Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
March 8, 1997 (9 Caban, 5 Ceh, 5 Eb)

Greetings! We come with many blessings to our dear brothers and sisters who have for so long endured the desolate world of limited 3-dimensional consciousness. Today, we shall bring you much information about the training for your return to full consciousness, as well as knowledge of what is currently happening, both to your planet and to your galaxy. So, let us start with a discussion about the process of returning you to full consciousness.

Over the past few decades, the Earth's Angelic Hierarchies have been supervising the process of ensuring that Earth meets its destiny as a major turning point for galactic peace. This procedure meant that the planet was being prepared for a return to its full inter-dimensional status before the ending of this present millennium. As a part of this operation, those humans residing on the planet's surface have been in a state of constant evaluation that has continued over the past seven decades.

The Spiritual Hierarchy wants to save Earth's humanity and to return as many of you as is possible to their fully conscious state. This evolutionary program has led all incarnated humans presently residing on Earth to be part of a very complicated series of special evaluations and procedures that have now reached a special threshold point. The reaching of this threshold has now grouped all Earth humans into three separate categories.

First, there are the Lightworkers who are mostly specially motivated "star seeds". You are here to be the first who are to be activated into full consciousness. You serve as the ground crew who have come to assist the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy in "clearing" your Earth brethren when the mass landings occur. Consequently, we have singled you out for a very accelerated preparation program. When we finish the categorizing of the Earth's population, we will return to your preparation program. You will be the special "crew" that will assist us in the rapid change that your civilization now requires.

Second, there are those advanced souls that have been assigned to complete their soul cycle of constant Earth incarnations. You also have accomplished much to allow this planetary society to be readied for full consciousness. It is your love, wisdom, and knowledge that now acknowledges the plight of both your planet and its human civilization. You will be those persons that will serve as the foundation for the success of the great transformation that your planet must now shortly undergo.

Finally, there are those special growing souls that have come from human and limited sentient societies on other worlds that possess even more terrifying environments than Earth's. You are here to learn about this wonderful transformation and to take it back to your former extra-terrestrial societies as its future avatars and special spiritual beings. In this way, these societies can make use of your information to quickly transform themselves into much more loving and light-filled societies.

These categories are only to be used by you as a guide. They are not to be used for any inner belief that you are superior because you belong to one group or to another. Each of you has come to fulfill a divine task. By so doing, you can learn lessons that will permit your soul energies to progress further into the divine light of the Creator. This soul progress enables you to refine your understanding of divine law and how to better utilize the principles of right divine relationship with each other. You are here to serve as the divine prototype for a very incredible transformation that effects not only your world but the whole of Creation as well.

The key to your rapid transformation into full consciousness is tied into two aspects of your physical reality. The first is the nature of your enzyme system. This system has the capability to quickly alter your metabolism and also to rapidly change the very nature of how your body operates. Second, there is the nature of the RNA/DNA or the gene chemistry within your body. These two systems are also inter-related to the subtle bodies that surround your physical being. Hence, each system is related holistically to the other. The key is to activate them in the right series of sequences.

The procedure for those persons who have been rapidly accelerated ("star seeds") is to first affect their subtle bodies, as well as those energy pathways that these subtle bodies follow through your flesh. At the same time, we have begun to drastically affect the RNA/DNA structures in your body. The final part of this operation is to create a carefully sequenced enzyme cascade within your body that will make you highly sensitive to certain inter-dimensional light frequencies.

At present, we have reached the point where we have set up the RNA/DNA restructuring and established the system to ensure the proper enzyme cascading. The only part left is the properly monitored light therapy. In addition, the Galactic Federation has appointed a distinguished series of counselors to train you for your task, as well as in full consciousness etiquette. This training is being accomplished in the dream state, as well as by the use of special suggestions given to you during meditations.

There is still much to be done, but we have accomplished a great deal in these past few months. There is no longer any worry on our part that this preliminary training program cannot be accomplished on schedule. Additionally, we have been given access to a very accelerated training technology that can bring you up to speed in less than 20 minutes of full immersion, just before the mass landing operation formally begins. Consequently, there is no way that those of you that we have so chosen will not be able to successfully complete those tasks that have been assigned to you.

Meanwhile, your planet has been in the midst of preparing itself for its graduation into full inter-dimensional reality. This present aspect now involves the preliminary preparation of the atmosphere for the emergence of the firmament. This process has created some of the unusual energy and weather patterns that you are now noticing on your planet. Moreover, it is being driven by an alteration in the Sun's hologram that has caused the atmosphere to heat up, as the direct rays of the Sun move northward. Therefore, you will increasingly notice this pattern's effect in the period that now exists before the mass landings are accomplished. Be aware that it is another portent of the amazing changes that are about to grip your world.

The Galactic Federation's Main Council met on 8 Cib, 4 Ceh, 5 Eb (March 7, 1997) and decided to approve all additions and corrections given to them by the First Contact Team. This action means that we are finally ready to start the process of picking a relatively firm set of dates for the mass landings. In addition, the local Elohim Council has established the special star gates that are necessary for their activities. We are now in the process of creating those final priorities required to ensure a successful mass landing operation. The special moment that we are waiting for is now fast approaching. In the very near future, you will notice some things that will serve as a great portent for these most propitious events.

Let us close this message with a brief series of announcements. First, despite the many physical and spiritual calamities that you have had to endure, please remain in joy and in hope. The time when your present reality will cease draws quite near. Second, the message of love and cooperation that is being given to you by the Spiritual Hierarchy should be listened to. Remember that you are all in this situation together and that you are all really Angels participating in a purely human experience. Finally, please fully realize that you are all here for a quite divine purpose.

This transformation in consciousness that you are about to undergo will permit all of us in this galaxy to finally experience galactic peace, a great coming together of all sentient beings, and a chance to expand in our light and knowledge by inter-acting with other galaxies. It is indeed a time when divine prophecy is being fulfilled. We now leave you with many blessings of love and of light. Selamat Ja! (Be in joy!)

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