Geoffrey Chirgwin
Geoffrey manages projects and
acts as clients' primary contact. He is
also responsible for conceptualization,
cop ywriting, and html authoring.
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Electronic design for the Web and beyond.
Daigo Fujiwara
AKA Mr. Graphic Design, Daigo creates
and readies images for smooth introduction to the
Web. The depth of his design knowledge and his
speed-of-light production bring his alias to life.
Peter Richards
The resident guru in all things Web,
Peter is responsible for penning CGI and Java,
among other bits of technical wizardry. His
insight is integral to the delopment process.
M. Abidh Waugh
M. Abidh Waugh produces and implements
digital audio for the electronic media. Abidh brings
his expertise in the recording industry, applying
it to the Web and beyond.
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