Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
March 18 ,1997 (6 Manik, 15 Ceh, 5 Eb)

Greetings! We come, as we promised, to give you some additional data about your planet's holographic interiors, as well as the divine plan for each soul grouping in your population. This data will primarily concentrate on the first two groupings of "star seeds" and "advanced Earth souls". In addition, we shall give you new intelligence about your planet and its mass landings. So let us start this brief discussion with some more detail about the post-mass landing scenario. This material can roughly be divided into two parts—the interiors scenario and the teaching program. We shall begin with the interiors scenario.

As we last stated, the first 30 holographic interiors are now completed. These prototypes are only the first of hundreds of thousands of such facilities that will be built during the next six galactic months. The prime question should not be their exact number and location, but how you will be quickly transported into these facilities. The key to this problem is a unique set of technologies that have been modified by the scientists and technicians of our defense forces. In our recent past, it was often extremely necessary to teleport vast amounts of both personnel and material from orbiting space stations to planet-side, or to evacuate these same elements off-planet to awaiting ships in as quickly a time frame as possible.

Consequently, given the proper number of cargo and transportation ships, the capability of those systems is quite enormous. For example, the nearly one million ships that we now have available could easily teleport all inhabitants of the 30 designated metropolitan areas, as well as their personal goods, in less than one hour. However, we have set up a special plan that lengthens this process to almost six hours. This evacuation plan includes a number of important elements. First, we wish all such designated Earth humans to have the time to decide what personal items they want to take with them. Second, we want to quickly permit them to tell any relatives and friends where they will be. All immediate family members will be a part of this evacuation process. Finally, we want to have time for a brief training in how to operate the new technologies that they shall be exposed to.

Hence, the plan has been established to allow the maximum amount of interaction conceivable between Earth inhabitants and Galactic Federation personnel. The new environments will be paradises compared to the old ones on the Earth's surface. Moreover, you will be allowed to carry with you those items that you deem necessary. Any other items can be easily created by the processors that will be provided to each household. You will not be isolated. Communication technologies such as holographic video teleconferencing and various telepathic devices make it possible to instantly communicate with anyone you so desire. Finally, we will provide a quick training of approximately 30 minutes that will prepare you to use these advanced technologies. Included in this package will be rapid contact to any technician that you may need to successfully work this equipment.

Having been put in these new habitats, you will quickly notice an important fact. Your type of training and your immediate responsibilities are based on your particular soul grouping. In previous messages, we have delineated these soul groupings. Now, let us look more deeply at these soul groups and their responsibilities in the post-mass landing environment. This discussion will look at two points—the nature of their tasks and how quickly each grouping will go into full consciousness.

The first soul group to be looked at is the so-called "star seeds". This specific category constitutes less than two per cent of Earth's population. You represent what we like to call our ground crew. You wonderful souls have come from many different parts of our galaxy and in some rare cases, even from other galaxies. Each one of you has the great responsibility to act as both the teacher and counselor for your brethren. Many Galactic Federation counselors have had several lifetimes on your planet. However, you now possess a particular knowledge of what is presently happening on your world. Your vital experience has and will be a vital link for the entire training process.

This primary reason is why you may have had past dreams in which you were questioned about your daily life on this planet. However, many of you were just questioned and then made to forget this experience. Federation liaison teams were just seeking an appraisal of what is occurring on your world. Because of your input, these liaison teams have designed a very accelerated training program for you. This program will begin some two hours before the mass landings. We will use protected scalar technology to initially contact you telepathically. When the heavenly calming music begins, we will teleport you to special transports for your training and transformation into full conscious beings. Just before the mass landings begin, you will be beamed back to your residences. Your task will be to assist all Earth humans who are in panic over what is happening. You will also aid other persons in adjusting to their new environment after the mass landings.

The second group that we will review is the advanced Earth souls. This group can be likewise divided into three subgroups. The first subgroup is composed of those souls that have been chosen to assist the "star seeds" and the Galactic Federation counselors in completing their tasks. This subgroup is only about seven per cent of the Earth's population. Many of these beings are now in the process of first "waking up" and beginning to understand what is about to happen to your planet. They will be given priority in becoming fully conscious, if they are needed to assist us to complete the ten-day accelerated training that will prepare most of you for your new conscious realities.

The second subgroup is composed of those souls who are now completing their present Earth karmic cycles. It encompasses over 77 per cent of the Earth's human population. This soul subgroup is the major reason for the entire mass landing scenario. Most of these individuals have been unable to fully understand the vast changes now taking place around them. Yet they have a feeling that something is about to happen. Unfortunately, this feeling is completely encased in the many fears that are a part of their environment as well as their genetics. Their training will consist of special one-on-one counseling, as well as rapid schooling using various advanced learning technologies. These specially prepared technologies will quickly ready them to become full participants in creating Earth's new galactic civilization.

The third and final Earth soul subgroup is those beings who are now unprepared for this transformation. This subgroup consists of less than one per cent of the Earth's human population. It is now being evaluated by specially chosen Federation counselors. This soul subgroup will be transported to a special planetary system in the Pleiades star cluster just after the mass landings. The present profiles indicate that the majority can be turned toward the Light. Those individuals who do will be given the opportunity to return to Earth. However, the others who do not, will be incarnated on less hospitable worlds where they can finally learn their needed karmic lessons.

Let us now turn our attention to your planet. In the past few weeks, the planet's magnetics have begun to dip to a level that indicated a quite deep intent to shift into a new inter-dimensional reality before the galactic month's end. To counter this potential problem, Federation scientists began a designated program to stabilize Earth's magnetics as well as other related phenomena. On 4 Chicchan, 13 Ceh, 5 Eb (March 16, 1997), they introduced some changes to the Earth's hologram that will induce a slight delay into the Earth's longing to now change into an inter-dimensional being. This program will be completed by 7 Lamat, 16 Ceh, 5 Eb (March 19, 1997).

These new changes to the Earth's hologram will permit planet Earth to better phase its changes to accommodate the time frame agreed upon by the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation. This process allows us to consummate the final aspects of the mass landing scenario in truly divine time. Right now, the various segments of the mass landing team are assembling the final elements of this plan. This plan has, as you have seen, a most complicated series of stages that have been completed. Only a very, very, very few stages still remain that separate us from engaging the mass landing operation.

One of these vital procedures is the elimination of a vast amount of fear in your general population. This factor is a prime concern of your Angelic Hierarchy. They wish to have you know that their special procedures will help you to bring this fear under control. However, we will discuss this program in very great detail in our next message. It is essential that all of you understand how easy it will be to bring this fear under control. We know that this program can be quickly implemented and set the final energy patterns for the mass landings. Just know that these mass landings will happen very, very, very, very soon.

Let us close this message with a few words to all concerned. First, the Galactic Federation is about to complete the greatest first-contact operation in its history. We do not perform these tasks without much thought and strategy. It has indeed been an incredible education program for all personnel in our commands. Second, we wish to fully thank all of you on planet Earth for providing the great assistance and patience that you have given us. It is not easy to go through the great amounts of transformation that you have and still live in your limited three-dimensional reality. You have gone through much to complete this landing process. Third, we wish to thank planet Earth (Gaia) and her Spiritual Hierarchies. They have gone much beyond what their duty demanded to help us finish this operation successfully. Finally, we wish to thank all the elements of Creation that have assisted us in completing this operation successfully. We now leave you with salutations of Love, Light, and Joy. Selamat Ja! (Be in joy!)

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