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TITUS SOFTWARE is a developer and publisher of games for computers and major game platforms. Founded in Paris in 1985 by brothers Hervé and Eric Caen, the company has quickly grown into one of Europe?s leading multi-platform software developers and publishers and has established a strong presence in the U.S. over the years.

Titus has developed a number of highly acclaimed games for the PC, Macintosh, Nintendo 64, SNES, NES and Game Boy. For the future, Titus is preparing ground-breaking products for Mac CD-ROM and PC CD-ROM with 3DFX support and Pentium 2 optimizations, along with developing titles for the Sony Titus currently consists of 75 employees, including two in-house development team of 44 programmers, designers and artists. The company has established an extensive distribution network. Through direct distribution, outside distributors and license agreements, Titus sells its products in the U.S. and over 30 countries in Europe and Asia. Titus has offices in Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo and London.

Titus? success comes from a strong focus on the key dimension which is common across their product line: quality gameplay content. In addition, Titus enjoys a reputation for establishing and maintaining a high level of technical excellence.

Titus' success comes from the company's strongfocus on the cornerstone of every title it produces: qualitygameplay content. As a result, Titus enjoys a reputation for establishing and maintaining a high level of both creative and technical excellence. Accordingly, other firms often contract with Titus not only to market and distribute products, but to develop them, as well.

In October of 1996, Titus Software was listed on the French stock exchange. With its entry into the market well received by major investors and the economic press alike, Titus is now well-positioned for further growth. This new powerful financial tool will allow Titus to expand both its internal development and external publishing activities.

In summer 1997, Titus became a public company in France by listing its shares on "Le Nouveau Marché" (TITP.LN). Titus Interactive revenue for the fiscal year 1997 exceeded the original projection of 100MFF at 132MFF. This is the result of the success of the company's new game for the Nintendo 64, Automobili Lamborghini, that already sold over half a million units and the high level of acceptance of Virtual Chess 2 for CD Rom, the chess world champion software in both 1996 and 1997. International sales have progressed to represent 92% of Titus revenue.

The current market capitalization of the company exceeds $39 million.

The recent acquisition of the American development studio, "Blue Sky" software, which creates games for the Sony Playstation together with the increased number of titles the company is preparing for the Nintendo 64, will generate sales in excess of 215MFF for fiscal year 1998. Titus plans to publish by the end of 1998 two titles for Sony Playstation and three titles for Nintendo 64. International sales will remain very strong with significant contribution from the new Titus subsidiary in Japan that has been established at the end of 1997. All these factors will contribute to make Titus a major player in the Interactive Multimedia Industry.

Financial Data: 1996 revenues were $7.3 million and for 1997 revenues are $22,1 million.

No. of employees: There are 75 employees.


Company Contact Information

Titus France SA:

French Address Titus
310 Avenue Daniel Perdrige, 93370 Montfermeil.
Phone: (+33) 1 43 32 10 92 Fax: (+33) 1 43 32 11 52

For all inquiries, please contact Sophie Kaenzig


Titus Software Corporation:

20432 Corisco St., Chatsworth, CA, 91311, UNITED STATES Phone: 818-709-3692; Fax: 818-709-6537

For all inquiries, please contact Nicolas Beraudo


ProductDistribution Information


Nintendo 64, Sony PlayStation, Game Boy, CD-ROM for PC and Mac.

Titles available:

50 individual games are available on various platforms.

Most successful titles Automobili Lamborghini is Titus? best selling game to date, with more than 500,000 units sold, followed by Lamborghini American Challenge for SNES and Game Boy selling over 290,000 units, Prehistorik Man for SNES and Game Boy selling over 160,000 units and Virtual Chess for PC and Mac with more than 160,000 units sold.


Units sold (lifetime total to date):

17.5 million units

Recent releases:

Automobili Lamborghini for NINTENDO 64,
Superman for Game Boy,
Virtual Chess 2 Windows 95 on PC CD-ROM

Titles in development:

Virtual Chess 64 for Nintendo 64
Superman for Nintendo 64 & Playstation
Quest for Camelot for Game Boy & Nintendo 64
Space Girl for PC CD-ROM
Roadsters 98 for Nintendo 64
Jungle Bots for Nintendo 64
Baby Titus for Game Boy

Distribution network:

The company has developed an extensive distribution network around the world including mass merchant, retailers and distributors. Titus products are sold in over 30 countries, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, ?


Copyrights and trademarks:

Virtual Chess ©1994-97 Titus. With the participation of the Centre National de la Cinematographie and the Ministere de l'Industrie. Chess program and libraries by Marc-Francois Baudot and Jean-Christophe Weill. Windows 3.11and Windows 95 are registered trademarks of Microsoft.

Lamborghini American Challenge The trademark Automobili Lamborghini and Diablo is owned by and used under Licence from Automobili Lamborghini S.p.a., Italy.

Ardy Light Foot ©1994 ASCII CORPORATION, All rights reserved. Licensed to Titus Software Corp.

The Brainies ©1994 Titus; ©1991 Atreid Concept.

Oscar ©1994 developed by Flair Software, Microvalue/Flair. All rights reserved. Licensed to Titus.

Realm ©1994 developped by Flair Software, Microvalue/Flair. All rights reserved. Licensed to Titus.

Whizz ©1994 developped by Flair Software, Microvalue/Flair. All rights reserved. Licensed to Titus.

Prince of Persia II ©1993 Broderbund Software, Inc. All Rights reserved. Code by Titus.

Power Piggs of the Dark Age. Power Piggs of the Dark Age is a Trademark of Barr Entertainment Inc., used under license by Titus. ©1993 Barr Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.


Titus and the Titus logo are registered trademarks of Titus Software Corporation; all rights reserved. No information, content, or images herein may be used without the express written consent of Titus Software Corporation. All other registered trademarks are the property of their respected owners.



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