1 APRIL 1998


Amnesty International UK is now inviting entries for its annual Press Awards, which honour excellence in human rights journalism aimed at British audiences.

If you are a UK based journalist and require further information please call the AIUK Press Office on 0171 814 6248 or e-mail

The award categories are:

* Television Documentary

* Television News

* Radio

* National Newspapers (including newspaper supplements and magazines)

* Periodicals

* Photojournalism

The closing date for entries is 30 April 1998.

"Despite 1998 being the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights there has been no shortage of important human rights abuse stories in the last year", says David Bull, Director of Amnesty International UK.

"High-profile issues such as the massacres in Algeria have received significant coverage but there have also been less well-publicised abuses that still cry out for international scrutiny."

Entries for the Awards must have been published or transmitted between 16 April 1997 and 30 April 1998 and fall within Amnesty International's areas of concern.

Further information and entry forms are available from: Annabel Harris, Press Awards Co-ordinator, Amnesty International UK, 99-119 Rosebery Avenue, London, EC1R 4RE, Tel: 0171-814 6200, Fax: 0171-833 1510, e-mail: awards@amnesty.org.uk

The Awards ceremony will be held at the Park Lane Hotel, London on 25 June 1998.


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