Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
March 11, 1997 (12 Ahau, 8 Ceh, 5 Eb)

Greetings! We now come to our divine brothers and sisters with additional knowledge about those materials that we discussed with you previously. In addition, we also have some quite interesting news about your planet and your solar system. Lastly, we will divulge some fascinating information on what has been transpiring in this galaxy since we last conversed with you.

Let us start with how your population has been assembled to accomplish your profound destiny. As we noted previously, the Spiritual Hierarchy has now allowed three classes of soul groups to incarnate on your world. Their divine purpose was to permit your planet to fulfill its destiny to become an immense center for Light. Now, you may ask, how are these different groups divided up among your population? The answer to this insightful question can be provided to you in two distinct forms.

First, there is the matter of just itemizing a simple percentage. In this particular case, we can furnish these necessary percentages as follows: The first category of "star seeds" can be configured as containing less than 2% of the general population. The second category of "Earth souls" can be enumerated to accommodate about 85% of the general population. Finally, the category of "enlightened laggard souls" can be observed as possessing nearly 13% of the Earth's human population. Each category has a specific number that fits into a special proportion to permit a "critical mass" to be created for the Earth's human population. You can look upon it as a divinely created recipe for a massive shift in your consciousness. For that reason, out of this most diverse mix will come the sentience transformation that the Earth's divine destiny clearly covets.

Second, you should look upon these categories as merely representing certain key sentient elements in your galaxy. Consequently, each specific category carries with it those essential elements, both positive and negative, that symbolize every known type of galactic sentient society. This unique mix of souls was put here by the Spiritual Hierarchy to be the destined "soup" that will nourish the increased sentiency of an entire galaxy. You are truly the divine recipe for bringing this galaxy both its peace and its enlightenment. You should view yourselves as being parboiled in a heavenly "pressure cooker". The virtuous "chef" has nearly finished its divine mission and very, very, very soon you will be providing sustenance not only for this galaxy, but for all of Creation. Know that all of us understand both the breadth and the depth of this incredible dilemma—your most difficult task of being the lynchpin for a new sentient reality.

Each one of you has been carefully prepared for your move into full consciousness. Most of you have been assigned as to how and when your shift in consciousness will be accomplished. What each of you should realize is that this shift is no easy matter. Yet, it can be accomplished quite easily and quickly. What you still have to understand is that each of you is really a divine hologram of spirit and of matter that was formed from divine light. This divine light of the Supreme Creator has subdivided itself into a virtual infinity of holographic forms.

These inter-connected holographic forms have constructed all things in Physical and Spiritual Creation. Strangely, it is the parameters of limited three-dimensional reality which state that these various forms are both solid and yet quite limited in their time of physical life. What you will shortly discover is that the true realities of existence are quite beyond the present scientific knowledge now available to your reality. There are, in effect, rules and realities that fully contradict your so-called "universal" laws of science and religion. One of these contradictions concerns the consciousness shift that you are about to make. It is both a miracle as well as a carefully constructed examination of divine law.

Henceforth, each segment of the unusual hologram needed to create this test in conscious transformation is filled with enigmas and paradoxes. The most important one is the timeline for this event and how it is manipulated by those who are involved in this operation. We have chosen a date that will reflect those elements that can best serve the transformation outlined above. Like all good chefs, we know the importance of not overcooking our "soup". We do not intend to come any sooner than is required. However, please know that this completion time draws quite near and will occur very, very, very, soon.

As we continue our discussion, please note that you are part of a vast system of metamorphosis. This metamorphosis is going on at a great many levels of reality. For example, at your level, you are now converting into an entirely different variety of human being. This procedure is going on at two levels—the spiritual and the physical. In our last message, we very briefly touched upon the various physical changes that are being made to completely prepare you for full consciousness. These changes are part of a formula to reintegrate your physical and spiritual realities. Yet what drives this change and how does it "fit in" to what you now perceive of as your reality?

The prime motivator is the schedule for this special Creation. This schedule exists in many levels and in many forms. Let us just see it as a special conveyor that impresses the holographic forms from one level to another. It is "moved" by divine law. Divine law is a series of statements or profound knowledge that creates multi-realities. Each multi-reality has a series of special pronouncements or sound and light "packets" that justify it. These multi-realities are infinite in scope and obey the three laws of the Universe. These three laws are: The Law of Creation; The Law of Reality; and The Law of Manifestation. Each Law allows the other one to exist. The pattern is simply to create, establish the proper perimeters, and then manifest it. All things in the universe operate according to these simple codes. We will not take the time here to completely outline this concept, but we will do so in a future message.

The Earth's spiritual Hierarchies wish to have us explain some phenomena that are now in the process of happening on your planet. In the past few days, the first stage of preparing the holographic interiors will have been completed. These environments will be ready for occupation by 3 Kan, 12 Ceh, 5 Eb (March 15, 1997). The Spiritual Hierarchy has also completed the procedures needed to quickly populate these habitats when it is so required. In addition, the Galactic Federation's special Liaison Team has completed its first analysis. This comprehensive report was unanimously approved by the main First Contact Team's Governing Council on 11 Cauac,7 Ceh, 5 Eb (March 10, 1997). It was approved by the Main Federation Council on 12 Ahau, 8 Ceh, 5 Eb (March 11, 1997).

Furthermore, your planet is about to be put through a special preparation of the earth's tectonic plates. This testing will occur between 13 Imix, 9 Ceh, 5 Eb (March 12, 1997) and 9 Oc, 18 Ceh, 5 Eb (March 21, 1997). This testing could result in some instability in the tectonics of the Earth's surface. However, do not be overly alarmed. Much of the sudden movement will be done on etheric levels that will be sensed more than physically felt. It will also accentuate some quite unusual atmospheric conditions. Again, do not be overly alarmed. Simply see it as those adjustments that are necessary before your planet can finally complete its own conscious transformation.

We would now wish to close our message to you. Please remember that we in the Galactic Federation are only a part of the overall team that has come to help you transform both your planet and yourselves. We come now not to rescue you, but merely as mid-wives to aid your process of shifting rapidly into a new reality. This new reality is indeed quite important to us. Nevertheless, it is one that you as a people and as a planet are firmly committed to straight-away accomplish. Know that we as an organization of Light are fully at your disposal to assure your success in this most momentous endeavor. Stay in hope and in love for these virtues will assure your success in this matter. With the assistance of the Angelic Councils and the Councils of Elohim, we will very, very, very soon be among you. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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