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November 29, 1998
The media is still clueless: Open Source Java at Last? Open Source Java is already available and it's called Japhar and Classpath. Thanks for playing, though.

November 25, 1998
Along with half of the US, I will be out of town for the next few days and thus Hack the Planet will not be updated.

November 24, 1998
jwz: fear and loathing on the merger trail. Business as usual, nothing to see here, return to your code...

Today I ran into an IBM banner ad that played sound. These are truly the end times.

November 23, 1998
I have a cold and haven't felt like updating.

Seen on CamWorld: The Manifesto of the Futurist Programmers. Henry Massalin is one of the original futurists.

Robyn Miller's new company Land of Point finally has a Web site.

November 22, 1998
Mozilla.org has some new and improved RDF documentation.

November 21, 1998
In almost all of the Java stories I've read lately, people are talking about browsers. Are Web browsers an important use for Java? I've yet to see a useful Java applet. What ever happened to plain old applications?

November 20, 1998
A font that's like me: Periodically Coherent.

Sun's much-hyped Jini is now available for download. I have yet to see an official announcement and Slashdot is down, so maybe you heard it here first.

I'm looking through the new Jini specs and I don't see where it configures IP addresses. I'm not sure how Jini devices are supposed to communicate if they don't have IP adresses.

November 19, 1998
Ask Tog. It's approved by Don Norman. These gurus are weird: they know good design when the see it, but their sites are never very visually appealing.

November 16, 1998
Well, well, I see that MacOS Rumors has finally caught up with me in showing some screen shots of the MacOS 8.5 Architect/Drawing Board theme.

It's also nice to see that Be agrees with me that you cannot retrofit an old OS to be useful for today's applications.

IBM has a slick new XML site.

I just don't understand the new Slashdot comment-reading code. It's like being in an elevator with Willy Wonka: am I going up, down, or forward?

November 15, 1998
Oh yeah, I definitely have to enter the Enlightenment Theme Competition.

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