Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
March 1, 1997 (2 Oc, 18 Sac, 5 Eb)

Greetings! We come to you with much joy and information about what is now happening in your solar system and in our galaxy. Indeed, all of Creation is now waiting with bated breath for the final actions that will quite soon lead to the completion of our first contact mission in this solar system. Your Planetary Hierarchies have informed us of what you should expect in the next galactic month. So, let us start with their information.

The Spiritual Hierarchies of your world have told us that as a prelude to the conclusion of their activities, they shall bring in a new wave of healing energies. These healing energies will be introduced on 3 Batz, 19 Sac, 5 Eb (March 2, 1997) and will continue for a period of 21 days or until 4 Batz, 19 Ceh, 5 Eb (March 22, 1997). The purposes of these healing energies are twofold in nature.

Initially, the new energy waves will help to heal and to revitalize your body. The connections between the subtle fields of your light body and your physical body have undergone a great deal of transmutation and considerable stress over the last decade. It is now a time to pause and to prepare you for your next and final step in the ascension process. This action is being done because it is necessary for us to re-orient the way in which the final step will be given to you. Regardless of the method we choose, we have decided to give it to you in as gently and as accelerated a way as is now possible.

Secondly, it is now a period for making the final adjustments that are needed for ascension. These adjustments consist of several levels of fine tunings, as well as the utilization of several techniques that can easily permit you to ascend when the appropriate time is attained. These various adjustments primarily consist of three major types.

First, there is the connection between the conscious mind and the spiritual world. For too long, this connection has been underdeveloped by your planetary civilization. Now the time has come to dramatically give it back to your civilization. Unfortunately, this aspect will be part of the final adjustments of your conscious mind that are needed before the ascension (full consciousness) can be achieved. We have had to delay this connection's completion and instead substitute a program of world-wide spiritual awakening until a proper mass of consciousness was achieved. We are now ready for the next step.

Second, the balancing of your physical and spiritual self to the energies and subtle bodies of the planet. Most human inhabitants of your planet have almost completely lost their intimate connection to Mother Earth. Your cycles of life are now badly out of tune with those of your planet. As a result, your biological cyclical rhythms are not in step with the pulse of the Earth. Our final adjustments shall include the re-introduction of these vital rhythms into your reality. In this way, you will again become a true planetary citizen and planetary guardian of your world.

Finally, the connection between your spiritual councils and your conscious mind must be adjusted so that this reality becomes fully apparent to you. This connection is usually one of the first to be re-attached. However, because of the great deal of dissonance that now exists in most of you, it has not been executed by the Spiritual Hierarchies in the usual manner. Nonetheless, this connection will be interposed into your appropriate levels of reality, as a part of the final adjustments to be done in the next galactic month of Ceh (March 3 to March 22).

While these activities are going on, the planet is also involved with its own ascension process. Earth's Spiritual Hierarchies have been busy adjusting the planet's subtle bodies and preparing to raise its resonance cycles to their next levels. These higher frequency levels will put the planet on the brink of its own ascension into the fourth dimension. Consequently, the fourth dimension as it presently exists around your planet has been collapsing into a new reality. This collapse in the region near your solar system has further eroded the division that now exists between the realities of your third and fourth dimensions.

This exciting development has made possible much of the spiritual and energetic phenomena that you have observed in the past decade. It has also allowed the Spiritual Hierarchies and the Galactic Federation to more easily influence your spiritual development toward higher consciousness. Indeed, it has made possible the current timing of the ascension process that all of you are presently experiencing. Furthermore, it has even allowed the Divine Laws of Right Relationship to condone the divine intervention that will shortly bring us all together.

The Earth has also been aligned with those new inter-dimensional energies that will transmute your solar system into what it looked like before several galactic wars altered it to its present appearance. These inter-dimensional energies have been so configured that they retain the images of what your solar system once looked like. This special technique takes these images and uses them as templates for the transformation of your solar system. The first step in this process is the bringing of these images into close inter-dimensional relationship with the present solar system. This step will be completed by 2 Muluc, 17 Ceh, 5 Eb (March 21, 1997).

The next step will be to move this inter-dimensional holographic image into a position where the local Council of Elohim, as well as Galactic Federation technicians and scientists, can "imprint" it onto the hologram that now holds the solar system in its loving grip. This process will be accomplished some one to two galactic months after the mass landings are completed. It will mark the formal division between the present reality that you now know and the new reality that you will shortly enjoy. As a part of this procedure, the Sun will be stabilized by adding the proper amount of core pressure, as well as by the utilization of special energy patterns that will "homogenize" its core. This technique should permit the Sun to return to a normal cycle that will contrast with the period of instability that has existed for the last quarter-century.

The introduction of the new hologram for this solar system will also allow the Galactic Federation to set the stage for the use of a similar process that will return planet Earth to its pristine conditions. This process, as noted previously, will require that the evacuation of the Earth's urban areas be done at a more accelerated rate than had been first envisioned.

To accomplish this vital task, the Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy has requested that the local Council of Elohim assist Earth and Federation personnel in this important responsibility. The various holographic interiors must now be made ready at a much more accelerated pace than previously allowed for in the initial scheduling. This procedure will be described at greater length in the next update. However, it should be noted that these new environments are in every way far superior to those habitats and life styles now endured by the majority of Earth's human population.

Let us close this brief message with some words of wisdom. It is necessary that all of Earth's human population realize that we are quite close to a first contact with your planetary civilization. You are also quite close to achieving a new reality which will include the introduction of both full consciousness and a galactic civilization. You are also about to discover that humans are not the only form of highly sentient life in this galaxy. These events will propel this galaxy into a new era of relationships with itself and with other galaxies. It is a time for the manifesting of prophecies that we have long shared with each other. It is also a time when all of us will come together as one. In this great union of sentiency, we will fulfill the great desires of this Creation.

Look upon yourselves, dear ones, as explorers of a new reality. Also look upon this time as one to be lived in awe, hope, and above all, joy. Remain positive in your outlook and know deeply that your reality is about to experience a great leap upward in reality. Let us leave you with salutations of joy and love. Let us also praise you for your most welcomed efforts in a job that is truly the most difficult of all—life in a limited three-dimensional reality! We salute your most brave efforts against some very difficult obstacles. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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