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The FTC's deposition
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When the blip comes
Roy Taylor gazes at a DRAM disaster unfolding

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27 June 1998
CHS sniffs around Azlan
Azlan bosses want out

Software Warehouse cuts jobs
Nineteen go as company stumbles

Gateway moves home
Life is a beach

26 June 1998

Fujitsu has now announced
it is considering exiting the DRAM business too, according to newswire Reuters. The Fujitsu president Naoyuki Akikusa was quoted in local news agency JiJi by Reuters. That makes the whole Asian DRAM industry look a little as though it is suffering from a DRAM domino theory. (See story below about Acer).

Acer talks about exiting DRAM business
Looks to IBM to bale out business

Intel close to finding workaround for Xeon problem
Which it says is an erratum anyway, not a bug

Microsoft rolls out Windows 98 - quietly
Low-key world domination bid succeeds with barely a shot fired

Intel to cease building PCs
Only a minor part of its business, claims company

FTC blocks Adaptec Hyundai purchase
Korean company short of $775 million again

Microsoft claims prime IE brand can't be trademarked
Because somebody else seems to have got there before it did, apparently...

FTC 'teaser' sites warn credulous consumers
But actually nailing the fraudsters is an entirely different matter

Ericsson slams Lucent bid to derail WCDMA
Those old equipment suppliers are counting their intellectual properties again

HP launches new round of PC price cuts
Company says reseller programme allows reductions

25 June 1998
SGI plans 3D graphics unit sale
Sony said to want technology for Internet gaming

Microsoft targeted in user class action
Cajun duo fights for rights of 150 million Windows users

3Com shows profit increase, but market flat
Benhamou says company has turned corner... but onto what highway?

Acer unveils XC details
Range of different designs from $200-$1,000 price tags

Symantec buys disk cloning technology
Aims to expand its solutions for the corporate market

Big three cut jobs in the Far East
Downsizing bites Motorola, TI, Compaq

Siemens bales out of GPT joint venture
GEC reckons partnership was fundamentally flawed

TI shuts Singapore plant, shifts to Taiwan
Consolidation means 600 jobs go in high-cost island

Java speeds up GSM email
Wireless gateway system cuts delivery times to a fraction

Israeli firm introduces remote PABX
Offers remote access to company switchboard services

CIA warns of Cyber War
Red China, Libya, Iraq and Iran in frame

Cisco fails to broker Lucent/Nortel deal
Shares rally to all-time high

Microsoft claims first of series of corporate CE wins
Surrey Police equips with Sharps for mobile intranet

Compaq drives into remote access market
Series of special purpose servers presage converged voice and data


Micron acquires Rendition
Diversification is the name of the game

Intel reported to take share in LG Semicon
South Korean paper claims deal worth $1 billion

Intergraph CEO claims Intel "grossly misrepresented" facts
Alabama judge sets date for trial in Year 2000

Xeon erratum scuttles out of woodwork
It's not a bug, it's a Latin word instead

Rambus announcement to cost DRAM manufacturers
Intel's backing means companies forced to pay royalties to Rambus


Cabletron buys NetVantage
Profits down, channel accreditations up

CompUSA takes out competition
Retailing is a mugs game

Compaq extends Web-based support activities
ActiveAnswers provides channel help for R/3 and Web

Tulip Begemanns can be choosers
PC vendor retreats to Western Europe

ALR springs channel re-jig on UK distributors
Reseller programme launched without briefing existing partners

US government accuses Gateway of selling PCs to Iran and Syria
Company fined $401,000 for breach of export regulations

Mobile distributors set up pan-European venture
Portable Add-ons takes 25 per stake in outfit


SPA demands DoJ action on NT Server
Catch it now before it escapes, says white paper

Widespread support gathers for Xeon launch
But some may hold back for faster versions

Gates owns even more of everything - official
Five-strong team in second place fails to shift billionaire Bill

IBM ships two PCs
One comes with a K6-2 and one comes without one

Bug delays Xeon launch
It never rains but pours for Intel

Microsoft wins anti-trust battle
Judge exceeds his authority

SHL Learning Technologies, CTEC change hands
Training firms bought

Wanted: UK general manager for Packard Bell
Headhunters spotted

Michael Kianfar leaves GECITS
Entrepreneurs and corporates rarely mix

Great Satan of Software uses ex-Satan missiles
Deployment could allow good property deals to develop

Shih fleshes out plans for XC devices
$200 PC appliances for education, entertainment and commerce


AT&T and British Telecom alliance mooted
US company's friends in Unisource may get knifed

Cisco rejects Lucent claims
Vigorous defence expected

AMD puts its money on home phone network
But will the technology play in the realms of ETSI?

WorldCom deal gain approval - at a price
MCI to lose lots more Internet biz

Ericsson plays it cool on purchases
But it's got a longish list

General Magic demonstrates smart voice phone
Understands natural language - oh, yeah...

Sony expands CDMA phone production
Can the market cope with 10 million a year?

PointCast seeks suitors
But it's a bit near the bleeding edge for some

Home phone networking alliance planned
Combines Tut HomeRun and ADSL technologies

Psion-led phone alliance outflanks Microsoft
CE looks set to be shut out of the cellular market

Psion Dacom teams up with Ascend
Companies to target large businesses for faster remote access

NetManage turns eyes on Wall Data
Speculation of takeover mounts


Hitachi gets flash with 84Mb card
Japanese giant targets digi-camera market


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