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"Beneath a Steel Sky" (March 1994)

Revolution's second chart-topping game is a wry but powerful drama set in a bleak near future. To create the claustrophobic world of Union City, Revolution joined forces with Dave Gibbons, a respected comic book artist. Dave designed the background layouts and also created a graphic novel as the introduction to the game.
The game told the story of Robert Foster's search for his father, his name and his identity. With his seriously wacky companion, Joey the droid, Foster's journey takes him beneath the City to confront its secret and his past.
SKYDEMO Download the PC MSDOS Steel Sky first section demo!(746,878 bytes) Once downloaded unzip into a target directory. WARNING! This is not a self extracting zip file and the demo must be run from MSDOS - not a DOS box. When unzipped type 'sky /?' for options.
Created by top comic artist Dave Gibbons these pages are supplied in comic book form with 'Beneath a Steel Sky'.

Best Adventure category in the British Golden Joystick awards 1995.

Best Dialogue award from American magazine PC Gamer.

"Very funny, very British, and very well written." Computer Gaming World.

"A slick, funny, and absorbing adventure that will appeal to a wide variety of gamers - two thumbs up." PC Gamer

95% - CU Amiga (UK) " of the greatest adventures ever."

8/10 - PC Review (UK) "Steel sky is one of the classiest adventures I've played."

94% - Amiga Format "Utterly Brilliant"

93% - The One "I could.... sum up the game in just one word: Superb.





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