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<body> <b><p>Sorry</b>! <br> Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying <b>frames</b>. <br> You might want to take a look on the <b>no-frames</b> version of this Web site: <br> <a href=""></a> </p> <p><br> <a href=""><img src="/web/19981202061236im_/" alt="Internet Valley" border="0" height="247" width="349" align="LEFT"></a> <br> </p> <h1 align="CENTER">Welcome to the Internet Valley! </h1> <p align="center"><br> <img src="/web/19981202061236im_/" height="9" width="12" align="BOTTOM"> <i>Who we are:</i> <br> <b>Internet Valley, Inc. (<i>IVI</i>) <br> is a Sacramento, California based Internet <a href="">consulting</a> and <a href="">publishing</a> company. </b><br> </p> <hr width="90%" align="center"> <p align="center"><b>.</b></p> <p align="center"><b>.</b></p> <p><font size="+3">Global <i>Hyper</i> Book, <b>Chaotic Jumble</b>, <i>Thinking</i> Ocean ...</font> <ul> <ul> <ul> <ul> <p><a href=""><img src="/web/19981202061236im_/" border="0" height="41" width="49"></a><font size="+2">&quot;The home page for this Sacramento, California Net consultancy and Web site builder is something of a <b>chaotic jumble</b>, but you can link from here to interesting discursions on the <i>history of Silicon Valley</i> and the <i>evolution of IT</i>, as well as their list of the <i>Top 100</i> computer companies.&quot;</font></p> <p><a href=""><img src="/web/19981202061236im_/" border="0" height="41" width="224"></a><font size="+1"> Featured <i>Reviews</i>: <a href="">Internet Consultants </font><img src="/web/19981202061236im_/" border="0" height="15" width="50"></a><ul> <ul> <ul> <p><b><a href=";collection=guide&amp;look=netfind&amp;x=33&amp;y=17"></a></p> </b> </ul> </ul> </ul> </ul> </ul> </ul> </ul> <ul> <hr width="90%"> </ul> <ul> <ul> <p><font size="+2">The <i>global interactive book</i> that was called <i>WorldWideWeb</i> <br> is being written simultaneously by millions of authors. </font><br> <br> </p> </ul> </ul> <ul> <p><font size="+2"><b>What will it be ?</b> </font></p> <p><img src="/web/19981202061236im_/" height="9" width="12" align="BOTTOM"><font size="+2">The &quot;<b> chaotic jumble </b>&quot; -- <br> another version of the<b> &quot;Tower of Babel&quot;</b> story ... </font><br> <ul> <ul> <ul> <p><font size="+1">There are all sorts of <i>classic cases</i>. In New York, the Kennedy airport rebuild drifted out of control for years... <br> <i>Tunnels to nowhere; parking lots that nobody could get to</i>. <br> This is characteristic of modern society: computers have allowed the <i>complexity</i> of these institutions to thwart the circuit breakers that used to keep things <b>under control</b>. </font><ul> <p><br> David Gelertner, <a href=""><broken link http: cgi-bin maslink.cgi command?content+tom+interminds>The InterMind</a>'s Interview, <i>by</i> David Bennahum </p> </ul> </ul> </ul> </ul> <p><br> <br> <img src="/web/19981202061236im_/" height="9" width="12" align="BOTTOM"><font size="+2"> ... -- or an organic type of growing,<b> Thinking Ocean</b> -- <br> the <i>new level</i> of human being? </font><br> <br> <ul> <ul> <ul> <p><font size="+1">... the network is <i>not</i> a <i>computer science</i> concept but a <i>linguistic</i> concept. </font><ul> <p><i>Alberto Cavicchiolo</i>, <a href="">Cybersphere</a> 10, 1996 </p> </ul> </ul> </ul> </ul> </ul> <p><br> <ul> <ul> <p><font size="+2">Now you might want to take a look at <b>IVI</b>'s pages of this <b>hyper</b><i>book</i>: </font></p> </ul> </ul> <hr width="15%"> <p><br> <ul> <ul> <ul> <ul> <ul> <ul> <p>&quot;<i>Internet Valley, Inc.</i> is a Sacramento-based consulting and publishing company with <b>unique theories</b> on the <i>Silicon Valley</i> and what the<i> future </i>holds. They have an evolving <b>on-line book </b>devoted to the subject. Let's just say they want <i>Silicon Valley</i> to become the <i>Internet Valley</i>. &quot;<br> <b><font size="+1"><a href=""><broken link http: subject regional states pacific_coast_and_beyond california bay_area silicon_valley s-index.h.html>excite NetDirectory</a></font></b>' s <i>Editorial</i> comments. </p> </ul> </ul> </ul> </ul> </ul> </ul> <p>. <ul> <ul> <ul> <ul> <ul> <ul> <p><i>&quot;Internet Valley, Inc.</i> <b>Hyperlink history of the information technology world in California</b> is published here by Sacramento consulting company. Storytelling is somewhat ragged, but you can hop all over the IT map.&quot;</p> <p><b><a href="">AOL NetFind</a></b>'s <i>Editorial</i> comments</p> <p><br> </p> <hr width="15%"> <li><br> </li> </ul> </ul> </ul> </ul> </ul> </ul> <ul> <ul> <p><font size="+3">The <b>Internet Market:</b></font><font size="+2"> <i>Where From? </i></font><br> </p> </ul> </ul> <p align="center"><br> <font size="+2">From <b>Silicon Valley</b>...</font> <br> </p> <ul> <li><font size="+1"><a href="">Silicon Valley To Internet Valley</a> <i>Silicon Valley </i>History &amp; Future . </font></li> <ul> <li><font size="+1"><a href="">Silicon Valley Brief History </a><i>Quotes and References</i> </font></li> <ul> <p><br> </p> <li><font size="+1"><a href="">Don Hoefler</a> Is Credited With Coining The Phrase: <br> &quot;<i>Silicon Valley</i>&quot; </font></li> </ul> <p><br> </p> <li><font size="+1"><a href="">Bay Area</a><i> Silicon Valley</i> Regional Web Directory. </font></li> </ul> <p align="center"><br> </p> <h2 align="CENTER">... to Internet Valley</h2> <p><br> <br> <b><a href="">History of Internet</a> : &quot;The Roads and Crossroads of Internet's History&quot; <br> <br> <a href="'s_Guides/reviews.html#11954"><img src="/web/19981202061236im_/" alt="excite's Internet/Guides" border="0" height="80" width="132" align="LEFT"></a></b>A <i>comprehensive</i> and <i>fascinating</i> overview of the <b>philosophy</b> and <b>history</b> of the <i>Internet</i>. Many related <i>links</i> and a section on pertinent <i>statistics</i>. From <i>Internet Valley</i>, a Sacramento, California Internet consulting and publishing company. <ul> <p><a href="'s_Guides/reviews.html#11954">excite Guides To The Net Reviews</a> <a href="'s_Guides/reviews.html#11954"><img src="/web/19981202061236im_/" border="0" height="13" width="50"></a></p> <p><br> </p> </ul> <p><a href=""><broken link http: select internet.07.html><img src="/web/19981202061236im_/" alt="Webcrawler's Internet � User Guides" border="0" height="68" width="73" align="LEFT"></a> For anyone who has ever wondered how and why the Internet was created comes this extensive essay, &quot;<i>The Roads and Crossroads of Internet's History</i>.&quot; <br> With this document, users can follow the development of the Net from its early stages as a military communication system to the multimedia extravaganza we know today. <br> The site also outlines the accomplishments of such major Web players as Marc Andreessen and explains the meaning of acronyms like CERN. <ul> <p><a href=""><i>Webcrawler</i>: Internet � User Guides Reviews</a> <br> </p> </ul> </ul> <hr width="15%" align="center"> <p align="center"><br> <b><font size="+3">What is it now?</font> </b><br> </p> <ul> <ul> <ul> <ul> <p><b><a href="">Top 100*100 Digest </a><i>View from Internet Valley </i>-- Web IT Digest <br> <br> <br> <a href=""><img src="/web/19981202061236im_/" border="0" height="55" width="66"></a></b><font size="+1">This list of the top 100 computer magazines presents its monthly data in a timesaving grid format with a link to each publication, a selected article from the current issue, and an outline of the magazine's focus. Scanning the grid and reading the selected articles is a quick way to get a comprehensive view of current news and trends in computer technology. <b>Internet Valley</b>, the site's host, also offers the Top 100 Computer Companies Web site, in the same format.</font></p> </ul> </ul> </ul> <p><a href=""><img src="/web/19981202061236im_/" border="0" height="50" width="90"></a>Internet Valley's <b>Top 100 Computer Magazines</b>. If you're like us, you just can't get enough computer magazines. Click here for a lengthy list of compu-rag links, with direct access or subscription-only classifications, from Australian Personal Computer to WWiz. <a href=""><img src="/web/19981202061236im_/" border="0" height="15" width="24"><img src="/web/19981202061236im_/" border="0" height="15" width="24"><img src="/web/19981202061236im_/" border="0" height="15" width="24"></a></p> <p><br> <a href=""><img src="/web/19981202061236im_/" alt="Guardian" border="0" height="75" width="128" align="LEFT"></a> For links to the<i> top 100 American computer magazines</i>, try the site <b>Internet Valley Inc</b> is busy building in <i>Sacramento</i>. <b>IVI</b> also links to the <i>top 100 computer companies</i>, from Adaptec to Zilog, and is working on a list of the <i>top global</i> companies. <ul> <ul> <ul> <ul> <p><b>Guardian On-line</b>, Jan. 1996, <b>UK , Guardian Newspapers Ltd</b> </p> </ul> </ul> </ul> </ul> <p><a href=""><img src="/web/19981202061236im_/" alt="excite's Internet/Guides" border="0" height="80" width="132" align="LEFT"></a>... <b>100 hot computer mags </b>are linked here. The arbiter of this list is Internet Valley, a Net consulting/publishing firm located in Sacramento, California. <a href=""><img src="/web/19981202061236im_/" border="0" height="13" width="50"></a><ul> <li><font size="+1"><a href="">Top 100 Computer <i>Magazines</i></a>: Computer &amp; Software On-line Magazines </font></li> <ul> <li><font size="+1"><a href="">Archives</a>: <i>Top 100 Magazines'</i> <b>Back Issues</b> (1995 - 1996) </font></li> </ul> <li><font size="+1"><a href="">Top 100 Computer <i>Companies</i></a> American Largest IT <i>Companies</i> -- computers, software, networks, semiconductors, peripheral units, ... -- <i>Vendors</i> </font></li> </ul> <ul> <li><font size="+1"><a href="">Top Line</a> Information Technology List of <i>Top Lists</i>: Computer Business Lists; Computer Science Lists, .... </font></li> <li><font size="+1"><a href="">Top Global</a> Regional Selected Lists of <i>Overseas Computer Companies</i> and IT related Organizations </font></li> <ul> <li><font size="+1"><a href="">Top 10 <i>Japanese </i>Computer Companies</a></font></li> </ul> <li><a href="">The Top 10 Search Tools</a> <br> WWW Leading Search Engines and Directories <br> <br> <br> </li> <ul> <ul> <p align="center"><font size="+4">IT Market Battles ...</font> <br> <br> </p> </ul> </ul> </ul> </ul> <p><a href=""><img src="/web/19981202061236im_/" alt="InternetWorld" border="0" height="99" width="299" align="LEFT"></a> <font size="+1">The <i>war</i> has cauht the world's attention and is being called a battle for <i>soul </i>of the <i>Internet</i>. <br> For a running <i>chronicle</i>, see the <b>Internet Software Battles </b>site at <i> </i></font><br> <br> <ul> <p><b><font size="+1">Internet World</font></b>, <font size="+1">1996, Number 7 - Volume 7 <br> From the <i>Editor</i>: <b><a href="">A Greatly Exaggerated Death</a></b> By <i>Michael Neubarth</i> </font></p> </ul> <p><br> <br> <ul> <ul> <p><br> <br> </p> <li><b><font size="+2"><a href="">Internet Software Battles </a>: <br> <i>Microsoft</i>(R) vs. <i>Netscape</i>(TM) </font></b></li> <li><b><font size="+2"><a href="">Great Microprocessor War </a>: <br> <i>Intel Inside</i> (R) vs. <i>Power Insight</i>(TM) </font></b><br> <br> </li> <ul> <ul> <ul> <ul> <p><br> <a href=""><img src="/web/19981202061236im_/" alt="McKinley: Magellan Internet Guide" border="0" height="36" width="100" align="LEFT"></a>&quot;The <b>Great Microprocessor War</b> (GMW): <i>View from Internet Valley&quot;</i> can help satisfy your interest in the gripping <i>Pentium Pro</i> <b>vs.</b> <i>PowerPC</i> competition. <br> Perhaps one day &quot;<i>Pentium Pro</i>&quot; and &quot;<i>PowerPC</i>&quot; will grace the <i>pages</i> of<b> history books</b> as &quot;<i>Merrimac</i>&quot; and &quot;<i>Constitution</i>&quot; now do. <br> <br> But whether you're an <b>engineer</b> wanting the <i>bigger picture</i>, a technology <b>journalist</b> looking for <i>background</i> or a high school <b>student</b> writing a <i>report</i> on computing, <i>this site</i> is a <b>must</b>-browse... <ul> <p><br> <http: review.cgi?sid="57819"> <b>Magellan Internet Guide </b>'s <font size="+1" color="#FF0000">Review</font>, <br> The<i> McKinley Group</i>, Inc., 1996. </p> </ul> </ul> </ul> </ul> </ul> </ul> </ul> <hr width="45%" align="center"> <p align="center"><br> <br> You might also be interested in these: <br> <br> <font size="+2"><font color="#0000FF"><b>Internet</b> Valley's</font> <b><font color="#FF0000">WWW</font></b> <font color="#0000FF">Links' <b>Community</b></font></font> </p> <ul> <p><br> <br> <ul> <ul> <ul> <ul> <p><font size="+1">The <i><a href="">List of Links</a></i> to some of the useful <i>sites</i> and extensive <i>Lists</i> that provide links and (<i>or</i>) references to <b>Internet Valley</b> </font></p> </ul> </ul> </ul> </ul> <p align="center"><br> <br> <p>So you might want to visit some of the members of the Internet Valley , Inc. Web links community: <font size="5"><b></p> <p>Internet</b>: </font></p> <p><br> <dl> <dt><b><a href="">The Excite's Guide: <b>Computers and Internet</b></a> </b>by <i>Excite</i> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> </dt> <ul> <font size="5"><b><p>Internet History</b>: <br> Guides, Lists, Directories</font> </p> </ul> <dd><br> <br> </dd> <dt><b><a href=";a=n">Computers and Internet: Internet: History</a></b> by <i>Yahoo!</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="">Education Resource Center</a></b> by <i>3Com</i> Corporation <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="">History of the Internet</a></b> by <i>Matthew Holt</i>, Network World, <i>IDG Communications</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="">Internet History</a></b> by <i>Ads-Online</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="">Net History</a></b> by <i>Silicon Valley GeoCity</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="">What's Cool This Week: Week of September 6th, 1996 </a></b>by <i>GTE Intelligent Network Services Incorporated</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="">What is the Internet?</a></b> by <i>Our Mission Strategic Interactive, Inc.</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="" add_date="840697549" last_visit="843449121">Internet History</a></b> by <i>Christian Feichtner</i>'s Internet Information Center, Austria <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846725124" last_visit="846725100"><b>Internet: Introduction</b></a> by <i>Eileen Head</i>, Binghamton University, Comp. Science Departm. <br> <br> <br> </dt> <ul> <font size="5"><b><p>Magazines &amp; Journals</b>: <br> Guides, Lists, Directories</font> </p> </ul> <dd><br> <br> <br> <br> </dd> <dt><a href=""><b>Computer &amp; Internet: Magazines</b></a> by <i>Excite</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="" add_date="840588734" last_visit="846180065">UnixWorld Online</a></b> by <i>The McGraw-Hill Companies</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="" add_date="840588734" last_visit="846180065">CADALYST Online</a></b> by <i>CADALYST Magazine </i><br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="">TidBITS Weekly</a></b> by <i>TidBITS</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="" add_date="840588734" last_visit="846180065">homepage.journal</a></b> by <i>Joanna Wiebe </i>, OneMind, Rowayton, CT <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="">@BRINT</a></b>: &quot;Business, Management &amp; IT Magazines&quot;, by <i>Yogesh Malhotra</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="" add_date="844279068" last_visit="844279351">Magazines</a></b> by <i>TimeNet Communications Corporation </i><br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="" add_date="840696268" last_visit="840696240">Internet - Magazines</a></b> by <i>HandiLinks</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846186530" last_visit="846186395"><b>WWW Magazines</b></a> by<i> U.S. Consumer Net, Inc.</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846185102" last_visit="846185080"><b>Internet and Computer Magazines/News</b></a> by <i>Cathy Chaparro</i>, Three Rivers Free-Net <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846185806" last_visit="846185764"><b>Trapped In The Web! - <i>Newspaper &amp; Magazines</i></b></a> by <i>Commonwealth Network</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846718334" last_visit="846718293"><b>Main Magazines' List</b></a> by <i>BuildNET</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href=""><b>Computer &amp; Internet: Magazines</b></a> by <i>Yahoo</i> <br> <br> <br> </dt> <ul> <font size="5"><b><p>Silicon Valley</b>: <br> Guides &amp; Directories</font> </p> </ul> <dd><br> <br> </dd> <dt><a href="" add_date="846184989" last_visit="846184949"><b>1970: Silicon Valley</b></a> by <i>Mercury Center</i>, San Jose Mercury News <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846184989" last_visit="846184949"><b>History of Silicon Valley</b></a> by <i>Kenneth R. Churilla</i>, Electronic Software Publishing Corporation (Elsop) <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846184989" last_visit="846184949"><b>Living in High Tech Heaven</b></a> by <i>JobSmart: </i>Northern California Job Search Guide <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846184989" last_visit="846184949"><b>Silicon Valley, CA</b></a> by <i>The Registry, Inc.</i> <br> <br> <br> </dt> <ul> <font size="5"><b><p>Universities</b> <br> and other <i>Education</i> related Sites</font> </p> </ul> <dd><br> <br> </dd> <dt><a href="" add_date="846741452" last_visit="846741339"><b>Selected Remote Electronic Resources </b></a><i>Aristotle University of Thessaloniki</i>, GREECE. <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="" add_date="838661822" last_visit="846724983">Electronic Journals</a></b> <i>Leiden University</i> , The Physical Library, <i>Netherlands</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="838661822" last_visit="846724983"><b>Computer magazines on the Web</b></a> <i>Princeton University</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="" add_date="840697143" last_visit="840697264">Computing Vendors Online</a></b> by <i>SLAC</i>, Stanford University <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="">Electronic Journals</a></b> by <i>Florida Atlantic University </i>, FAU Libraries <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="" add_date="840696843" last_visit="840696804">Information Sources on the Web </a></b>by <i>Buckinghamshire College</i>'s Library, <i>UK</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846184437" last_visit="846720812"><b>Information Technology</b></a> by <i>School of Business Adm.</i>, Univers. of Missouri, St. Louis <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="" add_date="845084785" last_visit="845084986">Current Events and Educational</a></b> by <i>Northeastern State University</i>'s Library , Oklahoma <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846720236" last_visit="846720084"><b>Computer Magazines</b></a> by <i>Microcomputer Product Center</i> of Northwestern University <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846720393" last_visit="846720358"><b>MAGAZINES</b></a> by <i>Barbara P. Semonche &amp; Rob Vreeland</i> UNC School of Journalism <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846725124" last_visit="846725100"><b>Computer Resources in Higher Education</b></a> by <i>Temple University Computer Serv.</i>, PA <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846721002" last_visit="846720996"><b>General Internet Starting Points</b></a> by <i>Sandalwood High School</i>, Florida <br> <br> <br> </dt> <ul> <font size="5"><b><p>Government</b>: <br> Departments and Agencies </font></p> </ul> <dd><br> <br> <br> </dd> <dt><b><a href="">Library of Congress </a></b>History of the <i>Internet </i><br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846717636" last_visit="846717535"><b>NIC: Navigation Information Connection</b></a> by <i>U.S. Army Corps of Engineers</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846725265" last_visit="846725225"><b>The Library Resource List: Selected References</b></a> by <i>Bob Bocher</i>, Wisconsin DLCL <br> <br> <br> </dt> <ul> <font size="5"><b><p>Subject oriented</b> <br> Lists, Guides and Collections </font></p> </ul> <dd><br> <br> <br> </dd> <dt><b><a href="">Computers &amp; Communication Compendium<i> </a></b>by <i>Webstart Communications </i><br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="" add_date="841032302" last_visit="841032134">Internet Search Tools</a></b> by <i>Mortgage Mag </i><br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846181029" last_visit="846180956"><b>Search Engines &amp; Directories</b></a> by <i>Computers Etcetera / CF Publications</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="" add_date="845086466" last_visit="845086454">COMPUTER REFERENCE GUIDE</a></b> by <i>MicroAge</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="" add_date="838660953" last_visit="838661473"><b>The Internet &amp; World Wide Web!</b></a></i> by<i> Paradigm Works</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846181469" last_visit="846181389"><b>Reference Sites</b></a> by <i>DataNet</i>, South Dakota, <i>LAN WAN Experts</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846715892" last_visit="846715844"><b>Computing: Resources &amp; Tools</b></a> by <i>PROVIDE NET</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846719084" last_visit="846718946"><b>U.S. Online Computing</b></a> by <i>U.S. Online</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846725425" last_visit="846725399"><b>VIPACE REFERENCE SHELF</b></a> by <i>VIPACE</i>, Pittsburgh <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846742413" last_visit="846742384"><b>Cosmix Mother Load</b></a> by <i>Cosmix Web Design</i> <br> <br> <br> </dt> <ul> <font size="5"><b><p>Business</b> related <br> Sites and Collections </font></p> </ul> <dd><br> <br> <br> </dd> <dt><a href="" add_date="846185431" last_visit="846742264"><b>Sacramento Business Internet Directory</b></a> by <i>Dale L. Willes &amp; Co</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="" add_date="840588619" last_visit="845952977">IT Position WATCH</a></b> by <i>Saber Group's</i> Interactive Career Search Site <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="" add_date="838662140" last_visit="838662061">Net-Conx</a></b> <i>Web Page Design &amp; Hosting Specialists</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="" add_date="838662335" last_visit="838662292">Shuswap </a></b>DOS/Windows <i>Tech Lab</i> <br> <br> <br> </dt> <ul> <font size="5"><b><p>Computer Companies: <br> </b><i>Lists of Lists of ...</i></font> </p> </ul> <dd><br> <br> </dd> <dt><b><a href="" add_date="838663566" last_visit="838663556">Computer Companies </a></b>by <i>Nerd World Media</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href=""><b>Companies Cross Reference</b> </a></b>by <i>Webstart Communications </i><br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846723436" last_visit="846723427"><b>Computer Software Companies</b></a> by <i>ITU</i>, Geneva, Switzerland <br> <br> <br> </dt> <ul> <font size="5"><p>Remarkable <b>International</b> Sites </font></p> </ul> <dd><br> <br> </dd> <dt><b><a href="" add_date="838663122" last_visit="838663148">Incisor</a></b>'s Hot Spots, <i>Australia</i> <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846181726" last_visit="846181681"><b>La catapulte Magazines</b></a> by <i>D�partm. recherche et d�velop. Internet EBC</i>, France <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846182457" last_visit="846182401"><b>Revues informatique...pour les pros!</b></a> by <i>d'Athis-Mons </i>, France <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846182127" last_visit="846181971"><b>On-line publications list and contacts</b></a> by<i> Cheltenham Computer Training</i>, UK <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="">Government of <i>Province of New Brunswick</i></a></b>, Fredericton, N.B. CANADA <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846714593" last_visit="846714576"><b>Category Search</b></a> by <i>Shop-by-Net</i>, Toronto, Ontario, Canada <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="" add_date="840697315" last_visit="846721506">COMPUTER MAGAZINES</a></b> by <i>CityVU Inc.</i>, Quebec, Canada <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846184910" last_visit="846724356"><b>ELECTRONIC PUBLICATIONS - SOCIAL SCIENCE</b></a> by <i>SWIDOC</i>, Amsterdam, NL <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846722262" last_visit="846722229"><b>World Internet Directory: HISTORY</b></a> by <i>Offset Info Service srl</i>, Italy <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846723383" last_visit="846723368"><b>Computer Hardware (mainly) Companies</b></a> by <i>ITU</i>, Geneva, Switzerland <br> <br> </dt> <dt><a href="" add_date="846723383" last_visit="846723368"><b>The Internet and the World Wide Web</b></a> by <i>Tokyo PC Users Group</i>, Japan <br> <br> </dt> <dt><b><a href="" add_date="840588734" last_visit="846180065">Internet Update</a></b> by <i>Newsbytes Pacifica</i> of the <i>Newsbytes News Network:</i> Nihon Keizai Shimbun <i>launches English home page...</i> </dt> </dl> </body>