that have been scheduled by the Local Time Lords. The Solar system is now scheduled to be put through a complete time purge some 12 days after the mass landings are completed.

This time purge will accomplish two things. First, it will reset the planet's and the solar system's primary time line. Right now, your planet is mired in a number of entwined secondary time lines. Each of these secondary time lines represents alternative realities to the one that you are presently on. If they are not closed down soon, they could possibly interfere at a future date with the time line that you now are on. Each of these secondary time lines have been severely manipulated by your Earth's secret government. They each represent buried land mines that must be removed in order to safely allow your new galactic society to reach its fated destiny unharmed. A side effect of their removal will be the closing down of the space/time continuum that now surrounds you. This procedure also moves you out of any aspect of your present reality.

Second, as just noted, the time purge will put you into an entirely different dimensional reality. When you become a fully conscious planet, you enter a fully conscious reality. This statement means that you will no longer be in touch with the reality that now surrounds you. It must be surgically cut from you like a malignant tumor. Only then will you be able to be completely free of its malefic influence upon your reality. The Time Lords wish for you to realize that the unfortunate experiment that you are ending needed a special reality in which to exist. This existence was pitted with special energies designed to limit your reality. It was, and still is, a most dreadful part of this Creation. Now, your entrapment is just about over. When the Time Lords close it up and dissolve its time signatures, rejoice in the fact that you are on a new course. This course leads you towards the great union of all Creation. It is a most remarkable and quite exciting destiny that you have chosen for yourselves.

So the Solar system, as well as your planet, stand at a most important period in your history. You should realize that all the various segments of Creation are completely behind you in what you must now do. With so much of the divine energies supporting you, you cannot fail in this most monumental task. You are about to be thrust into a whole new time frame and hence, a new reality. We in the Galactic Federation are most anxious to join you in this great transformation in the reality not only of a planet, but of a whole galaxy. Our thanks to you for your immense sacrifice and for your countless forbearance. They cannot be easily measured.

Let us now close this brief missive. As we take leave of you again, we depart with much appreciation for your mission. All of you have volunteered for a most difficult chore. It has not been easy to do what you have done. Anon, we shall be with you. This immense task of yours is only at its merest beginnings. You have much to learn and much to do. Likewise, we have much to learn from you. We have a great deal of information that we must assimilate from each other. We in the Galactic Federation look forward to sharing our knowledge with each other. We now bid you adieu with much blessings of Love, Joy, and Abundance (prosperity). Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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