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Innovations in Continuing Education

Computer-Assisted Self-Directed Learning: The Future of Continuing Medical Education


Department of Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine physicians' prior experience with computers, access to computers and on-line resources, and interest in computer-assisted continuing medical education (CACME). A survey was conducted among a random sample of primary care physicians in early 1995, with 102 respondents. Most physicians (78.4%) reported prior computer use, and 37.3% have used computers for self-study. Most respondents (76.5%) also have access to a personal computer, many with a modem (44.1%), CD-ROM (41.2%), or on-line service (36.3%). Approximately half of physicians (48.5%) indicated that they would be interested in CACME if they could use a computer to which they already have access. An additional 31.3% would be willing to invest in a computer or computer upgrade. Physicians demonstrated greater interest in CACME if they had prior experience with computers, access to a personal computer or on-line service, or had previously received credit for CACME. The results indicate that most physicians are currently interested in computer-based CME. With the continued growth of CD-ROM, Internet, and World Wide Web (WWW) technology, CME providers have an opportunity to reach a large percentage of physicians, particularly those in rural areas.

Key Words: CD-ROM, computer-assisted instruction (CAI), continuing medical education (CME), Internet, physician survey, World Wide Web (WWW)

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