Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
Nov. 27, 1996 (6 Cib, 4 Yaxkin. 5 Eb)

Greetings! We come to you on this date with some more interesting information concerning the changes in your reality. At present, all Galactic Federation ships involved in setting the landing grids have been in furious operation on all of Earth's major continents. These ships should be finished with their work by December 9, 1996 (11 Lamat, 16 Yaxkin, 5 Eb). By that time all landing grids will be locked in and ready for use. Their work has created an increased observance of various colored "fireballs" sighted in your night sky throughout the length and breadth of your beloved planet. We are also changing the energy composition of the upper layers of planet Earth. This change has created the increased amount of "moonbows" around the Moon and culminated in the very unusually pinkish-coral fire and purplish-orange colors of your last full moon on November 24, 1996 ( 9 Ben, 1 Yaxkin, 5 Eb).

We are also in the process of increasing the electrical conductivity of Earth's atmosphere in preparation for shutting down all of your presently operating world-wide electrical grids before the landings begin (it will not effect radios and TVs at the time of the mass landing announcements). The purposes of these actions are two-fold: First, we have to prepare your planet for our coming and also for its graduation into full consciousness. Gaia is preparing to reset its magnetic polarities as well as its declination points.These events need rapid adjustments in the way Earth's atmospheric electrical grids are placed. We have obliged the wishes of your Spiritual Hierarchy and done so. Second, we will use these grids to broadcast electricity to you on a temporary basis after the landings are completed (it will take about 3 to 7 days to give all households the new photon power generators and then hook them up), and the old surface governments have finished their surrender process (a period from one-half to one earth hour is allotted for this process) after the landings are completed (it will take us four and one-half hours for the entire landing procedure to be accomplished). Moreover, we are in the process of adjusting your surface grids for the arrival of the photon belt on December 31, 1996 (12 Oc, 18 Mol, 5 Eb). This action will be partially completed by December 10, 1996 (12 Muluc, 17 Yaxkin, 5 Eb). The rest will be finished in the week before the first photon belt arrives.

As a part of this process, we have opened the interdemensional landing portal above the crater of Haleakala on the Island of Maui. This action was done between the 19th and the 22nd of November (4 Lamat, 16 Xul, 5 Eb to 7 Batz, 19 Xul, 5 Eb). This portal will be used to bring in the Sirian command ship and to set the coordinates for landing it in the crater of Haleakala on the day of the landings. This large ship will carry all important command personnel whose job it will be to coordinate all Federation personnel (counsellors, scientists, technicians) after the landings have been completed. It will land in the first ten minutes of the landing operation in the first wave of ships.The Angelics have also been busy with their work and have been adjustingthe planet for its rapid change in magnetics and gravity. After the graduation to full consciousness, the planet will increase its gravitational pull by 1.95%. Over the next two years,this change will allow Earth to gradually adjust its orbit to a periodicity of 360 Earth days-lessening its periodicity by only 0.13%. This slight change will permit the planet to return to its normal orbit for the first time in nearly 11,400 years. It will also allow the Spiritual Hierarchy to begin the activity of realigning the orbits of the other inner planets so that the "life zone" of this solar system can be successfully reestablished in its original form.

In addition to these changes, you have seen that the Hale-Bopp Comet has altered its course once again and has split into two parts. This action was done as part of a general breakdown of the ship’s components into its more easily utilized parts. All former "Alliance" battle craft are capable of breaking into several smaller ships in order to be more easily navigated and controlled. Furthermore, we will cloak and uncloak the so-called "Nibiru" battle planet from time to time (expect a new appearance sometime in the first two weeks of December). Right now, we are continuing on course for a rendezvous with Earth in late March of 1997 (during the galactic month of Mac). This special arrival will mark the last stages in the bringing about of the Truce of Anchara and the enabling of the new galactic peace. This event is now being watched closely by the representatives of the forming Intergalactic Union, and it serves as proof of this galaxy's commitment to peace, light, and harmony with all sentient species in this vast physical Creation.

Additionally, we are monitoring the bodily changes that are underway in all of you. These changes have been accomplished with the resultant alteration in consciousness that we require. All of you are more aware of your relationships to your spiritual counsels, to Ets and other phenomenon that presently engulf your world. These has been done in a way that was largely unreported in its scope and breadth by the Earth’s mass media. We who are constantly observing you have been most pleased with these developments in your psyche and in your progress as conscious beings of Light. Just know that you and your planet have been sufficiently prepared for what is about to happen to you. It is a time of joy and not apprehension.

Many of you, especially many other Light workers, will tell you that such a massive change cannot happen so quickly, or that we do not care enough about you to so massively intervene in your affairs. Understand, beloved ones, two simple truths: First, we are here on a divine mission and second, we are your space family. This mission is not a rescue but simply the helping of our brethren to quickly reach their full potential. This planet is about to rapidly change and so must you, without the prerequisite of vast ritual or of further years of endless preparation. Enjoy it, have fun with it and know that we will soon be here. We leave with blessings of Light, Love, and Joy!

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