On Training Flea's...
Back many years ago,
when there were
Side Shows at Traveling Carnivals,
you could find
a Flea Circus.
The Flea Circus featured as it's Stars,

The Flea's would jump onto delicately weighted objects - which when they all piled upon, would cause a see-saw action and make something move.  They would group together and jump over to one section of the miniature circus laid out for everyone to watch.  Jumping and landing together they would cause something to happen.  You have to think of the mechanics of the weights – this is a lost art in itself.

As we look at their jumping and making things move, we wonder,

“How did they ever get these little critters to do this?”

Here's how it begins.
Training the Flea's.

So how do you train these little guys to take part in an extravaganza while the curious public looks on? – Without having them jump off of your little platform that you have engineered and constructed with germanic precision?

First off, you get a Glass Jar - any kind of Glass Jar with a lid on it.

Then, go find some Flea's.

Hopefully you're going to adopt a friend at a Shelter who will gladly let you find homes for his uninvited guests…

You will need at least 100 of these little critters...

With 100 of these wild Flea's in your Glass Jar, set it in a lighted place but not in direct Sunlight.  Not a cold place, but some place that is warm – but not too warm.

And leave it there for three (3) days.  Do not disturb them, just leave them in the Glass Jar for three days. Of course you can peek.  During these three days you've see these critters jumping all over the place.

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