Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
Dec. 30, 1996 (11 Muluc, 17 Mol, 5 Eb)

Greetings! We come to you today to give you an update on what is about to happen to your planet and your solar system in the coming weeks. However, before we begin this report, we on the command ship would like to tell you that we are about to set aside the month of January as a month for many "surprises" for both you and your surface governments. Please dear ones, do not feel disappointed or depressed during the course of this period. We are on a divine timetable that is set to bring you in a divine reunion with your true reality. At present, your whole concept of reality has been altered during the past few weeks by a change in the time/space continuum that surrounds you. This change has been done by your planetary and solar Elohim so that your world could be moved into a new interdimensional hologram that would allow you to be safely moved into the photon belt. We are also concerned that your move into your new consciousness be as gentle as is possible. Our main concern has been your star--the Sun. Its instability has forced us to change the way in which it and the solar system are connected to each other. Some of your astronomers may have noticed that some strange time- and gravity-wave phenomena have been occurring in the vicinity of Mercury and your sun. These phenomena were due to the rapid alteration of the Sun's holographic envelope and how it is connected to the solar system. We have also adjusted the position between the "comet" Hale-Bopp and its companion. This very slight change in positioning was needed to allow us to use the inter-dimensional light energy capabilities of the companion to achieve what we have done with the Sun's hologram.

Now, we are ready to shoot your solar system through the "eye" of the photon's needle and set up our new scenario for putting you into full consciousness. This operation is quite complex and has been hinted at by many of the sets of radio messages that we have given you to interpret since last November of 1996 (galactic months of Xul, Yaxkin, and Mol). We in the Galactic Federation are here for two purposes: First, we are here to complete a first contact and secondly, we are here to move you into your true reality of full consciousness and to assist you in the creation of your galactic civilization. These tasks have proved to be much more difficult than we at first imagined. After all, this project is the first time that such an alteration has been attempted in so short a period of time. Importantly, we should reiterate that the Galactic Federation is absolutely committed to the successful completion of this most vital project. What we shall state is that we are not bound to anything more than doing it as fast as is possible. This realization does not mean that we have vastly increased the time frame, just that we will not reveal any more dates except that it will happen quite shortly. This period is the one that shall quickly mark your graduation into full consciousness and our inevitable meeting. This time now draws quite near. The time of this encounter will be our great surprise to you and especially to your governments and the top secret projects they have created to try to track and hinder what we intend to successfully accomplish. This Galactic Federation is well aware of the means that your government has used to try to conceal our existence and to deny what is about to happen to your world. Just know that we are coming and coming in numbers large enough to permit us to swiftly and quite easily move you into a new inter-dimensional reality.

Now let us discuss at length what is about to happen. When the two photon belts collide on December 31, 1996 (7 Muluc, 19 Mol, 5 Eb), the first belt (the "pinwheel" from the neutron star Avalus) will close to your solar system at 11:45 PM GMT. At that time, it will bore a hole about 1 1/2 times your solar system's width into the main photon belt (the large torroid shaped "serpent" or "snake"). This larger photon belt will encounter your solar system some 3 hours after its collision with the "pinwheel". As stated earlier, you will be drawn into the "void" created by the pinwheel's collision with the larger photon belt. Normally, this position would have led to your encounter with the null zone created by the larger belt's energy system around the edge of this newly created void. This reality can be extended by the use of certain technologies that we now possess. What we do next will be our secret and one of our major surprises. We are just now going to reiterate our major and prime directive.

The Galactic Federation is here to take you through this difficulty and to allow you to quickly and easily be put into full consciousness. We have absolutely no intention of deviating from this responsibility. You will notice some rather unusual phenomena in your skies and will also notice that you will have a very out-of-sorts feeling about yourself and others in the next few days. Also be prepared for some strange and rather informative dreams and other similar phenomena as a side effect to what we are going to be doing. This Galactic Federation fleet and its allies are about to complete the first stage of our commitment to you and we are determined that it will be done in right relationship to the divine plan for this galaxy. That divine plan has this planet Earth and its human population in a new inter-dimensional reality during this immediate time line. It is our purpose to complete this task and by so doing, to allow your world to shift into its required new reality. Those specially-trained persons who follow the changes in your world know how close these changes now are. The Galactic Federation's scientists are also quite aware of what is now happening to your planet. We will keep your planet from major cataclysms and allow it to become what it truly wishes to become - a fully conscious and multidimensional member of this galaxy. Let us close with our traditional salutation and also blessings to all of you for your patience and your continuing joy of what is about to happen to you and your planet. Selamat Ja!

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