Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
April 5, 1997 (11 Chicchan, 13 Mac, 5 Eb)

Greetings! We come to you with quite a lot of interesting information on the mass landings, the ascension process, and various Earth changes. However, before we begin, let us tell you that we are extremely and quite radically close to commencing the mass landing operation. After midnight GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) of 3 Oc, 18 Mac, 5 Eb (April 10, 1997), all Galactic Federation personnel will be put on immediate full stand up alert protocols. All "star seeds" on this planet are likewise so informed. By that date, we shall be finished with all procedures. By 13 Manik, 15 Mac, 5 Eb (April 7, 1997), the Agenda and Scheduling Committee will have locked down the first three "go" dates. So, let us start this brief report with a review of what you "star seeds" can presently expect when you arrive at your assigned ship.

"Star seeds" have been divided by our liaison team into three groups. The first group consists of team leaders and special panic advisors. This group will be coming to the star ships for accelerated training some 7 hours before the landings begin.You will be put in charge of special "action teams". These teams will have 11 persons plus the team leader. Each team will be assigned a sector in which they will operate. Furthermore, there will be a Federation liaison counselor as your advisor and group coordinator. In the case of the panic advisor, you will work with a series of special Federation panic "action teams". Most of you in this category will be those already involved with assessing and/or aiding people who have a great deal of personal mental, emotional, and physical blocks of one type or another. Your knowledge already includes some technologies to help them rapidly clear these blocks.

The second group is made up of the team members for these "action groups". You will be assisting Federation counselors in preparing Earth's population for full consciousness. This task will require that you be both fully trained and fully conscious. The program that we will use consists of two procedures: The first step will put you into full consciousness in about 11 minutes. The second step will be a training process done in an entirely different time frame. This new time frame will take a few hours of your time and expand it into a seemingly three-week period. During this time, you will be exposed to an education system that will thoroughly prepare you for your task. In preparation for this special operation, we have been asking you over the past few weeks for feedback on how to set up this training program. We will get into greater detail on this subject after we have described the final category.

The final category are those technically-oriented "star seeds". You will be assigned to aid the technicians and scientists in explaining to Earth humans how the new technologies operate. In this regard, we have also asked you how to best approach your fellow humans about these new devices. We have also asked you how to best train them in their operation. As with your other fellow "star seeds", you will be taken up to your assigned ships some four hours before the mass landings begin. The same altered time frame that we described earlier will also apply to your training. So let us now give you a more detailed explanation of what you can expect when you arrive aboard ship.

To explain these procedures, we shall break them down into five parts or learning segments. Each one of these segments will be personalized for every individual. These processes can be done, due to our advanced technology and the fact that you will be moved ahead toward full consciousness upon arrival. Remember, you are about to be subjected to a training technology that can accelerate you from a novice to a fully-trained professional in just a few weeks' time. The training is constructed so that your own Earth-based limited consciousness is the foundation for everything. To us, you are a most valued being. You are one who understands the nature of your world and can integrate this knowledge into ours.

The first learning segment is preparation for full consciousness, as well as the actual procedure itself. To prepare you for full consciousness, we will put you into an altered time frame of six minutes duration. To you, it will appear to last a week. Upon completion, you will thoroughly understand full consciousness "etiquette". You will have undergone a broad-based series of simulations in this new reality. Now, when you return, you will be ready for the transformation procedures. These procedures are quite simple. First, you will be put in a special light chamber. This chamber will remove all remaining emotional, mental, and physical blocks in your light and physical bodies. It will also raise your energies to the level needed for integration or ascension. The next light chamber will complete this task. You will exit these light chambers fully conscious.

The second learning segment is preparation for your training as a fully competent Galactic Federation counselor. This training will quickly move you though the basic fundamentals of galactic counseling. It is the equivalent on your world of a four-year college education. It will take about 30 minutes of your present time. During this period, you will be linked to your past physical incarnations both on Earth and on other worlds. This data will allow you to begin to access details that are vital to your task. This information will also permit you to finally fully understand who you really are. It is hoped that you will be able to integrate this information quickly. However, those persons who cannot finish their integration here should understand that a part of the next step will be this integration process. All of you are quite precious to us. We do not wish to put any undue pressures upon you during your training.

The third segment of your training program comprises the integration and use of what you have so far learned. This process constitutes the use of hologram environments to simulate possible Earthside situations. Each of you will be evaluated on your performance. There will also be a period when Federation counselors will help you to fully integrate your soul's complete incarnation record. This data will help you to better understand the true nature of inter-dimensional reality. It will also permit you to add a vast segment of knowledge to your memories. This knowledge will better prepare you for the next segment—advanced counseling techniques and applied "fluid management" principles. This next segment will complete your formal education process.

The fourth segment comprises the final aspects of your education process. You will be given the most advanced techniques known for counseling. These techniques, by this time, may seem to be repetitious to you. However, they must now be reviewed so that you are shown to be fully qualified for your task. This procedure will also consist of having you regurgitate any past knowledge that you may now remember. Keep in mind, you have volunteered to now incarnate on Earth for this great ascension experiment. It is our duty to see that you are fully competent and ready to perform your mission. This mission will put you in some very strange and highly unusual situations. For this reason, you will be trained in both the principles and the operation of fluid management systems. Each assigned team will use these principles to solve any problems that it may encounter.

The final segment consists of the utilization of team principles. Each one of you will be thoroughly trained by working with your assigned "action team". We shall include at this time both Federation trainers and counselors. You will review possible scenarios and be asked to simulate how your team would react to them. After each exercise, you will be evaluated and asked for feedback on the validity of the exercise and how it could be modified to be more realistic. You will now be in the final aspect of your training. Each one of you will be considered an equally sovereign member of your team. This fact means that you will now be able to be considered equally responsible for your team's success. We strongly feel that each one of you is extremely qualified for this great task. Together, we will train the rest of Earth's humanity for the final procedures needed for full consciousness and for the creation of your own unique form of human galactic civilization.

As a final word on this operation, we would like to briefly explain how the team leaders, panic counselors, and technology counselors will be trained. You will be given much of the same training. However, each of you will also be given some form of specialized training. In the case of the team leaders, you will be given some basic training on how leadership skills are applied to fluid management techniques. In the case of the panic counselors, you will be assigned to special Galactic Federation panic teams. These panic teams will require that you act as a special Earth-based liaison counselor. You will be trained in the intricacies of this highly specialized activity. Each technician trainee will also be exposed to both liaison training and the operation of the various devices to be issued to Earth's humanity. Remember, you are part of an Earth- based team that is assigned to aid all Galactic Federation "action teams". This task is a great responsibility. Please treat it as such. We know that you can accomplish this mission swiftly, joyously, and successfully.

As noted in previous reports, the Earth is now close to the end of its own ascension process. In this regard, the Spiritual Hierarchy has informed us that the planet needs to adjust its various components. This adjustment will begin around the period of 4 Batz, 19 Mac, 5 Eb to 6 Ben, 1 Kankin, 5 Eb (April 11 to 13, 1997). These adjustments will change the way in which the planet operates. This procedure will prepare the inner elements of the planet for the numerous holographic interiors. It will also allow the planet to transform itself more easily and with minimum surface disasters to Earth's human population. However, the Spiritual Hierarchy has informed us that the planet wishes to return to a pristine condition some 33 days after it completes its ascension process. Hence, we now have one and one-half months to move your entire population into holographic interiors.

Our special Galactic Federation planetary teams have informed us that their work has been proceeding at quite a fast pace. They intend to be ready to "terraform" both Mars and Venus by the end of this galactic year of 5 Eb. They feel that this process could be completed by the galactic month of Zip (September, 1997). If their prognostication is correct, you should be able to move present Earth personnel to these planets by that time. We will have a more accurate prediction available for you by 3 Ik, 10 Pax, 5 Eb (June 1, 1997). These former Earth inhabitants will be individuals whose initial purpose was to aid these planets' (Mars and Venus) development. However, they were assigned to Earth because their planets were initially unsuitable for habitation by limited-consciousness beings. The number of beings to colonize these worlds will each number about 750 million.

The Angelic Realms are also busy completing their task of establishing a new series of Earth Love Networks. These networks are now being woven because of the Love meditations that you have continued to do. These world-wide energies have helped to make it much easier for all that is to come. Consequently, the planet is now ready to move into a new time/space reality once the mass landings are completed. This new pattern will set the stage for creating a new set of star gates for your solar system. These new star gates will further distort the time frameworks around your planet. You may have already noticed that time is now greatly accelerated and being compressed by your planetary Time Lords. Moreover, these planetary Time Lords intend to further condense time after the mass landings are consummated.

The planetary Time Lords have been working with the Angelic Realms, as well as the Local Elohim Councils, to set up a new time system for your local time universe. This time system will slightly change the present position of your planet in space. This warping of space/time should become more noticeable to you after 3 Oc, 18 Mac, 5 Eb (April 10, 1997). This time system will open up a space that allows your entire solar system to slip, when so required, into the highest levels of the fourth dimension. It will also let your solar system slip into the fifth dimension when your present journey in the third and fourth dimensions is completed. This dimensional shift will happen during the galactic year of 8 Eb (2012-2013). In this regard, you should understand that your planet is a very special planet with a very great destiny. It is our purpose, as well as that of all the elements of Creation, to help you achieve this great destiny.

It is now time to conclude this message to you. There is much anticipation for the mass landings, both here in the Galactic Federation and on your planet. Just know that we are almost ready to begin this most auspicious and most timely process. However, please bear in mind, dear blessed ones, that all things must be done in an appropriate and divine time. That time is now swiftly approaching. We are now incomparably close to the date of execution. So, we will now ask you to remain patient for just a very little while longer. We deeply appreciate your great contributions to these most complicated procedures. Let us now leave you with very great blessings of Love, Joy, and Prosperity. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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