Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
April 12, 1997 (5 Eb, 0 Kankin, 5 Eb)

Greetings! We come before you today with some more data about the mass landings, your ascension process and some interesting developments in the Galactic Federation itself. Before we begin, we would like to very briefly discuss the second Love meditation exercise. It is our hope that you will participate with us in greater numbers than you did on our first meditation. Your initial efforts have been quite encouraging to all of us. Both the Spiritual Hierarchy and we, ourselves, have greatly used the newly emerging Love networks. These networks have allowed us to reset your space/time quadrants (planetary hologram) and to speed up the preparations that are needed for the mass landings. This fact now brings us to the subject of the next meditation exercise.

Our primary intent is to use this second exercise for inaugurating the final cleansing of one of your deepest inner fears your fear about the coming reality or consciousness shift. The wonderfulness of this particular fear is that it is very easily dissipated. What the exercise will accomplish is to help establish a world-wide network that can cleanse your consciousness of this most unwanted anxiety. Your vast system of fear networks, by promoting society’s disunity, debilitate the efficacy of the new coming reality. Moreover, they put you into potential reality states that promote mutual panic. It is this particular potential that greatly worries us. Therefore, these deep inner fears now have to be expunged from your consciousness. This process simply requires that enough of you get together at a set time to create an effective spiritual energy network. However, this exercise also has an important secondary effect.

By setting up those even more powerful Love networks, it makes it much easier for us to be among you. It also helps the Angelic Hierarchy to establish those energies that make it easier for them to participate. In effect, you will be helping us to create an environment that is more conducive for the existence of sentient beings of fairly high consciousness. It will also make you feel much lighter as the exercise is repeated again and again. We would ask you to repeat it often, either in groups or individually. This exercise should help us to form some very important energy networks that will be used to set the final landing grids. Our desire is to have these final landing grids fully in place by 8 Men, 3 Kankin, 5 Eb (April 16, 1997). So far, we are on schedule. What we now want from you is that you use your most wondrous energies. These meditation energies will finally help us complete the last stages of preparation needed before the landing operation can begin.

Let us now bring you up to speed on some of the various new procedures that will be used in the mass landings. In our last few messages, we have described some of our training processes. At this time, it is very important that we go over some of the procedures for the immediate vacating of your urban areas. Right now, we must get everyone out of some 30 cities world-wide in the first six hours after the mass landings and some 300 cities world-wide in the first eight days after our initial landing operations have concluded. To accomplish this feat, we will need your complete cooperation. First, we must amass those of you who will be in panic and put them into an environment more conducive to being calmed. Once this operation is completed, they will be returned to their families inside the appropriate holographic interiors. This procedure will only apply to the first wave of 30 cities. However, we will standardize the removal procedures.

It is important that these procedures be field tested. Hence, we previously stated that one of the first thirty cities would serve as the primary test site. Let us now review how this operation will be consummated. First, there has been a complete site plan made of the metropolitan region in question. This site plan has been replicated at the holographic interior site assigned to this region. These interior sites are fairly close to the former urban area’s location on the surface. Each location will duplicate the weather and day-night patterns that you are accustomed to. As noted previously, we will forego the large business-oriented skyscrapers found in most urban centers and substitute them with residences for those who are presently homeless.

Here, it is important to note that you can alter your own personal environment once you fully understand how to operate the environmental processors that will surround you. Hence, you will only need to take those items that are highly sentimental to you. We are currently doing an inventory on everyone’s sentimental items while you sleep. What you leave behind is not necessarily lost. Our computers have catalogued all items in your possession. Your processor units will be able to replicate any item, if later you desire them to do so. Please understand that you are about to undertake a journey of discovery into who you really are. Do not be afraid of this new reality. It is neither boring nor tedious. Rather, it will be quite exciting and exhilarating. Now let us return to the actual procedures.

When the special departure teams arrive, they will ask you to approve the lists of items to be taken to the new site. After your approval, they will pack these items for you in a few minutes. Then, the site director for the team will take you to the teleportation site. The actual procedure will take about two minutes. When it is completed, you will be in your new home in the holographic interior. At all times, you and your loved ones will be surrounded by both Angelic guides and Federation counselors. When you arrive at the home site, you will be met by special teams of technicians to instruct you on the use of your new home’s technologies. To reinforce their instructions, you will begin going to classes about these new devices. Also, there will be instruction on the coming full consciousness. These classes will use three resources our education devices, our Federation counselors, and specially prepared Earth “star seeds”.

These “classes” will permit you to both experience full consciousness and to become integrated into the use of our technologies. The class sites will be either special classrooms or your home environment. We expect that, as you become more adept at manipulating your new environment, you will begin to change it. Any reality is what you make of it. You are neither a slave nor a mere accessory in any environment. You are a co-creative being. Make use of this ability when appropriate. One of the things that you have to learn is the flow between the elements that make up reality. These elements act together under right divine relationship with each other to make any reality possible. These reality “flows” are quite elastic. They also can change due to a set of special rules that outwardly appear quite random in their application.

Nature and reality are rather complex and simultaneously quite simple in their application. Yet your reality exists in a way that makes it appear very rigid to you. There is a constant exchange of energy between dimensions that your scientists are now beginning to disclose to the general public. The extent of this exchange and its daily operation are still somewhat mysterious to some of your scientists. Those who have been exposed to our realities by our various former foes (now our associates through the Truce of Anchara) know better than to question these concepts. Your education will fully introduce you to these new formations of inter-dimensional reality. In them, you will see the folly of fear and the joy of enlightenment. This enlightenment will carry you afar into things and places that you can not yet fully imagine. Remember, you are a most incredible creation of the Creator and capable of some rather impressive wizardry.

One of the things that you will initially be involved with is the formation of the first permanent Governing Council for your solar system. This Governing Council will be formed out of the various clan councils as set up by their subclans. Hence, each one of you must discover your true life purpose in the first 36 hours after the mass landings. This immense task will be handled by your inner Angelic councils. Our technology will also assist you in discovering this life path. Next, the Angelic Realm will conduct a special series of events to introduce you to your fellow members of each subclan. At that time, we will begin to relocate you according to the information provided by these special events. So, you can see that not only do we have to move you to a new home site, but also to a possible new subterranean location. And we have to do it all in about one month’s time!

Besides that fact, we have to aid you in setting up your unique Governing and Clan Council’s procedures as well as in creating a special Spiritual Council for your system. All in all a quite complicated task for anyone to accomplish. Yet we know that all of us together can do it. You have been selected by your local Spiritual Hierarchy because you demonstrated the will and the ability to get this seemingly impossible task done. Now you will prove the validity of their actions. In a short time, we will be among you. In preparation for this above task, you are now being categorized by our counselors. What will be needed is your full cooperation during the first few days after the landings are completed. It may seem to you to be a quite chaotic responsibility that we have undertaken. Yet each part will fit together like an immense jigsaw puzzle. Let us now work our magic and see this task through to its most successful completion.

At present, as part of your ascension process, we are adjusting your head and abdomen chakras. What we propose to do in the final step before the mass landings is a basic integration process. This process will commence on 6 Ben, 1 Kankin, 5 Eb (April 13, 1997) and continue till 11 Etznab, 6 Kankin, 5 Eb (April 18, 1997). It will be comprised of two parts. The first segment will be an integration of the power points in the body namely, the organization of the Head, Heart, and Abdomen Chakras. The final aspect will be an integration of the support energy centers namely, the Throat, Thymus, and Sex Chakras. When these procedures are completed, you will finally be ready for receiving your transformation into full consciousness. These concluding procedures will contain some side effects.

Among the most serious of the possible side effects is the constant shifting of life energies throughout your body. This shifting could cause feelings of general body discomfort, exhaustion or fatigue, and periods of uneasiness. Be aware of what is happening to you. The integration process could also lead to some very vivid and profound dreams. It can also release a great deal of anxiety or frustration in you. So, this period could be quite intense. Use the meditations that we have given you. They will lessen the effects that we have just described to you. The Spiritual Hierarchy intends to fully finish its task and knows that the Earth is also now in its final labor pangs. View what is happening to you as the last fine-tuning. You have gone through much. We greatly appreciate the amount of suffering that you have had to go through. Know that the end of this time is swiftly approaching.

Over the last few days, the Main Federation Council has passed a number of resolutions that made our mission a lot easier to accomplish. Using this authority, the final few pieces of our puzzle can at last be filled in.

First, the Federation Council passed a resolution on 2 Muluc, 17 Mac, 5 Eb (April 9, 1997) to give the First Contact Team final say on all Galactic Federation ship transfers. This decree ended all arguments over who gets included in the mass landing fleet. On 3 Oc, 18 Mac, 5 Eb (April 10, 1997), the final fleet roster was completed.

Second, the Main Federation Council passed a decree on 3 Oc, 18 Mac, 5 Eb (April 10, 1997). This resolution empowered the commander of the mass landing fleet to have final appointing power over the command staff and to act as the official greeter of the special 10,000 Ambassadors who will land shortly in central Australia. This ruling at last permitted us to set up the greeting committee for this vital task.

Finally, the Main Federation Council ruled on 4 Batz, 19 Mac, 5 Eb (April 11, 1997) that the Treaty of Anchara was still in full effect in this solar system. This official decree allows us to have the guidelines needed to harmoniously operate the new Australian compound after it is formally established.

We would now like to conclude our message to you. As we do, we must insist that you understand that our mass landing is inconceivably close. As we make the final preparations, the time draws very near for the first contact. Shortly, your patience and cooperation will be rewarded. However, this time of first contact is just a beginning. It is the start of a great adventure that leads towards the fulfillment of your destiny. It is also a time when you shall have the opportunity to at last learn about yourselves. We look fondly on this coming time as one filled with much happiness and with great exhilaration. We now leave you with much blessings of Love, Joy, and Prosperity. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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