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Forsyth County, Georgia History

    Prior to 1832, the northwest corner of Georgia expanding to present day Forsyth County was Cherokee Indian Territory. Gold was discovered in 1828 near Auroria, now known as Lumpkin County, which drew numerous white settlers to the land. Cherokee Territory was surveyed and in 1832, awarded to fortunate drawers in a lottery system in Milledgeville. The land which would become Forsyth County was plotted into 60 acre gold lots in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 14th districts.
    Forsyth County was created on December 3, 1832 as one of ten new counties constructed from neighboring Cherokee County. Forsyth County lies in both the Dahlonega and Hall County Gold Belts. Gold was found in the county's streams.
In the heart of Forsyth County lies Sawnee Mountain, where early settlers panned for gold to little avail. Typhoid Fever was the most common disease, taking a number of lives during epidemics.
    The first settlement was believed to have been at Hightower, nestled in north end of the county, close to Cherokee and Dawson counties. The first vehicular roadway and earliest postal route west of the Chattahoochee was Old Federal Road, that runs through Hightower.
    The first identifiable citizens to inhabit the 'new' Forsyth County were enumerated on the last several pages of the Federal census records of Hall and Gwinnett County in 1830. By 1838, the white settlers, eager to take over the Cherokee holdings proceeded to expel the Cherokee Indians from their homeland, hence, the infamous "Trail of Tears".


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*1850 Household Census (300)

*1840 Forsyth County Census Index

1845 Tax List

*1850 Forsyth County Census Index

*Early Marriages in Forsyth County

A cool map of settlement order in the U.S.

I.O.O.F Membership Roll (1800's)

1914 Political Document

1850 Mortality Census(Forsyth County)

Ball Ground Communitiy Cemetary

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