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Except for notations added to the history of modification, the text on this diskette down to the next row of asterisks must accompany all copies made of this file.
In particular, this paragraph and the copyright notice are not to be deleted or changed on any copies or print-outs of this file. With these provisos, anyone may copy these files for personal use or research. Copies may be made for others at reasonable cost of copying and mailing only, no additional charges may be added.
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Pages in the original are marked thus at the bottom: {page number} Comments and descriptions are also set off by curly brackets {} Comments and notes not in the original are identified with the initials of the source: AC note = Crowley note. WEH note = Bill Heidrick note, etc. Descriptions of illustrations are not so identified, but are simply in curly brackets.
Key entry by Bill Heidrick, with help from Rusty Sporer, and Fr. H.B. (class A material and Bartzabel ritual). Entry of Liber AL by Fr. Ebony.   Web design by J. Robin Bohumil with thanks to the many others who have contributed scans, server space, and comments.


The A.'.A.'. is an organisation whose heads have obtained by personal experience to the summit of this science.  They have founded a system by which everyone can equally attain, and that with an ease and speed which was previously impossible. The first grade in their system is that of Student.  All persons whose will is to communicate with the A.'.A.'. should apply by letter to the Cancellarius of the A.'.A.'.:

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