Timid woodland creatures???? HA!!!

Are you growing more and more suspicious about some of these so-called "HUNTING ACCIDENTS?"

Every year we hear more and more about hunters who:

    have heart attacks and die.

    shoot each other.

    vanish and are never seen again.

Yet, How much physical exertion is required for sitting in a blind? And how could a man dressed in bright orange be mistaken for a deer at any distance? And how could experienced outdoorsmen become hopelessly lost when nearly every square mile of this country is cris-crossed by a road or fire trail of some kind?

For decades, the American Hunter has been exercising selective breeding over the wild deer population. The deer taken from the population are the sick, the slow, the weak and the stupid. It is natural to reason that a strain of deer would begin to grow in relative proportion to the rest of the population which are healthier, faster, stronger and smarter. Over many generations, these deer would develop traits which would allow the deer to move through the woods without being seen, confuse their predators and fight for survival. No longer the cute Disney creature, but now the cunning adversary. Once a timid corn-thief, now a


Wild deer, angered by the genocide of hunting and excessive highway speed, would begin to acquire skills such as:

    laying traps.

    disarming hunters and then mercilessly chasing them down.

    mastering the use of firearms.

    organizing hunting herds.

    ambushing stranded motorists or hapless joggers or hikers.




* - Many thanks to Graham Phillips, who has contributed many of the articles on this page.

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