Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
Dec. 4, 1996 (6 Akbal, 11 Yaxkin, 5 Eb)

We come to you now with the information that all systems and procedures required for the final stages of our first contact mission are proceeding on schedule. The so-called "comet" Hale-Bopp (actually a camouflaged former Alliance space ship) is proceeding on its course to rendezvous with your world in the early Spring and complete its historic diplomatic mission by delivering the 10,000 Ambassadors to their Australian colony on May 5, 1997 (2 Men, 3 Muan, 5 Eb). In addition, the Federation space ship which is known to many as "Nibiru" is continuing to monitor its progress and to act as the "comet's" companion. Both will arrive in your planet's vicinity by the end of March, 1997 (toward the end of the galactic month of Mac). During the following week, the Federation space ship or "Nibiru" will uncloak itself so that more of Earth's scientists can better observe our space station and learn more about its reality.

In addition, the "comet" will continue to "break up" (dissolve into its components) and to prepare for its arrival. Our ship will continue to allow psychics and scientists to converse with it so that all can see that we come on a mission of divine peace, love, and light that will allow you an easier transition to your higher and full conscious selves. In addition, we have proved to your surface governments that our mission is peaceful, benevolent, and necessary for the graceful continuance of human civilization on your planet. This action was done by showing them that their weaponry was useless and could not prevent the breaking up of our landing grid energy patterns which we have set in your upper atmosphere. We have also saved the lives of pilots as well as the aircraft of various air forces that have challenged us in the past few weeks. The Angelic Hierarchy has informed many persons as well as the world's governments of what is now occurring and that the first contact mission has their full and undivided approval. Now is the time to demand that these surface governments begin to inform their respective citizens of what is occurring in their skies and in the solar system. For far too long, these surface governments have kept their people in the dark about our (the Galactic Federation's) existence and especially about this vital mission which is now scheduled for completion by December 17, 1996 (6 Cib, 4 Mol, 5 Eb).

Moreover, there has been a complete blackout on the coming in your solar system of the two photon belts. The first belt was created as a result of a massive nova in the Spring of 1987. This anomaly has created a huge belt of photons that are presently emitting a signature of anti- matter particles and extremely high levels of gamma radiation. This first and smaller belt will intersect with a much bigger second belt of photon energies that is about 100,000 light years across (this second and much-larger belt is interdimensional and its largest diameter is traveling in a parallel direction to your Earth's and this galaxy's path in the Creation). These two photon belts will enter this solar system and collide with your planet on the evening of December 31, 1996 (7 Oc, 18 Mol, 5 Eb) to the early hours of January 1, 1997 (8 Batz, 19 Mol, 5 Eb). These encounters will neutralize the smaller belt's deadly ingredients, but will also shift your planet and all sentient members of the Earth's biosphere into full consciousness. This second belt has been partially cloaked by a vast hologram that we (the Galactic Federation, the Elohim, and the Angelic Hierarchies) are now breaking up gradually so that the encounter goes as smoothly as is possible.

Your planet, as your scientists now know, is under a great deal of pressure to pull itself into an episode of great instability and possible disaster. We are monitoring these changes quite closely and you should know that these drastic possibilities will not be permitted to occur. At present, this planet is at 90 per cent of the factors needed for its graduation into full consciousness. We have stabilized these factors and will not allow an increase of more than three per cent in these factors before the photon belts encounter one another and push your planets and yourselves into a new reality. Until then our plan is to increase the number of nightly flyovers in Earth's skies and to prepare for a full massive flyover some 24 to 72 hours before the actual landing scenario begins. Up until that time, we will continue with a "growing" of sightings nightly as well as more Angelic appearances that will come either as a direct appearance or more gently in your dreams. We (the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy) are determined that these operations go smoothly and on time. It is our intent that all of you understand that this mass landing has a deep and definitive purpose and we have to train you for your new reality (a new galactic civilization and a new form of galactic governance). Indeed, you are the linchpin in a new galactic peace. This peace will permit our galaxy to finally take its rightful and destined place in this Physical Creation and will lead this Physical Creation towards its divine destiny.

Therefore, let us close this message with a hope that you will look to the night skies to see us perform for you some most wonderful maneuvers. Our pilots wish to show you the joy of our technology. These are times in which we shall shortly be among you. Our deepest hope is that those scientists that have the responsibility to appear before you will now do so and enlighten all of you as to our reality and true purpose. We come now in peace and in love with joy of our responsibility clearly in hand. Do not, dear beloved brothers and sisters, be in fear of what is about to happen to you. Please see it as a time of a grace-filled transition to a newer and much better world. The Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchies of the Creator come to you together in love and in light. And in that vein, we now leave you. Blessings of Love, Light, Prosperity, and especially of Joy!

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