Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
February 8, 1997 (7 Muluc, 17 Yax, 5 Eb)

Greetings! We come to you with some additional news about what is going on in the galaxy and especially around your planet. Because we have discovered over the last few years that you are most interested in those activities that are going on around your planet, let us start this update there. At present, the adjustments and evaluations that we spoke about previously are almost completed. The various Federation counseling and medical evaluation teams are now busy preparing to give us their reports by the fifteenth of February (1 Cib, 4 Sac, 5 Eb). At that time, we will begin the final evaluation process and ask the Angelic Hierarchy for a conclusive schedule for the remaining necessary physical adjustments to be done on all Earth humans.

In addition, we have been informed by the various Federation teams which we set out on a series of important tasks over the last three months that certain devices have been installed in all of the Earth's oceans. These devices will be activated some six hours before the landings are scheduled to begin. These devices will be used to completely neutralize the various photon generators and other "free energy" generators utilized by both the secret government and its various lackey governments worldwide. In this way, the three waves of the mass landings can be accomplished in as simple and as straightforward a manner as possible.

We do not intend to allow the illegal surface governments to interfere in any way with this landing. At present, Earth's illegal governments have been in the process of attempting to install a more advanced version of the magnetic grid system that they first installed during the previous Summer and Fall periods. This worldwide system is now scheduled to be taken off-line by February 15, 1997 (1 Cib, 4 Sac, 5 Eb). It is also our intention to have all of our final evaluation reports completed by February 17, 1997 (3 Etznab, 6 Sac, 5 Eb).

Furthermore, we have been informed by a decree from the Main Federation Council dated February 6, 1997 (5 Manik, 15 Yax, 5 Eb), that several representatives from the new Intergalactic Council will be a part of the third and final wave of the mass landings. They are coming to act as observers for the crucial two-week period after the mass landings are completed. This is being done since this operation is the first one to be accomplished after the signing of the Intergalactic Union's protocols, as well as because of its vital importance to the newly-implemented galactic peace procedures. We hope that by these reported actions you will see the deep importance that we attach to the successful completion of this mission.

To inform you of how the first contact mission operates, we shall explain how the dates for the mass landings are selected. Currently, we have an Agenda and Scheduling Committee as a part of the First Contact Team. It looks at the entire matter of the mission's prevalent state and assigns three possible dates—a probable one and two possible alternatives. Some five and then three days before the most probable date, a final analysis is performed by the committee. If the required criteria are all met, the committee will issue the final standby orders for a "go" on the selected most probable date. If these criteria are not met, the committee will issue a new set of three dates and post a list of criteria not met to all fleet commanders. All we can further say about this particular procedure is that such a committee meeting is scheduled for some time after the date of February 17, 1997 (3 Etznab, 6 Sac, 5 Eb). Our hope is that the criteria chosen as essential by this committee can be met and that a landing date will be firmly set. In any case, we know that this mission will be accomplished very, very shortly.

Moreover, we wish to inform you that we have recently received notification from the Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy that their work with the physical and subtle bodies of your planet is ready to reach a new level of reality. Therefore, you should expect some significant Earth movement in the next few weeks. The planet's atmosphere will also be altered and there will be an increase in the intensity of the unusual weather patterns now prevalent in the Southern hemisphere. Additionally, there will be some early warming noticeable in the Northern Hemisphere's atmosphere. This transformation is due to a change in the relationship between the Sun and its inner planets. The hologram around the Sun has been done anew by the various Elohim Councils assigned to the solar system. Also, the solar system's inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and the Asteroid Belt) have been assigned a new set of resonant frequencies for this transitory period. These changes should give you something interesting to look forward to in the coming weeks

Let us now close this brief message to you. We know that your life on your world is often not the easiest nor the most enjoyable for you. Your mission may, at times, even seem either too tedious and/or too filled with sorrow. Just know, dear blessed ones, that the Spiritual Hierarchy has given you a great dispensation of grace as well as a great deal of love and light to aid you. Also know that soon we shall be among you. So please do not be in despair. Just be in joy. Selamat Ja! (Be in joy!)

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