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"Our age will be known as the Information Age.
The Internet revolutionises the way we communicate,
the way business gets done. It is an era of opportunity."
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Web Promotion
Maximise your return on investment with targetted on line promotion and competitor monitoring.

WebMasters provides a comprehensive web site hosting service. We offer packages which include such features as access to CGI scripts, virtual host use, and varying levels of traffic reporting.


Whether it be an on-line database, a virtual storefront, or just the coolest site in the universe, we have the resources to put it together.

All WebMasters clients receive the benefits of award winning custom web-site development services, including the all important consultation through to an original design which puts that magic into a web presence.

  Database Publishing
"Behind every great web-site
is a great database"
- ZD Internet magazine.
One of WebMasters' strengths is producing web-sites that use CGI to connect databases and the information they contain to web-pages. These may feature static conversion of the database into HTML, or even dynamic embedding of the database information into pages "on-the-fly".
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Internet Strategy Development
On-line Web-Site Promotion
Web-Site Reporting Software
Domain Name Registration
Graphic Design
Interactive CD ROMs
On-site Training
CGI Programming
A normal web page is fixed. All a viewer can do with it is... view it. CGI scripting allows the viewer to interact with your pages. Examples of CGI programming would be the search boxes below and right ( try 'em out! ), which take input from the user and provide a customised response.
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Team Manager - Software Development (Auckland)

Senior Unix Systems Developer (Auckland)

Senior Unix Developer (Auckland)

Graduate Software Developer (Auckland)

Senior Web Designer (Hamilton)

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