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Seek out new BUSINESS JOBS

Comb the Internet for BUSINESS sites in High Technology, biotechnology, Banking, Internet, Telecommunications, Investment Banking, Brokerage, E-Commerce, Film, Entertainment, Digital Production, Transportation Medicine, Academics, as well as, schools, secondary training centers. Your searches will take you to the following metropolitan areas on the Internet:

San Francisco, San Jose, LA, Orange County, San Diego, Seattle, New York, Boston, Raleigh Research Triangle, Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and any other interesting sites you uncover in your searches.
Once you locate sites , you will identify the hiring managers for each business and when necessary, contact the businesses to request email addresses. You will get some leads, suggestions and scripts as a starting point. Local and long distance calls will be reimbursed.

The point of your searches will be to assist the List Foundation in creating new contacts, locating hiring managers and expanding business job employment opportunities available through the List Foundation.

Just like in an office there is some correspondence so you will write snail and email letters to potential hiring managers explaining the benefits of Internet based hiring and the clear advantages of contacting job seekers. You will send names of business jobs hiring managers and especially contacts and firm names .... addresses, telephone and fax numbers and emails addresses so the foundation can send along free job searching information to Nancy Melone, once a week.

COMMITMENT: About 4-6 hours per month.

In Your Brief Case Please Tuck:

  • Software: Browser and email software that has BCC email (blind carbon ˛copy)
  • Modem: 14.4 modem.
  • Basic surf-the-web and email experience.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Free pages on "the Foundation" site.
  • Professional Recommendation based on your performance from Nancy or Craig.

To become an employee . . . all you need to do is send us your information Nancy.

Questions, comments? Nancy Melone, Weezy Muth, Craig Newmark
20 August 1998