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  Russia convicts its first cracker

contributed by nny
Using a software program that generates credit card numbers Pavel Cheiko, an 18-year-old computer student purchased $11,000 dollars in computer equipment over the internet . He later sold the equipment. He received a five year suspended sentence. This i s the first conviction for the Russian Federal Security Services that was set up to fight computer fraud.

Yahoo News

  SP4 didn't fix everything

contributed by Anonymous
Two DoS bugs made it into SP4. spoolss.exe and LSASS are still vulnerable to security breaches. According to this article users shouldn't worry as most users should be protected by their firewalls. That of course assumes that all of a users boxes are inside a firewall, the firewall itself isn't running on NT, and that the firewall box isn't compromised.


  The Great Firewall of China

contributed by Space Rogue
BroncBuster and Legion of Underground are still at it. Not content with defacing the Chinese Human Rights web site they have attacked the firewalls that surround the country. China has erected firewalls at all internet points of entry into the country to prevent its people from surfing to 'subversive' web sites. BroncBuster claims to have penetrated these firewalls and turned the filtering rules off.


  Route Interview

contributed by Ken Williams
Route, the editor of Phrack, gives a pretty decent interview to Radio Free Europe. Pretty simplistically written article. Basically written for someone who has no idea what a hacker is. Route had some good things to say though.

Radio Free Europe

  VCRs made illegal in EU?

Found on Slashdot
A new proposal before the European Parliament would make the act of recording television broadcasts for personal use illegal. These rules and others are part of the proposed EU copyright directive currently being deliberated.


  Electronic Civil Disobedience

contributed by Stefan Wray
A paper written by Stefan Wray entitled "Electronic Civil Disobedience and the World Wide Web of Hacktivism: A Mapping of Extraparliamentarian Direct Action Net Politics " has recently been released for the Contemporary Cultural Theory Conference. The paper describes a lot of the recent events in the hacktivism world and looks at a close look at the various aspects of online civil disobedience.

Electronic Civil Disobedience

  New Zealand police going after crackers

contributed by Space Rogue
Christchurch New Zealand Police find it hard to arrest computer criminals when there are no laws to arrest them under. Detective Micheal Chappell of the Fraud Squad described hackers as "socially inept people hell-bent on taking out their frustrations o n others".

New Zealand Press Online

  China to crack down on Crackers

contributed by Simple Nomad
As we reported yesterday China is starting to crack down on malicious computer users. With a 30% increase in computer crime every year officials have introduced what they call the "Network Anti-Hacker Total Solution"

Inside China Today
Desert news
Nando Times
USA Today

  Agent Steal still on the run.

contributed by Space Rogue
Again the mainstream media takes their time in reporting. It looks like Agent Steal (Justin Petersen), the FBI informant that helped imprison Kevin Mitnick, is on the run. He has jumped bail and may possibly be overseas.

Orginal HNN Story - from November 13, 1998
Agent Steals Home Page
Fox News
ABC News
Nando Times
Nebraska Web News Digest


Are hackers today selling out? Space Rogue examines this question more closely in this exclusive HNN special edition.

HNN Exclusive

contributed by Weld Pond
Keen Veracity 5, a cool hacking ezine, has just been released by Legions of Underground. With articles on TCP Wrappers, Novell and Comdex.

Veracity 5

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