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Yamaha A-420 Integrated Amp (50watts x 2) $105
Yamaha GE-60 EQ with Spectrum Display, $80
Pioneer TX-950 Digital Tuner, $55
DBX 3BX Series II, Dynamic Expander, $195
Marantz 2270 with walnut cabinet - near mint!, $425
Rotel RX-200A Receiver/Tuner
JBL L20T Speakers, $145 pr.
Realistic Nova 5 - 8" 2-way Speakers, $60 pr
Kenwood KA-405 Integrated Amp, $85
Fisher CD-4020 Cassette Deck, $35
Marantz HD-66 10" 3-way Speakers, $125 pr.
Technics SL-23 Turntable, $55
Kenwood KR-2600 Receiver, $65
Kenwood KM-106 Power Amp, $135 offers moderately priced used audio gear from the 1970s and 1980s. Since November, 1995 has shipped hundreds of orders to satisified customers worldwide.

Terms: all items plus shipping out of Greenville, SC 29615. Prepayment by money order is preferred. I usually ship the business day following receipt of your money order. Your personal check is welcome but may delay shipment for up to 5 business days while it clears. COD's (cash only) add $5.00 to shipping cost. COD's may require prepayment of shipping and COD costs. Sorry, no chargecards. All items subject to prior sale. Items are ocassionally unavailable for direct sale while they are auctioned on eBay. Click here for those items: eBay Seller List:

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Marantz 2270 with walnut cabinet - near mint!, $425

Rotel RX-200A Receiver/Tuner, $20

Marantz Model 18 Receiver, $425

Kenwood KR-2600 Receiver, $65

Kenwood KA-405 Integrated Amp, $85

Kenwood KM-106 Power Amp, $135

*** Sony STR-5800SD Receiver, $85 ***

Large, heavy silver front analog receiver. 55 watts x 2, connections and switching for 3 pair. Acoustic selector (Low, Presence, Loudness) Inputs: AM/FM, Tape A and B with dubbing, Phono, Aux. Volume control has -20dB muting. FM dolby. Everything functions but missing 2 knobs. Only $85 plus shipping PIC (STR-5800SD)

*** Hafler DH-101 Preamp, $130 ***

This classic basic preamp set the standard for maximum sonic value when it was introduced in 1977. Black front with solid machined aluminum bass, treble and volume/balance controls. Inputs: Phono 1, Phono 2, Tuner, Aux. Tape 1, Tape 2. Tone controls are defetable. Red LED power indicator. Nice sounding - no harshness. This preamp was highly rated in it's day. Near perfect cosmetics and fully functional. The DH-101 originally sold for $299, I can offer this example for $130 plus shipping. PICTURE (DH-101)

*** Realistic STA-64 Receiver, $60 ***

Realistic STA-64 silver front, analog AM/FM stereo receiver. Inputs: AM/FM, phono, tape, aux. Connections and switching for 2 pairs of speakers, headphone jack, loudness compensation, stereo/mono. Walnut veneer cabinet. Power output to be approx. 20-25 watts per channel. This unit has nice cosmetics and is fully functional. Replaced the stereo indicator lamp. Radio Shack listed from 1977-81 for $250, only $60 plus shipping.(17 lbs net, 22 lbs gross)


I stock some original drivers for AR and Advent speakers, e-mail me your needs.

Marantz HD-66 10" 3-way Speakers, $125 pr.

Windsor, 3000S Laboratory Series Speakers, $70 pr

JBL L20T Speakers, $145 pr.

*** Realistic Nova 5 - 8" 2-way Speakers, $60 pr ***

8" acoustic suspension woofer and 2" cone tweeter. Walnut veneer cabinets (not vinyl). Dimensions 19"h x 10 3/4"w x 7 3/4"d. Excellent cosmetics and fully functional. Perfect for the extra bedroom or basement or use as surrounds. These listed for $160 pr. from 1981-84, only $60 plus shipping (26lbs net, 38lbs gross pr.)

*** Audioanalyst A-200X Speakers, $145 pr. ***

Heavy ~ 50 lb floor standing 5-way system with 12" acoustic suspension woofer. 5" midrange, 1 cone tweeter and two 1 angled super tweeters. 27"h x 15"w x 13"d. Includes some floor stands mounted on the base. Beautiful real walnut veneer cabinets with black woven grills. Nice full sounding speaker for the modest cost. All drivers working - cabinets in exc. condition with very few dings. Adjustment controls for mids and highs. This system listed for $598 pr. from '74 - '79, only $145 plus shipping. (47 lbs net, 55 lbs gross ea.) PIC (A200x)

The Advent Loudspeaker, $180 pr

The Advent Loudspeaker - a classic design by Henry Kloss. Over 500,000 pair sold! These are the utility versions with vinyl cabinets. 2-way design, 10" woofers in 12" frames (without the hardboard ring) and the famous orange donut cone tweeter (flush mounted). Original grills are in great shape w/ Advent logos. Vinyl cabinets are also exc. - only a few scuffs. Original drivers are in superb shape and fully functional. Great base, good midrange, extended treble to create outstanding imaging. Listed for $280 pr. in 1974-78. I can offer for only $180 pair plus shipping. PIC (ADV-UTIL)

*** Advent/1 Speakers, $140 pair ***

Excellent Advent sound. These Advent/1 speakers have brand new Advent woofers. Tweeters have been upgraded with a modern dome unit mounted in the original tweeter plate. Grills are in excellent shape with Advent logos intact. Cabinets are walnut vinyl veneer and show some wear. Advent offered this speakers for $250 pair from 1973-80. I can offer for $140 pr. plus shipping. PICTURE (ADVENT/1)

*** Minimus 7 Speakers, $70 pr ***

Near mint cosmetics Each speaker contains a 4" woofer with butyl rubber surround and 1" soft dome tweeter. Original drivers are perfect, the walnut cabinets are near mint. Listed for $120 pair, Only $70 plus shipping (8 lbs net, 13 lbs gross, pr.) PICTURE (MIN-7)

*** KLH Model 6 Classics, $70 pr ***

Designed by Henry Kloss of AR and Advent fame. Original woofers and cone tweeters. Tweeter level switch. Walnut cabinets have wear. Replaced both tweeter capacitors for renewed highs. No grills These listed for $298 from the 60s into the 70s. Great match for tube components. Only $70 pair plus shipping. PIC (KLH-6)

*** Single KLH Speaker (Center or mono application) ***

KLH Model 32 acoustic suspension speaker. Real walnut veneer cabinet! 8" woofer and 2 1/2" tweeter. Only $35 plus shipping.


*** Kenwood KT-42B Digital Tuner, $55 ***

Kenwood KT-42B black front tuner. AM/FM digital stereo tuner manufactured 1985-89. 6 AM and 6 FM presets. Excellent condition, fully functional, original list price $165. Only $55 plus shipping. (6.5 lbs net, 11 lbs gross) PIC (KT-42)

Rotel RX-200A Tuner


DBX 3BX Series II, Dynamic Expander, $195

*** Realistic 10-band equalizer, only $60 ***

Realistic 31-2020A 10 band, 2 channel (left and right) equalizer with LED spectrum display. Black front, switched tape equalization, gain control, bypass switch. Near mint cosmetics and fully functional. The Shack offered this equalizer in 1987 for $130, $60 plus shipping. PICTURE (EQ)

*** Marantz WC-5 Cabinet - New in Box! ***

This cabinet measures 16 3/4"w x 12 1/2d x 5 1/8"h. The component faceplate would measure 16"w x 4 1/4"h. $100 plus shipping


Fisher CD-4020 Cassette Deck, $35

*** Fisher, CR-W96 Dual Cassette Deck, $75 ***

Black front, Double Auto Reverse - Great for dubbing. Dolby B and C noise reduction. Normal, CrO2 and metal tape settings. Auto search function. Excellent condition and fully funcional. LED peak display meters, soft touch controls. Kenwood offered this piece in the early 90's, only $75 plus shipping out of SC. (12 lbs net, 17 lbs gross) PIC (CR-W96)

*** Teac V-300 Cassette Deck, $55 ***

Teac single cassette deck, Silver aluminum front, LED peak display, Dolby B NR. Normal, CrO2, and Metal tape settings. Soft touch controls, L & R mic inputs, phone jack. Records and plays well. Teac offered this deck from 83-84 for $200. Only $55 plus shipping. (9lbs net, 13lbs gross) PIC (V-300)


Technics SL-23 Belt Drive Turntable, $55

*** Yamaha P-450 Belt Drive Turntable, $55 ***

Nice basic, high quality Yamaha table, straight tonearm, Grado cartridge installed but needs stylus. Strobe, repeat, auto start, and return. Hinged cover. Brand new belt. Nice cosmetics and functional (less stylus). Listed for $190 from '80 - '92. Ony $55 plus shipping. (12 lbs net, 18 lbs gross) PIC (P-450)

*** Pioneer PL-2 Belt Drive Table, $65 ***

Nice condition belt drive table, Carbon Graphite straight tonearm, DC servo motor, brand new belt (receipt included). Excellent cosmetics - low hours. Includes cartridge and stylus. Pioneer sold this table for $130 (w/o cartridge) in 81-83. Only $65 plus shipping. (11lbs net, 16lbs gross)

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"I received the Marantz today, and I'm very pleased about the fact that it is every bit as good as you stated. Looking forward to doing business with you again soon on some other "Classic" equipment." P.L in UT

"I purchased a set of The Fisher speakers from you about a year and a half ago. I am wonderfully pleased with them". C.M. in NC

"The [JVC] turntable arrived this afternoon and actually was more than I had hoped. Great packing job and all went together well. First item I've bought used that didn't need to be cleaned." B.M. in WA

"Got the [Marantz] 2275 last night - it's great!!! Wow, the difference in quality between this and modern-day mass-market stuff is unbelievable! It was all I could do to carry it up the stairs!!" R.C. in NJ

"The amp arrived today in good condition. Set it up and it works fine. Thanks for everything." S.M. in HI

"The Marantz arrived yesterday, thanks for packing it well. It is a nice unit indeed." B.U. in WI

"I received the Kenwood today in great condition. I appreciate your extra effort in packaging it securely. A pleasure doing business with you." S.C. in TN

"Received the turntable today. I must say that I'm *very* impressed with the packing job. Everything arrived intact and in wonderful shape, and it's already hooked up to my system, and playing beautifully." D.C. of OH

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