Nov 28  (Bangkok) - Mr. Pusanweb has left town again - this time to launch Asianbridges with webcasting coverage of the Asian Games. We'll continue to update the Movie Page as often as possible and the Classified Ads, Q&A , and the graffiti wall are all operational. We've also uploaded a collection of past features to the Archives.  Our latest video feature is A Visit to a 'New Generation' Soju Tent, which is the second episode of what will someday become an internet food channel.  To fully appreciate this site you'll need to have Real Player installed. If you have questions about that, check out our Real Help section or email us
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The December issue is now online
The second episode of Mokja has hit the airwaves. The dedicated Pusanweb production team recovered enough to file this report from  Our Visit to a 'New Generation' Soju Tent
Stop by the  Feature Archives to see oldies but goodies like our Won Report, Nagano Olympic Coverage, and Virtually Live New Year's
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Ms. Gonda's Middle School Boys, ETS Haeundae, & KTT
Our latest episodes include visits to Pusan Tower, the UN cemetery, and Pusan Visitor's Center.
Mokja (Let's Eat)
Our food broadcasts - part cooking show, part culinary tourism, and part edible language study. Our latest episode is a visit to a 'New Generation' Soju Tent.
The Net's only (and best) source of webcasting news in English and Korean from Pusan.
Interviews and conversations with everyone from politicians to soju tent adjumas
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