Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
March 25, 1997 (13 Ix, 2 Mac, 5 Eb)

Greetings! We now come to bring you some good news about the mass landings and your ascension process. In addition, we shall continue our discussion on how to alleviate your inner fears, as well as some new data about Earth's planetary changes. Before we begin this brief message, let us state that all of us in the Galactic Federation are extremely close to the completion of our first contact mission. This last period requires that you on Earth undertake to learn the importance of group action and its correlative—harmonic interaction. To start this process, we shall propose a critical mass group action to help mitigate the fear network that exists on your planet.

On 11 Eb, 0 Mac, 5 Eb (March 23, 1997), the temporary Governing Council of your solar system formally decreed that the Federation's program for bringing the Earth back into its pristine state should be further quickened, according to the wishes of the Spiritual Hierarchy. This decree has now forced us to further enlarge our massive program for creating holographic interiors on your planet. As a result, the Agenda and Scheduling Committee has requested that we bring all "star seeds" from the 300 largest urban areas into our ships some 2 hours before the rest of the "star seeds" arrive. In this way, we can prepare them for the massive education program that now lies ahead of us. Let us frankly discuss the parameters of what must be done.

This new program is to be divided into three aspects. The first part involves the bringing of additional teams and their equipment to your world. Consequently, the First Contact Team ordered on 12 Ben, 1 Mac, 5 Eb (March 24, 1997) that some 2 million additional ships be sent to this sub-sector by 2 Cib, 4 ac, 5 Eb (March 27, 1997). This request was affirmatively answered by the Galactic Federation's Sirian Sector Defense Command on the same date. All necessary ships have been re-routed to this sub sector. To handle this massive increase in personnel, the Agenda and Scheduling Committee extended the authority of its special holographic interiors liaison teams.

The second part of the program concerns the "star seeds". You will have a most important part to play in this entire process. Since you were incarnated on your world, you have been exposed to its intricacies. This vital knowledge can now be used by you to explain to Earth's humans what must quickly happen to your planet's surface settlements. We must eliminate some 300 of them in the first eight days after the mass landings. Therefore, we shall bring you to several holographic interiors as part of your training procedures. Here, we shall thoroughly demonstrate how these advanced environments operate. Your task will be to assist us in quickly transferring Earth's inhabitants into these new environments. After transfer is completed, the Spiritual Hierarchy will immediately transform the planet's surfaces back into their original pristine form.

The final part is the actual timetable for construction of these new sites. Right now, the time frame has been shortened to less than one month to complete our task. It is now an even more enormous undertaking. However, we realize that all things are quite possible in Creation. Nevertheless, we require your assistance to complete this most important and quite sacred task. You are about to be very quickly exposed to how all fully sentient beings live. We are a subterranean species. Yet, we understand the importance of our vital interaction with the life-giving force of the Sun. Our technology can completely replicate this life-giving solar energy. Keep in mind, there is nothing that you now possess in your lifestyle that will be taken away from you. Importantly, you will be aiding your life force as well as that of your beloved planet.

To us, a planet is a very sacred living thing. We are the stewards and guardians for it. All planets view their surfaces as very sensitive and quite important places. Here, they have their planetary grids and various other related life support systems. These various parts regulate the vital life forces of the planet. Our primary duty is to enhance the efficient distribution of that planetary life force. By so doing, we strengthen the planet's biosphere and provide those energies needed by the planet's Diva and Angelic Hierarchies. This energy transfer enables the planet to easily survive for its maximum life cycle. It also permits us humans to fully experience those essential elements of physical reality that we occasionally need for our spiritual growth. Hence, we have a quite symbiotic relationship between a planet, its star system, and our human galactic civilizations.

At present, your ascension process is at the point where it is on the verge of reaching a critical mass. The final aspect of this stage of the ascension process will be done in the next few days. However, it requires that we do a simple exercise that will help the Angelic Hierarchy to adjust you. This complicated adjustment will finally allow the Angelic Hierarchy to bring you out of your planetary fear networks. So, let us explain to you how a fear network is created and what a fear network does. In this way, you will understand how you have created the tools that allow you to be manipulated by those persons in positions of political, social, and economic power.

A fear network is created by the fact that fear is an energy. Like all energies, it accumulates. As it does so, it links itself together with all other fears that we have experienced. In turn, these fears are linked with those of every other individual that has ever lived on your planet. This linking procedure creates a quite impressive and very immense network. This network constantly builds up, due to a simple fact of your existence—one fear will soon lead to another. Yet this seemingly mighty network is quite fragile. Fears are like walls built of glass. It does not take much stress to shatter them. In your case, the maximum stress that can be put on them is created by love. It is this force that we would like to discuss after we look at how fear networks are manipulated.

This world-wide fear network has been manipulated by those in power for as long as your present civilization has been in existence. It is manipulated in three major ways. First, understand that this fear energy can be channeled toward a particular focus point. If done successfully, it can put you into a position of power. Second, fear can be created in greater amounts through threats, physical force, and plain intimidation. This newly created fear energy can than be used on a massive scale to counter others moving their fear energy towards a particular focal point. Finally, fear energy can be used to keep you from empowering yourself. This process is done by acculturation. Here, every individual is taught from birth that they are limited conscious beings. You are taught that something fearful will happen to you if you question this principle. There is one major way to overcome these networks of fear—love.

Love is the enormous rock of light that destroys walls built of fear. Love is based on two aspects—a deep compassionate caring for yourself (self enlightenment) and an equal compassionate caring for others (group enlightenment). One cannot exist without the other. Self love is the mortise that holds together these powerful walls of mutual group love. Love is an energy of light that when combined en mass is a most powerful tool for distinguishing darkness. All that is needed is simply an agenda and a means to easily start the procedures that can quickly transmute fear (darkness) into love (light). The key to this operation is the use of combined self love, or what we call group enlightenment.

This important fact leads us to what we call group harmonics. Each individual has a love or life tone. This unique tone can be harmonically combined with the tones of others. These tone walls or networks are extremely potent. When combined together for a set period, they can destroy a myriad of fear networks. Thus, the main element is the cooperation between individuals for the purpose of expressing their compassionate love for each other. All that is needed is just the desire to do so. What the Angelics now wish is that some of us from around this planet perform such an exercise. This exercise will set in motion a love tone wall (network) that can be used by the Angelics. This group love harmony has the ability to transform your reality. It also has the ability to set the stage for the fear alleviation program.

This program of fear abatement is important because it permits the Galactic Federation to land and assist you. "Star seeds" have been incarnated on this planet to help set the stage for a new full conscious reality. Now we ask you to come together with us and to perform a special meditation of love. This brief meditation will create an important Love tone network. This network will allow the Angelics, as well as the Galactic Federation, to create those energies that will bring this Love tone network to a critical mass. Using this Love tone network, the stage can at last be quickly set for the culmination of our drama—first contact with planet Earth's human civilization.

The Earth has lately been showing us why the time is now extremely close for the divine intervention. At present, the planet is in the midst of some extreme fluctuations. This instability has forced our scientists to allow your planet to have a higher Schuman cycle of between 12.2 to 12.5. It is their hope to bring this raised Schuman cycle to a stable level of 12.5 by 4 Etznab, 6 Mac, 5 Eb (March 29, 1997). In this way, we can now prevent the planet from shifting prematurely into its multi-dimensional mode. To aid this procedure, we have sent some special seismic ships to the Earth's marine tectonic plates. Their purpose is to stabilize these tectonic plates as quickly as possible. Another step is to set special harmonic devices into fault zones and specially selected mountain ranges throughout your planet. These special devices need constant monitoring by our technicians. For this and other reasons, we have stepped up the scientific monitoring of your planet.

This certainty for a planetary transformation is further emphasized by the fact that the planet's magnetic and electrical fields are also on the brink of collapse. This collapse would be followed by a rapid shift in your present realities. Earth desperately wishes to insert its new grids into their final interconnected positions. If done, it would change your reality by raising Earth's biosphere to harmonics that your present limited consciousness cannot survive. The only elements that are preventing this potential disaster to your reality are the Spiritual Hierarchies and the Galactic Federation. We understand that this phenomena cannot be allowed to happen until you are properly prepared for its occurrence. However, we do not have a very great deal of time in which to perform these tasks. Your planet wishes to graduate and it would prefer to do so now. For this significant reason, we must come to you with a first contact extremely soon. That fact is one that all concerned with this present affair should now know.

Let us right now briefly recap our main message before we start our summations. The time has now come for the final act, as well as the final scene of our drama. This final action that is required is quite simple. We must end the power of the vast fear network that presently surrounds you. To do this feat, we will ask that you come together to help create a critical mass of Love that will help the Angelics to dissipate your great wall of fear. This great wall is the last mechanism that divides us from you. The Angelic Realms are presently engaged through a special divine dispensation in removing this element of fear. However, they would very much appreciate your assistance in this matter. It is your way to show the great dedication and the deep love that you have for this most joyous cause. For this reason, we will announce in the next 24 hours an exercise that will serve this purpose. Our hope is that you will participate and allow us to complete our final task immediately, if not sooner. Your great love for this divine mission can only make this exercise a successful one. It should be one of the final steps needed to complete our mission.

As we have stated, our first contact with you is extremely, extremely close to fruition. As the time draws near, we can only stand in very deep awe at the great wonders that you have created on your world. Against extremely great odds, you have persevered and set the stage for our first contact. To all of you, we give our deepest love and gratitude. Soon, we shall meet and finally complete those urgent tasks that are required for full consciousness. In all of it, there is only one more thing to say. Keep your patience for just a little bit longer. Remember that the ways of the light are many, but that the paths of the light always lead toward divine blessings. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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