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What's up with the friggin' cookies?
Traffic school sucked two years ago.
Trendy drinks didn't change much either.
Fumes 3-D Sightings
Words of pissdom
Everything I need to know I learned from Microsoft
And it's not 'eat your carrots'.
We find 'em so you don't have to
First Annual Nauseated Awards
Sorry, the plastic doggy-doo trophies are back-ordered.
The Torah-Watergate-Garland Connection
It's the Bible, stupid
Sex, lies, and Kevin Bacon.
Boob tube
Silicon Implants
Blueprints for the wasteland.
Getting high on strife
The Corporate Cocktail
The information worker's weapon of choice.
The sound of one hand browsing
Zen and the art of sub-referenced humor
Billy Bob, Hale-Bopp, and me.
Dreamers get wasted
Valley of Screams
And now, on with the countdown.
Forget about boring anti-trust allegations ...
Mask backing to soft sellware
Microsoft BackOffice or BackMasking?
Intel Inside-out
And you thought fractions were a bitch
Guess where all those 'new math' kids work today.
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