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Joan Growe - Minnesota Secretary of State


WELCOME to the Home Page of the Minnesota Secretary of State. From here you are able to access information on registering a business in Minnesota, applying for a position on a Minnesota Agency or Board, elections in Minnesota, and press releases and proposed administrative rules of the Secretary of State. Below is a description of the services offered by the Secretary of State, and a link to additional information on those services.



Click here to access administration page

Click the Administration button to access information on Secretary of State Joan Anderson Growe, the duties of the Secretary of State, and how to contact staff members of the Office of the Secretary of State.






Link to Elections Page

The Elections Division provides information on registering to vote, running for office, and election results. Additionally the Election Division produces the Legislative Manual, a free publication on the state, federal, and local levels of Minnesota state government. Click on the Elections button to access this information.





Click here for Open Appointments Page

Open Appointments is your opportunity to get involved with Minnesota Government. Each month positions on state councils and boards become open for your application. The Open Appointments page contains an application form for these positions, a listing of this months openings, a description of all state agencies and councils that are a part of the open appointment process, and a listing of current agency and council members. Click the Open Appointment button to access this information.




Click here for Business Services PageThe Business Services Division reviews and files applications for incorporation by all business, nonprofit, foreign and professional corporations, cooperatives, banks and insurance companies. Registrations are also accepted from limited partnerships, limited liability companies, limited liability partnerships and holders of assumed names and trade and service marks. Click on the Business Services button to access more information on business filings, and to download the necessary forms.





Click here for direct access pageThe Minnesota Secretary of State provides information to the public in a number of ways. The office offers direct off site access to the Business Services data base, and it provides information from the registration database in multiple formats. Click the Direct Access and Public Information button for pricing information and to download order forms.





Click here to access the administrative rule page.Periodically the Secretary of State will draft rules that supplement statutory authority in areas that involve the office. Public notice of the Secretary's intention to adopt rules, the proposed rule, and an explanation of how to comment on the rules, are available here. Click on the Administrative Rules button to access this information.





Click here to access UCC  pageThe Uniform Commercial Code Section files and records financing statements which show the collateralized status of various assets pledged to secure loans. The U.C.C. section also files and records notices of state and federal tax liens. Click here to access more information on the U.C.C. process.





Click here to access digital signature  page Click on the Digital Signature button for information about the newest program at the Office of the Secretary of State. Minnesota Statutes chapter 325K directs the Secretary to implement asymmetric cryptosystem technology to authenticate electronic messages. Obtain information about the requirements of Minnesota law, the status of its implementation and general information about this technology.





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