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Welcome to ABSOLUT VW - the site of VW sites! I have spent more hours working on this site than I care to imagine. While my knowledge and interest focuses on air-cooled VW's, I've tried to give equal forum to the water-cooled enthusiast. Be sure to check out the links page - I spent at least 100 hours designing and researching all the info contained therein. Also, I have taken dozens of sources and compiled what I consider to be the most comprehensive history of the venerable VW Beetle. If you have any questions about the Beetle after reading my History, chances are there's nobody left alive to answer it. Come back often, like most sites ABSOLUT VW is constantly under construction. Be on the lookout for the skinny on my 1965 Beetle Sedan. I hope you enjoy.

Check out this way cool original takeoff on the astoundingly successful Absolut Vodka advertising campaign. I'm probably guilty of copyright infringement on this one, but everyone knows that Absolut almost always refers to those Vodka guys. No malice was intended by using the Absolut theme.Click on it to get the full size image.

As always, comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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VW Performance Articles
VW Engine Displacement Computer
VW Tranny Gearing Computer
The History of the Volkswagen Beetle
Links to almost every VW site on the Internet (Takes a while to load)
My 1965 Custom Beetle Sedan

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