PRNewswire: Boylan Encourages Children to Trust Paedophiles

Dr. Dick, Friend of the Martians
Despite military attempts to silence author; sparks debate among psychologists

COLUMBUS, Miss., Jan. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Ignoring what she says were "threats at gunpoint" to keep silent about her abductions by "chalky-colored creatures with big black eyes," an educator has published an illustrated book to ease young children's fears about extraterrestrials.

Based on author Leah Haley's personal experiences, "Ceto's New Friends" ($18.95, Greenleaf Publications, 601-328-8152), has psychologists debating the wisdom of depicting "ETs" as friendly.

"Had I been taught about aliens as a child, I would have suffered less trauma from my encounters," says Haley, who was declared sane by all three therapists she saw to seek a "cure" for memories of abductions by aliens. "The government's policy for blacking out news of these experiences causes a lot of fear." Sacramento psychologist Richard Boylan, a founder of the Association of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists, says, "It's an excellent tool for helping children assimilate these bizarre experiences and a valuable aid to parents who are trying to understand. I highly recommend it." But a well-known abduction researcher would not endorse "Lost Was the Key" (Haley's nonfiction account for adults) for fear his name might be connected with her children's book. "Teaching children that ETs are friendly is like teaching them to take candy from strangers," he says.

"Children can run from strangers," Haley counters, "but not from aliens. Abductions occur despite all efforts to prevent them. Why not ease the trauma they cause?" She is no stranger to trauma. Following one encounter, she says, uniformed men seized her, took her to a military base, drugged her, interrogated her, threatened her with guns, and ordered, "You did not see a spaceship, do you understand?!" Two masters degrees and a CPA license did not keep her from being fired when she told university officials she would not teach classes on that base.

Going public has ruined Haley's marriage and several friendships, but she insists, "They'll have to kill me to shut me up." Because some bookstores carry no books about UFOs and aliens, she offers a free catalog. Write: P.O. Box 70563, Tuscaloosa, AL 35407-0563.

"Ceto's New Friends," $18.95; "Lost Was the Key," $19.95. Bookstores can order through their distributors.

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